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Chapter 2845: Killing For Real!

“Yu Family!”

After hearing Long Chenfeng and the other Long Family experts claim that it was the Yu Familys people, strong hatred and killing intent surged in Long Jianfeis eyes.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed with interest, “Lets go have a look.”

With that said, he went out.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng followed closely on his left and right side, respectively.

Seeing this, Long Chenfeng and the rest of Long Familys experts hurried after them.

“Young Lord, the Yu Family is more powerful now than in the past.

Although youre back, still…” Long Chenfeng whispered cautiously from behind Long Jianfei.

But, before he could finish, Long Jianfei cut off his words, “I know.”

He understood that Long Chenfeng was trying to say that the Yu Family was many times stronger than in the past, whereas the Long Family had declined in every aspect.

Hence, he needed to endure as much as possible when facing people from the Yu Family.


Long Jianfei smiled coldly.

If he was really the same Dragon Emperor Young Lord that he was in the past, he would naturally endure.

However, ever since he had started following Huang Xiaolong, he had gained a deeper understanding that true strength lies in the size of ones fist.

If one endured and tolerated, it would only make others despise and bully you more, until you died!

Just as Huang Xiaolong and the others reached the main entrance, they saw a group of people clad in exquisite silver battle robes, riding on tiger-like warbeasts, galloping straight towards the Long Family main residence.

The tiger-like warbeasts huge mass combined with its demonic aura made the weaker cultivators shudder.

This warbeast was called Demonic Winged Land Tiger, and it was one of the more famous warbeasts found in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Its battle power and defenses were not bad.

However, keeping them was quite costly.

Only those top sacred lands families could afford to keep these levels of warbeasts.

There werent many people on the other side, roughly forty to fifty, and the overall strength wasnt very high.

The strongest amongst them was merely a Fourth Heaven True Saint.

Moments later, the group reached the Long Familys main entrance.

The Demonic Winged Land Tiger was breathing loudly, raising clouds of dust under their feet.

The leader of the group, a young man with bright golden hair, scanned the Long Familys lineup, and finally stopped on Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng.

He was a little surprised inwardly to see three strange faces.

But he soon let out a malicious chuckle, “Hei… Hei! Interesting! Are these people visiting the Long Family thats about to be annihilated So very interesting.”

“What do you guys think, isnt it interesting!” he said to the rest of Yu Familys members behind him.

The Yu Familys group burst into laughter.

“Long Chenfeng, why are you not saluting on your knees after seeing me!” The golden-haired young man suddenly targeted Long Chenfeng.

Every time they had come over in the past, Long Chenfeng and the rest of the Long Family had all welcomed them on their knees.

It had been like this for many years.

Today, these people werent actually kneeling, and this greatly displeased him.

Long Chenfeng and the others faces turned red and green, and they looked extremely embarrassed.

“Young Lord, we…” Long Chenfeng looked at Long Jianfei, and his knees began to lower.

Other Long Family disciples also followed.

They had been bullied too often by the Yu Family for all these years that fear had taken over them, it had gone bone-deep.

“Whoever dares to kneel will be expelled from the family!” Upon seeing that Long Chenfeng and the others were about to kneel, Long Jianfeis face turned ugly, and he snapped.

Long Chenfeng and the others actions stopped abruptly.

The golden-haired young man and the other Yu Family disciples looked at Long Jianfei with surprise on their faces.

“Young Lord” The golden-haired young man had not expected that, and he looked at Long Jianfei curiously.

Although he was curious who Long Jianfei was, he wasnt very concerned about it.

He sneered, “I was thinking about your identity.

So, brat, youre this dog of a Long Familys young lord.

Kneel now or today as I will make you kneel in a hundred ways!”

Long Jianfeis eyes exuded chilling coldness as he turned to Huang Xiaolong and asked, “Your Highness, I…”

He did not dare to attack without Huang Xiaolongs permission.

“Just kill him,” Huang Xiaolong responded nonchalantly.

Kill Long Chenfeng and the other Long Family experts were stunned, and they looked at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Long Jianfei respectfully complied.

But the golden-haired young man laughed even louder, “Little doggy, what did you say just now Why dont you repeat it to me Kill me Speaking as if you dare to, do you know that if I want to kill you all, its as easy as squishing dead a cockroach!”

As he spoke, he fully released his momentum of a Fourth Heaven True Saint that soared to the sky.

“Ill—!” A long whip appeared in his hand, preparing to give Huang Xiaolong a taste of his whip, without holding back.

But before he could flick the whip in his hand, a surge of overwhelming force swept him off the Demonic Winged Land Tiger.

Then, he was pulled up to Long Jianfei by an invisible force.

The golden-haired Yu Familys young man was dumbfounded as if he had not registered what had just happened.

“You!” He glared furiously at Long Jianfei.

Long Jianfeis expression was placid as his fist slammed down on the golden-haired young mans chest, penetrating through the young mans armor and coming out from the back.

Long Jianfeis energy rampaged inside the young mans body.

The Yu Familys golden-haired young man screamed tragically.

“Young Lord!” Numerous shouts reverberated high in the air.

Among them were the voices of Long Chenfeng, Long Family disciples, and also the Yu Family disciples.

None of the Long Familys members had expected that Long Jianfei would really attack a Yu Familys disciple impulsively.

Never in the Yu Family disciples wildest imaginations would the Long Family, whom they had bullied down to the ground like a mongrel, would have actually dared to attack their young master!

Everything that had happened had gone beyond everyones expected outcome.

Long Jianfei exuded coldness from head to toe as he struck another punch at the golden-haired young man, and this punch directly shattered the young mans arm.

Blood splattered like rain.

Long Jianfei did not kill the young man directly as he was going to shatter the young mans body punch by punch.

Only this way could vent the anger boiling in his chest.

Long Chenfeng and the others were beyond horrified.

“Young Master!”

By this time, the rest of the Yu Familys disciples finally reacted and cried out anxiously.

“You lot want to die!” The Yu Family disciples infuriated shouts shook the air, and all of them were already retaliating.

An obscured glimmer flickered across Huang Xiaolongs eyes as invisible energy pinned the Yu Family disciples down on the spot.

Long Jianfeis third punch landed on the young mans remaining arm, and the young man howled in excruciating pain.

It was both from the loss of his arms as well as Long Jianfeis energy rampaging through his body.

“You, you all, youre all dead.

The entire Long Familys going to hell!” The golden-haired young mans eyes were bloodshot as he glared venomously at Long Jianfei, roaring at the top of his lungs.

For many years, the dogs that he had been trampling under his feet had actually injured him!

Long Jianfei ignored him and continued to punch out, one punch after another until the golden-haired young mans skull fragmented into pieces under his fist.

He broke it into pieces with just one punch, like he was splitting a watermelon, and red mass landed all over the ground.

“Young Master!” Yu Family disciples shouted and screamed, but it was pointless.

All of them were fixed in place by Huang Xiaolong, unable to move by even an inch.

A ray of golden light suddenly shot towards the horizon, intending to escape.

This was the golden-haired young mans saint godhead and holy soul.

Long Jianfei let out a cold snicker as his fist punched out again, and that saint godhead burst into smithereens.

The Yu Familys golden-haired young man was truly dead.

Long Chenfengs mind had turned into a paste, it was as if the world had come to an end.

He really killed him!

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