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Chapter 2777: Regret Coming Into The World

Yi Xiaotang also spread out her dao souls sense to check out Huang Xiaolong from head to toe.

She, too, didnt find anything particularly outstanding, other than his slightly more dashing appearance and his indescribable aura.

That was all there was to him.


She had seen more than her fair share of those.

There were a lot of good-looking young lords from both sacred lands and ancient races within this regions dozen of heavenly caves and millions of sacred lands.

Moreover, which sacred lands young lord, or ancient races young patriarch did not possess a unique bearing

Yi Xiaotang then checked Huang Xiaolongs internal body, and the result made her shake her head in disappointment.

Her dao soul detected that Huang Xiaolongs bloodline was out of the ordinary, his physique stronger than most people, and his saint godhead was a bit special, but other than these, there was nothing that made her eyes shine.

Huang Xiaolongs bloodline was probably the Giant Golden Dragon Bloodline, and admittedly, this was a rare kind of bloodline.

Perhaps in a small place like the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, Huang Xiaolong could be considered the cream of the crop, but in the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave, there were more than a few geniuses of this level.

In the Blue Heaven Creed, nine out of ten hall masters personal disciples possessed a bloodline that was not weaker than the Giant Golden Dragon Bloodline.

As for Huang Xiaolongs physical body, most likely he cultivated a kind of dragon-race technique, or had consumed some kind of precious herb which made his body stronger than the average early Ninth Heaven True Saint cultivators.

Even so, Huang Xiaolongs physical body was merely comparable to a mid or late-Ninth Heaven True Saint.

She had seen many with this level of physiques as well.

There were many sacred lands young lords and ancient races young patriarchs who had physiques stronger than this.

In terms of saint godheads, well Huang Xiaolong was a little unique in a sense that he had three saint godheads.

Then again, it wasnt much to shout about.

Although there was a disciple with three saint godheads in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, such a disciple could be found within the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave, and she had seen several of them.

One of Yan Sans personal disciples had three saint godheads.

Moreover, all his three saint godheads ranked in the top twenty.

Whereas Huang Xiaolongs three saint godheads ranked in the twenties.

The more Yi Xiaotangsaw through Huang Xiaolong, the more disappointed she felt.

“As the saying goes, rumors cant be trusted.

Looks like theres nothing special about this Huang Xiaolong.

I had thought a monstrous genius has appeared in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, a Ninth Heaven True Saint capable of destroying a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors body!” Yi Xiaotang commented in disappointment.

“I did say earlier that you cannot believe such ludicrous rumors, but you insisted on coming here.” On the contrary, Aunt Qing didnt appear surprised at all, and the corners of her lips rose slightly as she went on, “Anyways, youve seen what you came here for.

You must keep your word and return to the Blue Heaven Creed with me!”

“I know, I know.” Yi Xiaotang pursed her lips, sulking away.

“Lets leave, Aunt Qing.

Lets go back to Blue Heaven Creed.

Theres nothing interesting here at all!”

But just as they were about to leave, the crowd stirred.

“The Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands people are here!”

“Look, thats Chen Sen, the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands patriarch!”

“The Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Grand Hall Master Mo Fei is also here.

Mo Feis strength rivals Patriarch Chen Sen.

The Nine Revolutions Sacred Land actually brought more than four hundred Primal Ancestor experts! Isnt this going overboard, just for one Huang Xiaolong”

“Wrong, counting Chen Sen himself, there are four hundred and one Primal Ancestors, moreover, all of them are mid-level Primal Ancestor Realm and above.

Ive heard that Nine Revolutions Sacred Land deployed all their mid-level Primal Ancestors and above, leaving only the low-level Primal Ancestors to protect the sacred lands headquarters!”

“Since Chen Sen has brought out so many Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts, it naturally isnt as simple as just capturing Huang Xiaolong.

After capturing Huang Xiaolong, they are definitely going to Cangqiong Sacred Land, and annihilate them in one go!”

Voices of various sacred lands experts sounded in the air.

With the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts arriving, Yi Xiaotang, and Aunt Qings thought of leaving was temporarily halted.

“Nine Revolutions Sacred Land is really being overdramatic,” Yi Xiaotang shook her head.

“Arent they afraid of being a joke later on by deploying four hundred Primal Ancestors to deal with a True Saint”

Aunt Qing glanced at Yi Xiaotang and said, “Dont tell me that you want to rescue that Huang Xiaolong This kind of thing happens every day in every force, every family, and every sacred land.

You wont be able to take care of all of them.

Moreover, Xiaotang, before coming, you gave me your word that you would only watch from afar without interfering!”

Although their strengths were more than enough to rescue Huang Xiaolong, this kind of thing happened every day in every sacred land, and they couldnt save everyone.

Yi Xiaotang nodded and reassured her, “Dont worry, Aunt Qing.

I know what to do.”

Huang Xiaolong calmly watched Chen Sen arrive with several hundred of Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Primal Ancestor experts, without any intention to flee.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong remained where he was, more than a few sacred lands experts snickered, “This Huang Xiaolongs probably frightened silly upon seeing that so many Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts have appeared”

“Its not unusual for him to be this frightened when hes only a True Saint.

Many Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors would also be frightened silly being targeted by so many Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts coming at them.

At the very least, Huang Xiaolong isnt paralyzed with fear.

Other True Saints would have pissed themselves by now.”

The mocking remarks continued.

By this time, Chen Sen and his group had stopped a short distance away from Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Sen scrutinized Huang Xiaolong from head to toe, and his dao soul unraveledall of Huang Xiaolongs secrets in an instant, “Giant Golden Dragon Bloodline A variant saint physique Three saint godheads in the twenties rank”

He probed several times, but the results remained the same.

When he had first heard the rumors, Chen Sen had hesitated inwardly, but now, his concerns vanished completely.

This level of talent was really nothing much in his eyes.

Chen Sen spoke in a condescending tone, “My son, Cheng Fengs and the others dao souls are in your hand!”

“Correct,” Huang Xiaolong calmly confirmed.

Chen Sen, Mo Fei, and the others were surprised.

They had initially assumed that Huang Xiaolong would make up an excuse to say that Chen Hong, Cheng Feng, and the others dao souls were not on him, and the rumors were all false.

Chen Sens eyes narrowed, veiling the sharp gleam in his eyes, “Get on your knees now and release my sons and everyones dao souls.

Then, explain in detail how my sons and the others dao souls ended up in your hands.

Who was the person who destroyed their physical bodies If you fail to explain clearly to my satisfaction, you will die with a myriad of bugs eating your heart, maggots eroding your bones, and evil spirits ripping your soul!”

“You will regret coming into the world!” Chen Shengs words echoed in high air, accompanied by his sharp, murderous aura.

The crowd trembled.

No one treated Chen Sens words as a joke, and if Huang Xiaolongs explanation were to fail to satisfy Chen Sen, he would die in excruciating pain.

Yet, Huang Xiaolong smiled a little creepily.

“Myriad of bugs eating my heart, maggots eroding my bones, and evil spirits ripping my soul”

Chen Sens face turned gloomy when he saw Huang Xiaolongs smile.

“Patriarch, why bother with this brat Ill cripple him first, and then hell talk obediently,” a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor from Nine Revolutions Sacred Land stepped forward and said.

Chen Sen nodded, “Allowed.”

The Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor stepped forward, without a word, and his palm struck out.

Blinding rays of golden light turned into a huge palm, pressing down on Huang Xiaolong from above.

One could imagine the force of a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and if Huang Xiaolong had been an average early Ninth Heaven True Saint, this attack would have abolished him without a doubt.

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