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Chapter 2745: Great Army Bearing Down

Tang Longs face was gloomy and sullen inside the Tang Dragon Sacred Manors great hall.

The great hall was filled with experts from Freezing Desert Sacred Land and Chufan Sacred Land.

The atmosphere was a little heavy, and a storm was brewing and roiling with a murderous aura that stemmed from wrath.

“Good, very good!” Tang Long sneered coldly.

“Even a disciple of Cangqiong Old Man dares to kill my disciple in public.

It looks like a new sacred land that has just been established for only several hundred years doesnt respect me and my Tang Dragon Sacred Land because I havent been appearing in public much these years !”

Other experts of Tang Dragon Sacred Land all trembled inexplicably, sensing the suffocating killing intent surging around Tang Long.

Freezing Desert Sacred Lands master, Han Mos face was full of frost.

“I originally wanted to let Cangqiong Old Man to enjoy a few years of his life, but it seems like hes in a hurry to enter the reincarnation cycle and leave this sea of mortal sufferings.

In that case, he shouldnt blame us for fulfilling his wishes.”

Chufan Sacred Lands master, Chu Yifans face was just as frosty when he spoke, “We should gather the army immediately, and march to the Cangqiong Sacred Land.

After capturing that dog Huang Xiaolong, Im going to torture him badly and teach him the consequences of offending people he shouldnt be offending.”

As the three stated their stances, the three sacred lands experts started to clamor, lauding to destroy the Cangqiong Sacred Land

Tang Long pressed his palm in the air, gesturing everyone to quiet down, and spoke in a stern tone, “Tang Jin, Yuan Yue, and Chu Zhouyun met with a mishap at Ice Blue Sacred Land.

Therefore, the Ice Blue Sacred Land must also bear part of the responsibility!”

Han Mos eyes exuded coldness as he spoke, “After we raze off the Cangqiong Sacred Land, the Ice Blue Sacred Land must compensate us with half of the treasures from their treasury!” He had found the Ice Blue Sacred Lands master displeasing for a long time.

There was a deep frown on Chu Yifans forehead as he spoke, “Ice Blue Sacred Land has a strong profit-based relationship with the surrounding sacred lands.

Therefore, it will be extremely complicated to act against them as some of those sacred lands will be dissatisfied.”

Ice Blue Sacred Land was not Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Ice Blue Sacred Land had existed for countless hundreds of millions of years, and they possessed a strong foundation.

“Dissatisfied What can they do about it” Tang Longs eyes glimmered with a hint of brutality.

He and Freezing Desert Sacred Land had long wanted to unify the surrounding sacred lands, but they had not found the appropriate opportunity, and this incident was a heaven-sent opportunity!

This was a great excuse for him and Freezing Desert Sacred Land to eradicate the Ice Blue Sacred Land!

“But first, we will eliminate Cangqiong Sacred Land! Then, we will march to Ice Blue Sacred Land!” This was also a great chance to deter other surrounding sacred lands, and it was like killing two birds with one stone!

If the Ice Blue Sacred Land refused to hand over half of their treasury, that would be even better! Freezing Desert Sacred Land and he could use that as an excuse to wipe Ice Blue Sacred Land off the map in one go, incorporating their territory into their own!

This would have a better deterrence effect on other sacred lands.

Based on Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Lands current strength, razing Ice Blue Sacred Land to the ground was not a difficult feat.

Though there would be some casualties, this level of casualties could completely be compensated by the Ice Blue Sacred Lands treasury.

The resources within the Ice Blue Sacred Lands treasury were definitely many times richer than the Cangqiong Sacred Lands treasury.

“Sacred Land Master Yifan, what do you say” Tang Long suddenly turned and looked fixedly at Chu Yifan.

The Freezing Desert Sacred Lands master, Han Mo, looked fixedly at Chu Yifan as well.

Chu Yifan contemplated for a second then laughed and said, “As long as Brother Tang Long and Brother Han Mo need it, my Chufan Sacred Land will assist with full effort!”

Both Tang Long and Han Mo smiled.

“Good! Pass down my order to gather all Primal Ancestors, Hall Masters, and Grand Elders of our three sacred lands.

Well set off immediately to the Cangqiong Sacred Land!” Tang Longs vigorously curt voice reverberated in the great hall.

It didnt take long for the three sacred lands experts to gather in one place, and the army set off to the Cangqiong Sacred Land with a mighty momentum.

This time, each sacred land merely left two Primal Ancestor experts to guard the headquarters, while the remaining Primal Ancestor experts were sent out.

Hence, there were a total of sixty-eight Primal Ancestor Realm experts!

Tang Dragon Sacred Land sent twenty-six Primal Ancestors, Freezing Desert Sacred Land sent twenty-five Primal Ancestors, and Chufan Sacred Land sent seventeen Primal Ancestors!

Clouds rolled and lightning condensed in the sky wherever these sixty-eight Primal Ancestors went with their released auras.

There was heaviness in the air as if a great storm was brewing.

This changed to the surroundings as these experts powerful grand dao energy gathered together.

Other than these sixty-eight Primal Ancestors, there were also the three sacred lands four thousand plus True Saint Realm experts! On top of that, all of them were Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm and above!

Everywhere the three sacred lands armies passed by, their invisible momentums suffocated other sacred lands experts.

No sacred land dared to stop or question them.

A long time after the three sacred lands armies went out of sight did some sacred lands masters dared to peek out cautiously.

“Tang Jins, Yuan Yues, and Chu Zhouyuns physical bodies were destroyed.

There, it looks like Tang Dragon Sacred Lands, Freezing Desert Sacred Lands, and Chufan Sacred Lands experts are retaliating swiftly! Moreover, all three sacred lands are going out in full force! But isnt this an overkill to send out so many experts just for destroying a mere Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Is it really necessary to move out so many experts from the three sacred lands” An All-Heavens Sacred Lands disciple gasped in shock.

“Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land have been quietly amassing strength for many years.

Since the three sacred lands experts have moved out in full force, it looks like this matter is probably not so simple,” All-Heavens Sacred Lands Master Zhu Xu explained to his disciple.

Like what his disciple had said, it wasnt necessary to send out so many experts from the three sacred lands just to destroy Cangqiong Sacred Land.

“Master, do you mean…” the disciple, Ren Yifei, was flabbergasted, “…Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land have another objective”

The All-Heavens Sacred Land Master Zhu Xu nodded his head, “Thats probably right.”

“Master, should we follow them and see Since Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land want to annihilate Cangqiong Sacred Land, a lot of sacred lands masters will go to spectate, just in case they get to grab something at the right time.” Ren Yifei went on, “We should also go and see if we can pick up some bargains.”

Master Zhu Xu shook his head, “Judging from Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Lands momentum, theres little chance we can pick up a bargain under their nose this time, but we can go watch.”

His interest was stoked as he said, “Huang Xiaolong had the guts to destroy Tang Jins, and Yuan Yues physical bodies, so Im a little curious about him, and I really want to see what he looks like.”

His disciple Ren Yifei grinned.

“Master, you are right.

When I heard the news, I was amazed that Huang Xiaolong had the courage to do that even though he is an early Ninth Heaven True Saint! Hes got quite the mettle!”

“Its a pity though.

Even though hes courageous enough, he has a short life now.

He will be dead soon! Moreover, he brought a catastrophe onto the Cangqiong Sacred Land! Cangqiong Old Man probably cried himself dizzy in his room for having this kind of a disciple.”

“Alright now, stop joking around, lets follow after them.”

Hence, the master-disciple duo flew into the air and followed behind the three sacred lands armies.

In truth, there were many people similar to this pair of All-Heavens Sacred Lands master and disciple, and they trailed a distance behind the great army.


Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Cangqiong Old Mans face changed when he learned that the three sacred lands armies were approaching.

He hadnt expected them to act so swiftly.

Moreover, the three sacred lands experts had come out in full force!

Sixty-eight Primal Ancestors!

Although he had learned from Mo Zhi, Duan Feng, and the others that Huang Xiaolongs combat power was amazing, Cangqiong Old Man still felt his scalp tingling at the thought of sixty-eight Primal Ancestors getting closer to them with every passing second.

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