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Chapter 2862: The Truth About Huang Shuai

Amongst the younger generation in the Divine Tuo Holy World, the ones with the loudest reputation were none other than the One Dragon, Two Tigers, and Three Moons.

And for the Divine Tuo Holy Worlds younger generation male disciples, the most eye-catching ones were naturally the three moons.

Yin Yue, Feng Yue, and Yu Yue!

Three absolute beauty, three peerless geniuses!

Moreover, each lady was the personal disciple of a top-tier creeds patriarch, and they held the position of Young Patriarch!

Wherever the three ladies appeared, their admirers gathered in droves, and literally the whole town would show up to see them.

When Huang Xiaolongs group arrived in a sacred land close to the Blue Lotus Pond, they heard news that Yu Yue was also at the Blue Lotus Pond for blue lotus, and they were surprised.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were immensely elated by the unexpected news.

“Your Highness, isnt this a pleasant surprise that Young Lady Yu Yue is also coming here,” Long Jianfei said with a silly grin on his face.

“I truly want to see if the said Young Lady Yu Yue is as alluring as the rumor goes,” Duan Feng teased good-naturedly.

After returning to the Divine Tuo Holy World, the topic they had heard most about was the One Dragon, Two Tigers, and Three Moons, and the three most talked about women, or the three moons, were none other than Yin Yue, Feng Yue, and Yu Yue.

Huang Xiaolong smiled casually, “Its merely a rumor, theres bound to be some exaggeration.”

There were many descriptions in the Divine Tuo Holy that sang about the beauty of these three ladies, but in Huang Xiaolongs opinion, these were mostly exaggerated rumors made up by their many admirers.

Long Jianfei chuckled, “All three ladies arent spoken for yet, and Ive heard that the three ladies once swore that if they find someone with more than ten high-order Saint Fates, they would marry that person.” As he said this, Long Jianfei winked his eyes at Huang Xiaolong, and his meaning was all too obvious.

Duan Feng joined in the banter, “In that case, if His Highness shows his twelve high-order Saint Fates, then wouldnt all three ladies become His Highness dao companions”

Long Jianfei laughed happily, “Whats wrong with that”

“At that time, the three ladies might have made such a vow because they thought that there wont be anyone capable of integrating eleven or even twelve high-order Saint Fates.”

Duan Feng grinned, “Then again, no one in the Divine Tuo Holy World believes there is a person that could integrate with more than ten high-order Saint Fates.

Hence, the many dashing young men from various creeds and sacred lands continue to obsess after the three ladies.”

“If these sacred lands and creeds genius disciples learn that His Highness has twelve high-order Saint Fates, they would feel like dying on the spot!” Long Jianfei joked playfully.

Words flew out of these two peoples mouths endlessly.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, shaking his head.

“These kinds of jokes can only be spoken amongst us.”

Huang Xiaolong didnt want to continue with this topic, thus he changed it, “What do you guys think about Huang Shuai”

Long Jianfei frowned at the mention of Huang Shuai, and he replied solemnly, “Its impossible for two Sons of Creation to exist in this world.

Therefore, nine out of ten this Huang Shuai is a fake.

The question is, why do the Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch and others think hes genuine This is the most baffling point.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered as he listened.

This question was one he had tried to figure out many times.

Even the Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch and other Dao Venerables were being taken for a ride by Huang Shuai.

This meant that Huang Shuais bloodline had at least ninety percent or more similarities with Huang Long Bloodline!

Otherwise, how could the Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch and other Dao Venerables fail to distinguish the difference

Then again, did Huang Shuais Huang Long Bloodlines similarities really reach that high Or, was there a chance that Huang Shuai had somehow refined Huang Longs blood essence, that too, a big amount of it!

Only those who had the opportunity to refine the God of Creations blood essence could emulate the attributes of Huang Long Bloodline.

There was also a chance that Huang Shuai was a descendent of a creation beast, a golden dragon creation beast whose bloodline was similar to the Creation God Huang Long.

That coupled with the possibility that Huang Shuai had refined a large amount of Huang Longs blood essence could have raised his Huang Long Bloodlines similarities to ninety percent and above.

If that was the case, it brought another question up.

How did Huang Shuai get so much Huang Long blood essence

“Your Highness, should we expose Huang Shuais true face” Duan Feng asked seriously, “It is said that after Huang Shuai advances to Dao Venerable Realm, the Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch, Divination Creed Patriarch, Red Fox Creed Patriarch, and other top ten creeds patriarchs will hold a banquet, inviting other creeds experts to be witnesses as they announce Huang Shuai as the successor of their ten creeds!”

“Moreover, if Huang Shuai simultaneously heads ten top-tier creeds, then whats left of unifying the Divine Tuo Holy World!” Long Jianfei fumed, “The thing is, Huang Shuai, that fake has taken all the advantage in this matter.

When Your Highness exposes his true face, all these things that are supposed to belong to you will be yours.

Only you are qualified to unify the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Whos that Huang Shuai!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“Theres more than meets the eye.”

“Well wait and see after Huang Shuai enters Dao Venerable Realm and the ten creeds really hold a ceremony.

At this moment, it remains a rumor that they want to pass down the creeds to Huang Shuai, and its not necessarily true.”

Huang Xiaolong had his own thoughts and plans.

He had a feeling that theres a conspiracy surrounding Huang Shuais appearance.

“I really dont know what my Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch and your Divination Creed Patriarch are thinking that they actually want to pass the creeds to Huang Shuai,” Long Jianfei complained to Duan Feng beside him.

Huang Xiaolong smiled to himself while listening to that.

Actually, he could guess a little about what the Dragon Fish Creed and other creeds intentions were.

There were countless holy worlds within the Huang Long World.

Not to mention, these holy worlds were separated by a great distance which were inhabited by numerous demon clans.

These demons persistently tried to break into the various holy worlds, disturbing the peace.

Therefore, the Dragon Fish Creed and other creeds main purpose was to have Huang Shuai unify the Divine Tuo Holy World, and other holy worlds top forces to resist these demons.

There hadnt been anyone that could carry such a feat, but Huang Shuais appearance was like a shining beacon of hope for the Dragon Fish Creed, and other creeds.

In these creed patriarchs opinions, as of Son of Creation, Huang Shuai was the sole person qualified to unify the various holy worlds.

Its a pity the Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch and the others are unaware that Huang Shuai is a fake.

Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly, shaking his head.

At this time, when Huang Xiaolongs group reached one of the sacred lands close to the Blue Lotus Pond, a group of Dragon Fish Creeds disciples was also hurrying to the Blue Lotus Pond.

One of them was naturally Wang Xin.

However, Wang Xin wasnt the leader of this group.

Wang Xin and other Dragon Fish Creeds disciples were respectfully following behind a young man with flowing crimson hair that matched his crimson dual-pupiled eyes.

“When we arrive at the Blue Lotus Pond, all of you remember your manners in front of Young Lady Yu Yue, understood” The crimson-haired and crimson dual-pupiled young man warned them.

“Yes, Senior Brother Yu Zhou!” Wang Xin and the others complied respectfully.

This young man was the Enforcement Hall Master Zhu Huis personal disciple, Yu Zhou!

The Yu Familys precious genius, Yu Zhou.

“Senior Brother Yu Zhou, do you think Long Jianfeis group will also come to the Blue Lotus Pond when they learn that Young Lady Yu Yue is coming here” Wang Xin asked cautiously.

A cold gleam glinted in Yu Zhus eyes when he heard that.

“If they have the guts to come, then they will die!”

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