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Chapter 2814: The Map!

The Saint Devil Prince was stunned for a second but he soon returned to his senses.

“Where is that dog b*stard! Where is he!”

He had been looking for Huang Xiaolong all these years, and he finally received news on him!

Huang Xiaolong finally came out of hiding!

“Hes on Silver Dragon Island!” The disciple of the Blue Heaven Creed reported.

However, he hesitated for a moment before continuing, “He… He managed to gather a group of experts around him.”

Xu Jian was stunned for a second, but he soon broke into laughter.

“Cangqiong Sacred Land is nothing but a little force I can crush with a single figure! Who can he possibly call upon to guard him! Humph.”

The disciple from the Blue Heaven Creed stammered, “He… He… He managed to get Fu Daosheng, Zhou Hong, Lin Hong, and Chen Hu to protect him! It seems like they were bribed by him with the grand dao treasures in the treasury!”

“Fu Daosheng!” The Saint Devil Prince gasped.

Fu Daosheng wasnt just the leader of the Talisman Heavenly Cave, he was also one of the top five experts among all the regions around the Blue Heaven Creed.

Even with Yan San as his master, he didnt dare to provoke Fu Daosheng.


Thats him!” the disciple quickly spoke of the events that had happened when Ren Huai had tried to stop Huang Xiaolong.

When he heard that Ren Huai was scared off by Fu Daosheng, the Saint Devil Princes expression fell.

In the past, he was seriously injured by Huang Xiaolong.

Even though he had managed to make a recovery and increase his strength slightly with the help of precious treasures given to him by his master, he knew that he wouldnt be able to defeat Ren Huai if they actually came to blows.

“Senior Brother Xu Jian, you can rest easy.

Senior Brother Ren Huai has already made a report to Lord Dao Venerable and Ancestor He Yugui.

They are currently rushing over with Ancestor Wang Jin and Lord Yan San right now.

They will arrive in a day, and when that happens, even Fu Daosheng wouldnt be able to protect Huang Xiaolong!” The disciple continued, “When the lords arrive, Senior Brother can deal with Huang Xiaolong however you wish!”

Xu Jians tense eyebrows finally relaxed, and he sighed, “Alright.

I shall allow him to live for another day!”

“Were heading to the Brilliant Light Island right now!”

Very quickly, they departed for the location where the map was last sighted.

When Xu Jian and the others were rushing over to the Brilliant Light Island, Huang Xiaolong was enjoying a feast with Cangqiong Old Man and the others.

They ordered a table full of delicacies in one of the most luxurious inns in the city.

One of the dishes was called the Silver Dragon Fish, and it was the most famous spiritual fish that lived in the Silver Dragon River.

The flesh was delicious, and it melted in ones mouth.

The spiritual qi in the flesh of the fish would strengthen the body of the person who ingested it, and it could nourish the dao soul!

Of course, that meant that the price of a single Silver Dragon Fish was astronomical! In fact, the price of a single dish could rival the price of a holy pill! Even young lords of various sacred lands would feel their heart ache when they paid the bill.

The bloodline of the Silver Dragon Fish was said to be the same as the Silver Dragon, and it was something rarely seen.

Releasing his three dao souls, Huang Xiaolong etched the happenings in every corner of the city into his mind.

“Huang Xiaolong has appeared! The Immemorial Treasury is definitely in his hands!”

“Even if thats the case, do you think the four half-step Dao Venerables are for show! No one will dare to touch him as long as theyre there! Even Ren Huai of the Blue Heaven Creed failed to do a thing to him!”

“Ive heard that the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable, Yan San, He Yugui, and Wang Jin are currently rushing over.

The four Dao Venerables will arrive tomorrow, and we cant do anything but watch them obtain the Immemorial Treasury!”

“Do you think the Blue Heaven Creed will sentence Huang Xiaolong to death”

“He might have infringed on the Blue Heaven Creeds prestige, but hes said to possess eight high-grade Saint Fates! Hes a super genius even when compared to the other geniuses in the Divine Tuo Holy World! They might not punish him severely, and there are rumors going around that Ancestor Wang Jin is planning to take him in as a personal disciple! However, everything boils down to his bloodline and dao soul…”

“The Saint Devil Prince has a top-tier bloodline, but Huang Xiaolong might not! Moreover, its possible that his dao soul wont make the cut!”

Discussions about him rang loud and clear through the city, and Huang Xiaolong heard their conjectures on how the Blue Heaven Creed would deal with him!

With an expressionless face, he continued his meal.

He had expected for all the Dao Venerables to turn up, and he might have been cautious when dealing with them before he entered the Primal Ancestor Realm, but after entering the Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, he was completely fearless if he had to go up against the Blue Heaven Creed.

No one there was his opponent!

As such, he didnt really care that they were rushing over.

The only thing he cared about was the map of the Huang Long Armor!

A specific conversation that took place in a luxurious manor caught his attention all of a sudden.

“Ive heard that the Saint Devil Prince is headed to the Brilliant Light Island!”

“Did the map appear!”


Huang Xiaolongs heart trembled when he heard what they said.

Xu Jians goal was to obtain the map.

Since he was headed to the Brilliant Light Island, chances were that the map had appeared!

With a light flashing in his eyes, Huang Xiaolong decided to make a trip down to take a look for himself.

“Youre planning to go to the Brilliant Light Island alone!” Cangqiong Old Man was taken aback when he heard Huang Xiaolongs plan.

He nodded his head and revealed what he heard to his master.

Even though the Brilliant Light Island might not contain the map of the Huang Long Armor, Huang Xiaolong decided to make a trip over anyway.

On the off chance that the map was really there, he would have struck the jackpot.

Of course, the reason he wanted to go alone was to keep everyone else safe.

With Fu Daosheng and the others to protect Cangqiong Old Man and the others in the Silver Dragon Island, they would be safe as long as no Dao Venerables made a move on them.

After making some arrangements with Fu Daosheng, Huang Xiaolong headed straight for the Brilliant Light Island.

The Saint Devil Prince might have left several hours ahead of Huang Xiaolong, but they arrived on the island at practically the same time.

With his dao souls operating at their limit, Huang Xiaolong looked for any presence of Xu Jian.

He discovered them almost instantly, but he also discovered the presence of over two hundred high-level Primal Ancestors around him.

There were several late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors among them!

However, they were not who Huan Xiaolong focused on.

Instead, he noticed a very familiar aura lingering around the air!

“Its the aura of the Huang Long Bloodline!” Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly shocked when he noticed it.

Wouldnt that mean that the map fragment had appeared somewhere on the island!

The only reason there would be lingering traces of the Huang Long Bloodline would be if the scale of the golden dragon appeared on the island! The aura emitted by the dragon scale on his fathers body was something only the God of Creation could leave behind!

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