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Chapter 2793: Youre Dead!

The Saint Devil Prince sucked in a cold breath when he saw what was before him.

Then, his face lit up as he exclaimed happily, “Its the Immemorial Dao Palace! Hahaha!”

“Looks like my luck isnt too bad!”

Unable to conceal his joy, the Saint Devil Prince roared with laughter.

As the experts around him started to offer their congratulations, Zhu Yus voice rang through the air.

“The Immemorial Dao Palace is made from a massive piece of Immemorial Grand Dao Rock! This might just be the place the Immemorial Dao Venerable used to cultivate!”

A Dao Venerable normally possessed several dozen cultivation palaces.

All of them were places he would use when traveling the world.

The only palace that could be known as the Immemorial Dao Palace was the main dwelling of the Immemorial Dao Venerable! From what they could see, this might just be it!

The palaces he used outside might not have any treasures in it, but the main palace would definitely possess a shocking amount of precious artifacts.

After all, Dao Venerables were people with terrifyingly strong influence.

The number of treasures they possessed had to be stored somewhere.

The Saint Devil Prince laughed heartily when he heard that there was a possibility the palace before them was the Immemorial Dao Palace.

“When we enter later, all of you will have to look for the location of the Immemorial Treasury.

If this is really the Immemorial Dao Palace, Ill reward you heavily for locating the treasury!”

“When you locate the treasury, you have to report it to me! Do you understand! If you fail to do so… You should be prepared to face the consequences if I find out!”

The Saint Devil Prince gave them a pep talk before leading the way into the palace.

As they approached the entrance, a trace of anger flashed through Zhu Yus eyes.

“Someone arrived before us!”

The Saint Devil Princes expression sank.

“Who! Who dares Dont tell me, Huang Xiaolong!”

“It might just be him! After all, hes the reason were here…” Someone snorted.

“Even if he entered the palace before us, he wont be able to do anything! He would need several days to enter the treasury even if he locates it!” He quickly ordered several experts to wait at the palace entrance in case anyone tried to escape.

Following which, he led the others through the entrance and they charged into the Immemorial Dao Palace like water through a broken dam.

As soon as they entered, the Saint Devil Prince released his dao soul in order to scout the area around him.

A frown found its way onto his face when he noticed that the sense of suppression was stronger than before.

“Split up and search! I dont care what treasures you run into! Locating the treasury is of utmost priority!” The Saint Devil Prince laid down his order.

Bowing respectfully, the experts formed for groups that charged in different directions.

As for the Saint Devil Prince, Zhu Yu, and six other Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors, they formed one of the groups.

“Theres so many peak-grade holy herbs here!”

“Thats the Nightmare Light!”

“Nine Colored Heavenly Peony!”

“Purple Dusk Conch!”

“Elemental Tree!”

Along the way, everyone was shocked by their discovery.

Not even the treasury of Saint Devil Sacred Land possessed treasures of that level.

From what they could see, some of the precious treasures were about to become grand dao herbs!

“Your Highness, should we…” one of the Primal Ancestors following behind the Saint Devil Prince couldnt control himself, and he asked.

His meaning couldnt be more clear.

He wanted to collect the treasures strewn about the palace.

“Were looking for the treasury!” A chilly light flashed through the Saint Devil Princes eyes.

The treasures on the ground would never be able to compare to those in the treasury anyway!

Moreover, he had a faint feeling that the key to controlling the Immemorial Immortal Cave was hiding inside the treasury!

If that is really the case…

The Saint Devil Princes heart shook when he thought of the possibilities.

He might not know about the specific treasures in the Immemorial Treasury, but if there was one thing he knew, it was that the treasury possessed incomparable wealth!

Grand dao treasures would definitely be present!

The more he thought about it, the faster he searched.

The experts behind him were tempted to retrieve the treasures all around, but they stopped themselves when they heard the Saint Devil Princes order.

Several hours later…

Zhu Yu pointed at the space before them.

“Your Highness, this…”

Flashes of light appeared before them and sword light filled the skies.

The Saint Devil Prince was shocked.

“Someone activated the restrictions in the palace!” An expert behind him rejoiced.

“Could it be Huang Xiaolong! Hahaha! Imagine if he activated one of the defensive restrictions in the palace!”

A smile formed on the Saint Devil Princes face, and he quipped, “Hahaha! The heavens favor me! Lets go take a look!”

Very quickly, they approached the source of the disturbance.

However, the Saint Devil Prince was shocked when he saw the appearances of the figures trapped in the restrictions.

“Senior Sister Xiaotang!”

“Aunt Qing!”

When they saw the Saint Devil Princes appearance, they were overjoyed.

“Xu Jian, hurry and break the restriction!” Yi Xiaotang yelled.

Xu Jian was precisely the name of the Saint Devil Prince.

The number of people who dared to call him by his name could probably be counted on both hands.

Of course, that was limited to the experts in the regions around the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

Instead of getting angry, a trace of delight formed in his heart.

Nodding his head, Xu Jian reassured her, “Senior Sister Xiaotang, you dont have to worry! Well get you out right this instant!”

Yi Xiaotang had never called him by his full name before.

She had always referred to him by his title, and now that she called him by name, he felt as though the distance between them had shortened.

He went all out, and the restrictions holding the two of them started to shake.

Even with the full strength of Zhu Yu and the others, they needed several hours before they managed to shatter the restrictions from the outside.

As soon as Yi Xiaotang managed to escape, she roared in anger, “Huang Xiaolong, youre dead!”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Xu Jian stared at her with a puzzled look on his face.

What did Huang Xiaolong have to do with their predicament Did she also know who Huang Xiaolong was!

Aunt Qing quickly explained how Huang Xiaolong had left them in the lurch when he had arrived previously.

The Saint Devil Prince tried to reassure her once again, “Senior Sister Xiaotang, you can rest assured that I will definitely drag him over for you to punish him as you please!”

Staring at Xu Jian, Yi Xiaotang snapped at him, “This is a problem Ill deal with alone.

Why are you trying to butt into my affairs” Ignoring the Saint Devil Prince, she quickly rushed towards the direction Huang Xiaolong had once disappeared in.

Aunt Qing could only shake her head and follow behind Yi Xiaotang when she saw the brats reaction.

With his face turning different shades of green and purple from the anger in his heart, a burst of killing intent flashed through Xu Jians eyes.


“Search! Bring him to me! I want to skin him alive with my own hands!”

Xu Jians voice rang through the skies before he followed behind them.

Without hesitation, Zhu Yu and the others followed behind him.

Just as everyone arrived at the entrance of the treasury, Huang Xiaolong wiped off the beads of sweat that formed on his forehead.

A brilliant smile appeared on his face.

He had managed to complete the initial refinement of the sword!

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