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Chapter 285: Great Demonic Yin Sound  

Cui Duojie sneered coldly watching Huang Xiaolong’s leaving figure.

“Huang Xiaolong, is it” A cold gleamed flashed quickly across his eyes.

Cui Li and the others were watching Huang Xiaolong as he left, no one noticed Cui Duojie’s odd behavior.

At this point, Cui Duojie moved closer to Cui Li, “Li Li, this person has devious eyes, he must be one with a cunning and sly character, it’s best you don’t come in contact with him often.”

Cui Li looked over at Cui Duojie.

Hearing her words, she staring fixedly at him with undisguised anger.

Sensing the anger beneath, Cui Duojie clamped his mouth shut.

On the other side, Huang Xiaolong returned to the inn.

Back in his room, Huang Xiaolong swallowed a drop of Geocentric Buddha Elixir and started practicing the Godly Xumi Art.

While Huang Xiaolong concentrated on the Godly Xumi Art, in a secret underground chamber beneath a city, not far away from the Saber Imperial City, a young man clad in the darkest black robe, with eyebrows tinged with faint green, was observing the middle-aged man kneeling before him with an icy gaze.

On the young man’s black robe was sewn a conspicuous ‘poison 1’ character.

“You’re saying, not only did Ma Lai fail to bring back the two Cui Family’s girls, they were all killed!” The young man questioned in an icy tone.

Catching the killing intent laced within the young man’s voice, the middle-aged man trembled with fear as he hastened to reply, “Young Lord, it was an accident.

We didn’t expect someone would appear out of nowhere to save that two Cui Family girls.”

“Who is that person” The young man revealed a cold sneer.

“A little rascal called Huang Xiaolong.” The middle-aged man’s voice held respect as he answered, “This person knows Cui Li, he should be someone that came from the Snow Wind Continent.”

“From the Snow Wind Continent…” The young man had a disdainful sneer on hanging on his lips, “No wonder he’s so zealous, he even dared to kill my Poison Saint Sect’s disciples.” An aggressive aura suddenly rose in the chamber, ice formed on the floor’s surface, exuding a frigid coldness, ice that was black in color.

This young man was Poison Saint Sect’s Young Lord, Hu Er, whereas the middle-aged man kneeling on the floor was Poison Saint Sect’s Elder, Qiao Liang.

Hu Er looked at Qiao Liang, “You know what to do next, without me saying so.”

“Yes, this subordinate understands,” Qiao Liang answered.

 “This subordinate will definitely capture that Huang Xiaolong and the two Cui Sisters and bring them in front of Young Lord!”

“Go now.”

“Yes, Young Lord!”

The night passed quickly.

Huang Xiaolong spent some thing practicing in the Godly Mt.

Xumi, and by the time he came out, the sky was already bright.

In recent days, Huang Xiaolong persisted in practicing the Ancient Puppetry Art and Absolute Soul Pearl’s Soul Mandate every day and he could feel an improvement at the end of each practice.

Huang Xiaolong believed that at this rate, it wouldn’t take long before he advanced into the third level of the Ancient Puppetry Art.

Coming out from the Xumi Temple, four people were already waiting for Huang XiaolongーQin Yang, Li Fei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng.

Settling the payment for the inn, they continued to journey on towards the City of Myriad Gods.

No doubt, before leaving Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Ring was well stocked with good wines.

Exiting the Saber Imperial City, the five of them chose to travel through mountain passes.

As they rushed to make good time, Huang Xiaolong did not summon his martial spirits, but even so, his speed was faster than most, so much that Qin Yang and the rest could barely keep up with Huang Xiaolong.

“Looks like I should take some time out to refine a flying sword.” A thought came to Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

Huang Xiaolong’s Body Metamorphose Scripture had advanced into Stage Twelve: Hanging Tail Form and his internal force became  ten times richer and more abundant, being able to sustain his sword flight within a certain time limit.

When Huang Xiaolong reached the small perfection stage, a trace of true core energy would form in his dantian.

At that time, using sword flight, he could cover several li in one breath’s time.

In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong stopped abruptly.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong suddenly stop, although feeling it was strange, Qin Yang and the other three also reduced their speed and came to a stop.

Just when Qin Yang was about to step up and ask, Huang Xiaolong suddenly turned around, fixing a deadly stare on a fallow slope: “How long is Sir planning to follow us, aren’t you going to show yourself”

The four people with Huang Xiaolong were stunned.

Moments later, a loud noise sounded as a figure emerged from the fallow slope, wearing a black robe that had a conspicuous ‘poison’ character sewn on it.

“Poison Saint Sect!” Qin Yang exclaimed the moment he saw the other side’s robe style, tensing up.

It seems, he had knowledge about Poison Saint Sect.

That person seemed very satisfied with Qin Yang’s reaction, issuing another burst of strange chuckles, low, yet sharp to the ears.

Qin Yang and the rest felt as if their eardrums were pierced with many sharp needles.

“This is the Great Demonic Yin Sound!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded.

At the same time, an invisible Buddha energy burst out from his body, enveloping Qin Yang and the rest.

The piercing pain in their ears instantly vanished.


“Great Demonic Yin Sound!” Qin Yang, Lifei, and the rest turned whiter than sheet at the name.


In the Martial Spirit World, there existed some horrendous battle skills that made one’s heart palpitate just by listening to their names and the Great Demonic Yin Sound was one of them.

The Great Demonic Yin Sound was a sound type battle skill.

In the beginning, the victim’s eardrums would feel pain as if they were pierced with sharp needles.

Next, the victim’s brain became enlarged, swollen, and bloated, and in the end, the victim would bleed to death from the seven orifices.

At the point of death, the victim would suffer a torturous end, feeling like their brain was being pierced with thousands of needles continuously.

The other side was stunned seeing Huang Xiaolong countering his Great Demonic Yin Sound.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with obvious surprise, “This is Buddhism energy”

In general, only people who practicing Buddhism related battle skills until a very high level would be acknowledged by the Buddha World, and only by receiving acknowledgment could one possess Buddhism energy within their bodies.

In the whole of Martial Spirit World, those kind of people were scarce.

“Hehe, how was it Elder Jin Didn’t I tell you this kid is not so easy to deal with.” At this time, another voice sounded and the owner gradually emerged from his hiding place.

This person was none other than the person who was instructed by Poison Saint Sect’s Young Lord to come capture Huang Xiaolong, Poison Saint Sect’s Elder Qiao Liang.

The other Poison Saint Sect Elder, Elder Jin, looked ugly.

Qiao Liang’s attention shifted onto Huang Xiaolong, in truth, he was shocked that Huang Xiaolong could counter Elder Jin’s Great Demonic Yin Sound attack.

“No wonder this young man dared to kill my Poison Saint Sect disciples, you’ve got some skills.” Qiao Liang’s eyes turned sharp, “However, for hundreds of years, those who killed my Poison Saint Sect disciples died without any exception under thousands poisons piercing their intestines, gnawed on by thousands of poisonous insects!”

Huang Xiaolong approached them with an air of nonchalance, “People who want to kill me are no less than thousands in number, but in the end, all of them died in my hand.”

What Huang Xiaolong said was the truth.

All these years, there had been too many people who wanted to take his life, instead, their lives ended under Huang Xiaolong’s Blades of Asura.

“Arrogant!” Elder Jin screeched.

A frosty blue gleam flickered in his eyes.

Qiao Liang clapped his hands once and several shadows nearby moved, as a group of Poison Saint Sect disciples clad in black emerged, surrounding Huang Xiaolong’s group of five in the middle.

At a quick glance, there were fifty to sixty people.

Seeing the mob closing in on them, Qin Yang and the other three turned a ghastly shade of white.

It was obvious to them that each of these Poison Saint Sect disciples was no weakling.

Although in a one on one fight, none of these disciples was qualified to be their opponent, but en mass, ten times their number made them feel somewhat helpless.

Moreover, Poison Saint Sect disciples’ bodies were known to be smeared with poison, a little negligence and they would be poisoned.

The result could be imagined.


Huang Xiaolong surveyed the large group of Poison Saint Sect disciples surrounding them with no changes to his expression.

When Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang saw Huang Xiaolong remain unperturbed, both of them exchanged a look, for they could clearly tell that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t putting on an act… could Huang Xiaolong have a trump card up his sleeve



毒- poison 


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