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Chapter 2796: The Saint Devil Prince is Strong!


So what if he killed him!

A cold light flashed through the eyes of the Saint Devil Prince when he finally processed what Huang Xiaolong had said.

A killing intent that he couldn’t control filled him and eventually gushed out from his body.

He had never experienced such a strong sense of anger.

Nothing could stop him from tearing Huang Xiaolong limb from limb as his vision turned red.

Traces of holy and devilish light surrounded him, and the skies slowly changed colors.

Silence descended on the lands.

“So what if you kill me!” Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, a maniacal laugh escaped Xu Jian’s lips.

“Brat, my Saint Devil Sacred Land has stood tall in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave for countless years! As the strongest power in the Saint Devil Sacred Land, no one dares to kill anyone who wears the robes of my sacred land! Even the dogs there are sacred beings! How dare you kill a hall master and pretend like it’s nothing!”

“You’re the first person ever to try something like that!”

“Very nice! I’ve never wanted to kill anyone as much as you! Right now, I’ll ensure you die a painful death! You’ll understand what a living hell means!”

The Saint Devil Prince’s voice rang through the entire immortal cave.

His killing intent raged as the experts of the Saint Devil Sacred Land trembled in their shoes.

A terrifying aura emerged from Xu Jian’s body, and it swallowed the space around them.

A never-before-seen feeling of strength woke up from inside him.

As a long sword appeared in his hands, dense rays of holy and devil light enveloped the blade.

Those who had the basic knowledge of the world knew that he was holding the Saint Devil Sword.

Originally, the patriarch of the Saint Devil Sacred Land would be the one holding onto the sword.

However, he had since passed it on to Xu Jian after he was accepted as a disciple of Yan San of the Blue Heaven Creed.

Even though the Saint Devil Sword wasn’t a Dao Venerable’s cosmos artifact, it was at the highest level a dao artifact could go! No ordinary dao artifact could come close to the power it possessed!

With grand dao energy filling every inch of his body, Xu Jian poured everything he had into the sword.

Pillars of light emerged from the sword and figures of exalted venerables and monstrous devils appeared in the space behind him.

He was like a king standing in the midst of gods. 

Step by step, he walked towards Huang Xiaolong.

Every time he took a step forward, the light around him grew a little brighter.

The aura he emitted increased in strength the closer he got to Huang Xiaolong.

It seemed as though he was an unstoppable beast as he approached the man.

“The Saint Devil Prince is actually so strong!” Aunt Qing gasped in shock.

“Seems like he’s always been hiding his strength! He should at the very least be a half-step Dao Venerable with the strength he wields! Moreover, he has the Saint Devil Bloodline, and his battle prowess should be two times what it seems! It’s no wonder there are rumors going around that he’s able to challenge a First Esteem Dao Venerable!”

Aunt Qing was shocked when Xu Jian finally revealed his strength.

Like Aunt Qing, Yi Xiaotang was also taken completely by surprise.

As a half-step dao venerable, Qing Yi had already started to nurture her own world.

Even though it hadn’t taken shape, she believed that she was unbeatable by anyone under the Dao Venerable Realm! However, she wasn’t confident of challenging Xu Jian now that he had revealed his true strength.

She might be stronger than him, but the difference was probably negligible.

Holding the Saint Devil Sword in his hand, he pointed it at Huang Xiaolong’s face.

“Little doggy, everyone says that there’s a formations master standing behind Cangqiong Sacred Land.

When I torture you to death later, let’s see if he makes an appearance!”

Even the Immemorial Qilins were strong, but he disregarded them.

If he really planned to kill Huang Xiaolong, the qilins wouldn’t be able to stand in his way.

Leaping into the air the moment he completed his sentence, he slashed at Huang Xiaolong’s head.

“Brat, get down right now!” 

Terrifying waves of energy filled the lands as piercing light filled the space around them.

The sword qi was fused with grand dao energy, and the space around them trembled under its might.

Looking at Xu Jian with an expressionless face, Huang Xiaolong ignored the fact that the Saint Devil Sword was slashing down at him.

A frown formed on Aunt Qing’s face when she saw his reaction.

“Does he have something else to rely on!”

Yi Xiaotang sneered in response, “Heh, he can only rely on the Immemorial Qilins.

However, they won’t be able to challenge Xu Jian now that he has revealed his true strength!”

Raising their heads at the same time, the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin opened their mouths to release an energy beam at Xu Jian.

Roaring with laughter, Xu Jian snorted, “Do you really think that you can save this brat after I made up my mind to kill him!” After he spoke, he poured even more grand dao energy into the Saint Devil Sword.

A frighteningly powerful sword qi slammed into the two energy beams.

As the Saint Devil Prince waited for the amazing scene where his sword qi sliced the energy beams in two, a shocking scene played out before him.

The sword light and sword qi that he sent out froze in midair.

It turned into rays of frozen light that shattered the moment the beam of fire energy touched it.

As for the energy beams, they didn’t stop after smashing the sword light apart and continued  towards Xu Jian.

“What!” The Saint Devil Prince’s expression changed as he swung his sword again.

Before he could complete his attack, he was struck by the energy beams.

As everyone watched on, he released a shrill yell as he was sent flying into the distance.

Drops of golden blood drew a beautiful rainbow arc as he flew through the skies.

By the time he landed on the ground, he had turned into an ice statue.

Everyone widened their eyes in shock when they stared at his frozen figure.

Yi Xiaotang and Qing Yi couldn’t believe their eyes as they didn’t expect the qilins to possess such a terrifying level of strength.

Even though they had killed a hall master of the Saint Devil Sacred Land previously, the ladies didn’t expect them to be stronger than the Saint Devil Prince!

According to their estimates, there was no way for the qilins to be stronger than Xu Jian!

However, they were proven wrong as Xu Jian was sent flying with a single attack from the beasts!

“Your Highness!” A scream emerged from the members of the Saint Devil Sacred Land as they rushed over to check on his condition.

Reaching out slowly, they wanted to touch his frozen figure.

“Don’t touch him!” Aunt Qing yelled.

However, her warning came a little too late as the expert who touched Xu Jian suffered the same fate.

The moment his finger came into contact with Xu Jian’s frozen body, a trace of icy qi traveled through his body and froze him in place.

Since the expert was nowhere as strong as Xu Jian, his body crumbled, and he turned into icy mist that dissipated in the wind.

Retreating quickly, no one else dared to touch Xu Jian.

“Aunt Qing, this…” Yi Xiaotang gasped.

She finally realized how powerful the ice beam from the Immemorial Ice Qilin was.

“Absolute frost!” Qing Yi’s expression turned serious as she muttered to herself.

Absolute frost!

Yi Xiaotang’s face changed the moment she heard it.

From what her father had said, only beasts that had the care of the God of Creation would be able to show off such power!

A creature with the ability to control icy qi to the point it became absolute frost was most definitely one of them!

Could it be that the Immemorial Ice Qilin before us has already comprehended the limits of icy qi!


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