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Chapter 2767: Blue Heaven Creed

“The Spirit Devil Patriarch” Huang Xiaolong snickered, and with his one hand, a figure dropped to the floor out of nowhere.

Who could this be but the Spirit Devil Patriarch

The current Spirit Devil Patriarch no longer had his previous unfathomable mysteriousness, and his dignified bearing of a patriarch was nowhere to be seen, leaving only a disheveled, despaired, jittery and terrified middle-aged man.

He had a look of terror that stemmed for the soul.

“Spirit Devil Patriarch!”

Looking at the disheveled and sorry-looking Spirit Devil Patriarch, Zhang Peis expression tightened as he called out.

He could see that the Spirit Devil Patriarchs strength had been completely sealed.

“Who are you really What do you want!” Zhang Pei stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, putting up false bravado.

Inwardly, he wanted to retreat.

Upon facing this True Saint Realm, he actually was thinking of retreating.

“What I want” Huang Xiaolong repeated indifferently, “Dont worry.

I wont kill you as Im not able to kill you yet!”

After hearing that, Zhang Pei let out a harsh jeer, “Its good you know that, brat! This is the Ice Lion City, the Ice Lion Continent, and the Ice Lion Continents grand formations have long been activated.

If anything happens to me, you wont be able to escape, even if you did, you still cant run out of Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.”

His tone was exactly the same as the Spirit Devil Patriarchs in the beginning.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed as he spurred his Huang Long Bloodline and the phantom of a giant golden dragon rose behind him.

The might of a dragon covered the sky, and a resounding dragon roar could be heard through the entire Ice Lion Continent.

All the experts in every city on the Ice Lion Continent were flustered.

Zhang Pei was just about to order Huang Xiaolong to release the Spirit Devil Patriarch when he saw the giant golden dragon phantom that rose behind Huang Xiaolong.

His eyes widened, and his body trembled involuntarily as his face ashened, “This, this is the God of Creation Huang Long!”

The God of Creation Huang Long Bloodline!

This Huang Xiaolong, could he be…! He stared at Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.


When Huang Xiaolong left the hall, half an hour had passed.

Zhang Pei respectfully followed behind Huang Xiaolong.

Yang Shangchen and the others who were waiting outside behind Huang Xiaolong all stepped up when they saw Huang Xiaolong come out.

None of them were surprised seeing Zhang Pei come out respectfully behind Huang Xiaolong.

A few days later, Huang Xiaolong left the Ice Lion Continent, then he and Cangqiong Old Man, Duan Feng, and Chen Qi set off to Hongxuan Sacred Lands Saint Devil City.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong not only subdued the patriarchs within the Spirit Devil Alliance, and through Zhang Pei, he had also subdued all the Ice Lion Sacred Lands experts within the Ice Lion City.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not have Yang Shangchen, Zhang Pei, or any other Spirit Devil Alliances patriarchs accompany them to the Saint Devil City.

There were only four of them.

Huang Xiaolong did not want others to notice his close connection with Yang Shangchen and Zhang Pei, attracting Golden Snake Sacred Land and Ice Lion Sacred Lands attention.

A month later, Huang Xiaolongs group of four arrived at Hongxuan Sacred Lands Saint Devil City.

The Saint Devil Heavenly Cave had two Saint Devil Cities, one was in Hongxuan Sacred Land and the other one was at Saint Devil Sacred Land itself.

When Huang Xiaolongs group of four arrived at Hongxuan Sacred Lands Saint Devil City, they noticed the number of experts in the city was strangely high.

These experts seemed to rush over to the Saint Devil City to participate in some kind of event.

“The Saint Devil Prince is looking for a batch of Primal Ancestors who are well-versed in ancient grand formation.

If we can pass the test, we can serve Lord Saint Devil Prince, that is a great honor, ah!”

“Who in the whole Saint Devil Heavenly Cave doesnt want to serve Lord Saint Devil Prince Its inevitable that Lord Saint Devil Prince will take over the Saint Devil Sacred Land in the future as the patriarch, becoming the lord of Saint Devil Heavenly Cave!”

“Of course, did you hear, our Lord Saint Devil Prince has already gotten the attention of an important person in the Blue Heaven Creed, and this person hasnt accepted a new disciple for many years, but this time that person is going to accept Lord Saint Devil Prince as a direct disciple.

Moreover, it would be his last disciple!”

“Thats right, I also know that this important person is one of the Blue Heaven Creeds vice hall masters! A vice hall master of Blue Heaven Creed, ah.

Tsk, tsk, a big shot like this is an existence that could summon the clouds and winds with a wave of his hand in the whole Divine Tuo Holy World!”

Conversations of experts passing by entered Huang Xiaolongs ears.

These experts faces were beaming with excitement when they spoke about the Lord Saint Devil Prince was looking for Primal Ancestor Realm experts knowledgeable in ancient grand formations.

Cangqiong Old Man, Duan Feng, and Chen Qi exchanged a glance.

“The Saint Devil Prince is about to be accepted by Blue Heaven Creeds vice hall master as a direct disciple, moreover, he would be the last disciple” Cangqiong Old Man repeated in shock.

Chen Qi was just as shocked.

This was definitely big news for the whole Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

The Saint Devil Prince was an outstanding talent, someone destined to sit on the patriarch position of Saint Devil Sacred Land.

If the Saint Devil Prince was accepted by a Blue Heaven Creeds vice hall master as his direct disciple, that definitely wasnt good news for Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Once the Saint Devil Prince became the Blue Heaven Creeds vice hall masters direct disciple, many sacred lands within the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave would definitely shift their alliance to the Saint Devil Sacred Land or the Saint Devil Prince.

At that time, the Saint Devil Sacred Lands momentum would reach a new height, and truly unifying the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave was only a matter of time.

Huang Xiaolong too was frowning faintly.

As Cangqiong Alliance would continue to develop in the future, conflicts between Cangqiong Alliance and the top ten sacred lands were unavoidable.

He wasnt afraid of a sole Saint Devil Sacred Land, but with the Blue Heaven Creed, it would be a little troublesome.

The Blue Heaven Creed was located in the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave not far from the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, and although they were incomparable to superpower creeds like Dragon Fish Creed, and Divination Creed, they were still a creed force.

That meant the existence of a Dao Venerable expert.

‘It looks like I have to break through as soon as possible, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

If he advanced to Primal Ancestor Realm, and his small world gave birth to grand dao laws, as well as grand dao energy, he would have the confidence to keep his life when facing the average Dao Venerables.

However, Huang Xiaolong was curious about why the Saint Devil Prince wanted to recruit a batch of Primal Ancestors versed in ancient grand formations.

The Saint Devil Prince wouldnt gather Primal Ancestors well-versed in ancient grand formations without reason.

A light glimmered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and he decided to check out the Saint Devil Citys City Mayor Mansion after getting what he wanted from the underground black market.

After the group of four entered the city, they went around asking about the black markets location.

The Saint Devil Citys black market was bigger than one could imagine, like a great prairie.

Although it was underground, it was bright as day and no different than above ground.

Huang Xiaolong sent Duan Feng, and Chen Qi to inquire for information, and they both returned before long with delighted expressions.

“Young Lord, weve found the Purple Lightning Water, Stone of Black Abyss, Frozen Ice Heart, and Heavenly Earth Mud that you wanted, are all here.” Duan Feng happily reported, “Moreover, they would be auctioned a few days later!”

Hearing that, Huang Xiaolong was also delighted.

Initially, he had thought it would already be a great harvest if he could find two of the innate materials he needed, but who knew he could get all four of them.

Duan Feng and Chen Qi then explained to Huang Xiaolong in detail about the upcoming auction.

Four days later, an auction house called Crimson Knife Commerce was going to auction these four materials, and anyone could join the auction as long as they paid the stipulated entry fees.

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