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Chapter 2831: Defeating Four Dao Venerables

Yu Sheng was dumbfounded.


However, he shook his head eventually, “Thats impossible.

Its not possible for a Primal Ancestor to form his own world.

As such, it wont be possible for him to possess cosmos energy!”

Even if Huang Xiaolong had the power of absolute frost and flame, and the power of nirvana, he couldnt possibly wield cosmos energy.

Wang Jin and the others finally recovered from their shock as they stared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Do you possess the power of nirvana” Wang Jin asked in surprise, “How can you comprehend a peak-level power like that!”

He simply couldnt understand how Huang Xiaolong had managed to comprehend such a powerful ability.

There were only several experts who could experience the power of the light of nirvana, and all of them were divine beasts born during the creation of the world! No one had seen the light of nirvana ever since.

How in the world did Huang Xiaolong comprehend the power of nirvana!

Did he manage to catch a glimpse of the light of nirvana!

Moreover, it seems as though he managed to absorb the power of nirvana contained in it!

Didnt the legends say that only a beast of creation could obtain the power of the light of nirvana! How in the world did a brat like Huang Xiaolong comprehend it!

Wang Jin wasnt the only one confused.

No one else understood how Huang Xiaolong did it!

Huang Xiaolong looked at Wang Jin and muttered, “You guys are next.”

Before Wang Jin could react, Huang Xiaolongs figure appeared before them.

The Immemorial Sword in his hand slashed downwards.

The immemorial sword qi turned into a giant river that tore the space apart.

With a punch from his left hand, the three peak-level powers converged as it shot towards He Yugui.

Their expressions changed instantly as they tried to defend themselves desperately.

Wang Jin used a short black knife that shone with a palpitating black light, while He Yugui wore a pair of golden gloves!

Inside the Divine Tuo Holy World, there were very few people who used gloves.

However, He Yuguis golden gloves were covered in long black golden thorns that resembled claws.

When he sent out a punch of his own, the thorns emitted a chilling dark golden ray that flew towards his target.


Huang Xiaolongs sword qi and fist collided with Wang Jins short knife and He Yuguis attack.

The world trembled around them.

Shockwaves tore through the surrounding space as a destructive force swept through the lands.

Everything in its way was reduced to nothingness.

In the distance, Yi Xiaotang and the others were dumbstruck.

They couldnt help but retreat once again.

They saw how Wang Jin and He Yugui were forced back repeatedly by the sword river unleashed by Huang Xiaolong, and their jaws dropped in fright.

Wang Jin and He Yugui landed on a mountain range far away, smashing through countless palaces there.

The palaces were built for the inner disciples of the Blue Heaven Creed.

The entire area was filled with strong defensive formations, but it was useless in the face of absolute power as the palaces were reduced to dust.

Fortunately, the disciples of the Blue Heaven Creed had escaped a long time ago.

Otherwise, they would have been killed beyond a doubt.

“What!” Everyone gasped in fright when they saw two Dao Venerables getting pushed back by Huang Xiaolong.

Wang Jin was the strongest Dao Venerables in the Blue Heaven Creed, and he was a Second Esteem Dao Venerable.

Even with He Yuguis assistance, they were forced back by Huang Xiaolong!

How terrifying is that kid!

“An early Third Heaven Primal Ancestor can actually possess such terrifying strength! This has to be impossible!” Fang Jing muttered in shock.

Yu Sheng, Yi Xiaotang, and the others couldnt believe what had happened.

“Did the God of Array behind Cangqiong Sacred Land make a move” Yi Xiaotang asked.

Everyone stared at each other, but Aunt Qingi shook her head eventually.

When they had started the fight, Huang Xiaolong had fought alone.

It wasnt possible for anyone to help him.

When they thought about how Huang Xiaolong had managed defeat all the Dao Venerables by himself, Aunt Qings heart started to pound in shock.

She couldnt understand how Huang Xiaolong did something like it!

How could there be such an existence in the world!

If Huang Xiaolong was a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, she wouldnt be overwhelmed with shock.

Even if he defeated Wang Jin, she might be able to force herself to believe what happened.

However, he was a Third Heaven Primal Ancestor!

In reality, Huang Xiaolong was only able to defeat the Dao Venerables because of every miracle that had happened to him.

If he had failed to form his small world and failed to comprehend the power of nirvana after experiencing the light of nirvana three times, he would never have been strong enough! Not to mention the fact that he had comprehended the power of absolute frost and flame.

A loud blast rang through the skies as Yi Beihang charged out from a pile of rocks.

Everyone could see that his face was crushed.

As soon as he emerged, his anger was replaced with shock when he saw Yan San, Wang Jin, and He Yigui.

Everything had happened in less than ten breaths of time since Yi Beihang was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong.

A trace of frost flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes when he saw Yi Beihang once again.

His figure flashed and appeared right in front of Yi Beihang.

He slashed the Immemorial Sword towards the mans skull.

“Father, be careful!” Seeing this, Yi Xiaotangs pretty expression sank, and she screamed.

Just a moment ago, she was worried for Huang Xiaolong.

She wanted to beg for forgiveness on his behalf, but now, she was worried that her father would be slain by the freak of a Primal Ancestor!

As soon as she was done speaking, Yi Beihang was sent flying by Huang Xiaolongs immemorial sword qi.

His robes were shredded to pieces by the sword qi, and the robes that signified the authority of the Blue Heaven Creeds patriarch that had been intact for tens of thousands of years turned into countless fragments that drifted in the air.

Everyone stared blankly at Yi Beihangs sorry figure.

The the patriarchs robe was now…

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