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Chapter 2882: Courage

After sitting in the Qilin Chariot, Huang Xiaolong released all three of his dao souls senses.

He covered the area of several billion miles, and he took in everything he could lay his senses on.

With the current state of his dao souls, he could sense the situation in hundreds of sacred lands if he pushed them to their limit!

If a half-step Dao Venerable could cover four to five sacred lands, they would possess pretty strong dao souls.

However, Huang Xiaolong could easily do tens of times that!

“Whats that youngster thinking How dare he return to Monarch Yu Sacred Land Dont tell me he doesnt know that Yong Luosheng is heading over there right now to hunt him down…”

“He probably knows… He should think that hes strong enough to take on Yong Luosheng!”

“What a joke! Does he think Yong Luosheng is Chen Dingtian Yong Luosheng is the leader of the ten swords! Hes the strongest among the younger generation of the Ten Swords Creed! With his shocking battle prowess, hell crush the kid! Moreover, he should have nine high-order Saint Fates and two dao souls!”

“Nine high-order Saint Fates!”

“Thats right! If the youngster runs into Yong Luosheng, hes dead!”

“Even the Lightning Tiger Prince decided to make a trip down.

As soon as he arrives, the youngster will die without a complete corpse! One has to know that the Lightning Tiger Prince loves Young Lady Feng Yue.

If the young man really has eleven high-order Saint Fates, the Lightning Tiger Prince will never allow him to live! Young Lady Feng Yue will only give up on her thoughts after he deals with him once and for all!”

“Eleven high-order Saint Fates! Im afraid those who love the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World can only kill him to smash their dreams!”

The discussions about him soon entered Huang Xiaolongs ears with the detection of his three great dao souls.

Yong Luosheng of the Ten Swords Creed Nine high-order Saint Fates

Lightning Tiger who ranks among the two tigers of the Divine Tuo Holy World…

Huang Xiaolong remained expressionless even after hearing their identity.

Apparently, the Ten Swords Creed wasnt giving half a sh*t about what he said.

Neither was the Lightning Tiger or those from the Dragon Fish Creed.

Two dao souls

A frosty light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

That was fine.

He wanted to test out his newfound strength anyway.

He wanted to test out the strength of his body after its sixth rebirth.

After crossing his tribulation, the first world in his body produced several times more cosmos energy than before.

It was a pity that the second world was unable to produce cosmos energy of its own.

“Perhaps the second world will be able to produce cosmos energy of its own after I enter the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm,” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

If he could control the cosmos energy of two small words, what would he have to fear when he went up against mid-level Dao Venerables!

“Your Highness, the Ten Swords Creed passed down an order to capture you.

They also placed a bounty on your head… Do you think its time to reveal your identity” Duan Feng asked.

“Thats right! Your Highness, the moment you reveal your identity, no one under the heavens will dare to go against you!” Long Jianfei piped in from the side.

“We can tear off Huang Shuais disgusting lie!”

With the Ten Swords Creeds bounty on Huang Xiaolongs head, the two of them were pretty worried for him.

Huang Xiaolong might have been strong, but he was only a Primal Ancestor when it came down to it.

He couldnt possibly go against the Ten Swords Creed, and much less the Dragon Fish Creed with high-level Dao Venerables holding the fort.

If Huang Xiaolong was willing to reveal his identity, there would no longer be a need to worry about the retaliation or schemes from the two Creeds!

“Well talk about it if the time comes…” Brilliant light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He knew that if he were to reveal his identity, the Ten Swords Creed would have to call off their hunt for him.

However, those who would try to assassinate him in the dark would increase by countless times.

The first group of people who wanted nothing more than to kill him were the demons from the outside world.

There was even a possibility that they would send over two Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables to make an attempt on his life and without any guarantee, he wouldnt dare to risk revealing himself.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was on his way back to the Monarch Yu Sacred Land, Yong Luosheng appeared in a certain space above the Dragon Emperor Continent.

He heard the reports from the disciples there, and his eyes flashed.

A snort escaped his lips, “So this brat will be back in five days…”

“Senior Brother, that seems to be the case! With the speed of the Qilin Chariot, he will arrive in five days!” one of the disciples hastily replied.

A frosty expression hung on his face as he replied, “Get several disciples to follow him around.

Report his whereabouts to me in case he tries to escape!”

“Senior Brother, you can rest assured that we wouldnt allow him to escape!” The disciple laughed.

“Also, Young Lady Yin Yue is currently on her way here.

She should be here around the same time as him!”

“Hehe, thats great.

When she arrives, Ill cripple that little b*stard in front of her!”

The disciple hesitated for a moment, and he stammered, “What… What if Young Lady Yin Yue pleads for mercy on his behalf Will senior brother…”

A vicious look flashed past Yong Luoshengs face, and he sneered, “Not only will I ignore her pleas, but I will kill him in the most painful way possible to take revenge for Junior Brother Chen Dingtian and Zhou Hong!”

Five days passed in a flash.

The Immemorial Qilin Chariot tore through the skies, and it entered the space above the Emperor Yu Sacred Land.

Without stopping for even the slightest second, it charged towards the Dragon Emperor Continent.

“That young man really entered Monarch Yu Sacred Land!”

“Dumb*ss! He knows that he cant defeat Yong Luosheng, but he still dares to return! What a crazy id*ot!”

Another piece of news started to spread not too long after Huang Xiaolong arrived.

“Young Lady Yin Yue is here! Shes not alone! Young Lady Feng Yues escort has also arrived! Young Lady Yu Yue should be here soon!”

Soon after…

“The Lightning Tiger Prince is here!”

“The Lightning Tiger Prince arrived on the Xuanyuan Chariot!”

“The Xuanyuan Chariot is the personal vehicle of the Xuanyuan Dao Venerable! He actually lent it to the Lightning Tiger Prince… One can see how much he dotes on him!”

“With the Lightning Tiger Princes talent, its no wonder the Xuanyuan Dao Venerable dotes on him! Rumour has it that the Lightning Tiger Prince asked for a Lightning Fire Dao Crystal for cultivation, and the Xuanyuan Dao Venerable personally took a trip down to a forbidden region to obtain one!”

Thoughts started pouring into Huang Xiaolongs mind as young masters arrived in Monarch Yu Sacred Land.

An hour after he arrived, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Dragon Emperor Continent.

The moment Huang Xiaolongs Qilin Chariot entered the skies above the continent, a blood river shot towards him and charged straight at the chariot.

The blood river was several billion miles in length, and sword qi seethed within it.

If one looked closely, they would be able to notice that it was made up of countless strands of sword qi!

Tearing through the void, it appeared before the Qilin Chariot in an instant.

The Immemorial Qilins opened their mouths and spat out two beams of energy at the incoming river.

However, the power of absolute frost and flame was shattered in an instant as the blood river didnt show signs of stopping.

A cold snort left Huang Xiaolongs lips as he raised his finger to point at the river.

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