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Chapter 2732: Chu Zhouyuns Suggestion

Qiao Bai smiled indifferently, “Humph.

Who do you think you are The disciples participating in the Convent of Wind and Clouds are geniuses among geniuses.

All of them are experts in the True Saint Realm, and they gained the qualifications to sit in the hall.

Do you really think you guys from the Cangqiong Sacred Land deserve a seat”

Evidently, he was implying that all the disciples from the Cangqiong Sacred Land were trash.

“I agree with Brother Qiao Bai.

In fact, they dont even deserve to enter the hall! Hahaha!” Someone in the crowd laughed.

“Brother Qiao Bai is being benevolent for allowing trash like you to enter the hall.

Dont go too far!”

Wang Xuerus face flushed with anger as the disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land felt their expressions falling.

“Why is someone like you talking about geniuses Do you really think youre strong” a cold voice rang through the hall before anyone could react.

Turning to stare at the source of the voice, they were shocked to discover that Huang Xiaolong had spoken.

Qiao Bais expression sank and right before he could say anything, Huang Xiaolong stretched his hands out with an indifferent expression on his face.

Qiao Bais face turned into one of horror as he was sent through the stone pillar in the hall.

Everything happened so quickly that no one could react.

Even Wang Xueru was astonished.

She was shocked that Huang Xiaolong could send a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm cultivator, like Qiao Bai, flying in one hit! She was even more shocked that he dared to make a move against the man!

This is the Ice Blue Sacred Land!

Is he tired of living!

The disciples of the other factions stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

However, Huang Xiaolong ignored them as his gaze landed on those who had insulted the disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land.

The person who had spoken previously was a disciple of the Devil Butterfly Sacred Land, and his name was Song Hai.

He was also a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint.

Right before he could say something to defend himself, Huang Xiaolong dragged him over with a wave of his hand.

Huang Xiaolong pinched his neck and muttered, “My Cangqiong Sacred Land doesnt have the qualifications to enter the hall What about garbage like you You wont even be qualified to stand outside the hall!”

Song Hais face turned red with anger as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Ridiculous! You are asking to die! If you dont put me down right now, your Cangqiong Sacred Land will be exterminated!”

“Let go of Senior Brother Song Hai!” After the disciples from the Devil Butterfly Sacred Land regained their senses, they charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

Before they got close to him, they were sent flying with a wave of his hand.

As they slammed into the various corners of the hall, they vomited mouthfuls of fresh blood.

The entire hall fell into chaos.

Everyone who was minding their own business jumped to their feet as they stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

First, he had sent Qiao Bai flying with a single strike.

Now, the disciples of the Devil Butterfly Sacred Land were sent packing.


Wang Xueru, and the disciples from the Cangqiong Sacred Land looked at Huang Xiaolong with their eyes widened with disbelief.

Everything happened too quickly, and Wang Xueru wasnt able to process what had happened.

She couldnt believe what she was seeing.

The outcome was completely different from what she had thought would happen.

Huang Xiaolong waved away the disciple from the Devil Butterfly Sacred Land and looked at Song Hai.

“Did you say that the Cangqiong Sacred Land was waiting to be destroyed Do you believe that Ill destroy your physical body right here and now”

Song Hai roared in anger, “Destroy my physical body! Youre dreaming you motherf*cker! If you dare to touch a single hair on my body, Ill bury the entire Cangqiong Sacred Land along with your stupid face! Do you know who I am! Im…”

He wanted to tell Huang Xiaolong that he was the son of the Devil Butterfly Patriarch and watch the look of panic on Huang Xiaolongs face.

However, Huang Xiaolong snapped his neck before he could complete his sentence.

Just like that, the son of the Devil Butterfly Patriarch was slain.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“You… You… Hes the son of the Devil Butterfly Patriarch!” Wang Xueru yelled in shock.

She might have been surprised by the strength Huang Xiaolong possessed, but she could tell that his actions were pushing the Cangqiong Sacred Land into a fiery pit of death.

Huang Xiaolong sent out another punch and shattered Song Hais body after Wang Xuerus reminder.

Droplets of blood splattered all over.

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong like they were looking at a madman.

Even Qiao Bai, who had barely recovered after his previous encounter with Huang Xiaolong, couldnt believe his eyes.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong couldnt care less.

In fact, he already knew that Song Hai was the fourth son of the Devil Butterfly Patriarch.

When Wang Xueru had introduced the various disciples to him, he had taken note of every one of them.

There was no need for Wang Xueru to remind him again.

“This… Isnt he being a little too crazy Is he mad!” someone in the crowd muttered.

Wang Xuerus pretty face became even paler.

Huang Xiaolong did what he had said and destroyed Song Hais physical body! Even Tang Jin and Yuan Yue wouldnt dare to do something like that! Even though the Devil Butterfly Sacred Land was weaker than the Tang Long Sacred Land, they were still a superpower nonetheless.

A beam of light shot out from Song Hais remains and his soul tried to make an escape.

It was too bad that Huang Xiaolong was prepared, and he casually threw it into the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

No one dared to utter a word after seeing what happened.

Not even Qiao Bai and the disciples of the Ice Blue Sacred Land had the guts to do so.

All of a sudden, a group of disciples approached the main hall.

They were the remaining disciples of the Tang Dragon Sacred Land, Freezing Desert Sacred Land, and Chufan Sacred Land.

In order to keep their image, Tang Jin and Yuan Yue had chosen to arrive later than the others.

Chu Zhouyun smiled as he said, “Wang Xueru and Huang Xiaolong should have already arrived.

I wonder how they will react when they realize that they havent been arranged any seats.”

He had suggested it to Qiao Bai in a previous interaction, and he knew that Qiao Bai wouldnt dare to go against his order.

Tang Jin laughed.

“You should have asked Qiao Bai to arrange for the disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land to serve us tea.”

“Thats not a bad suggestion.” Yuan Yue clapped his hands and laughed.

Chu Zhouyun chuckled, “Alright, when we arrive at the main hall, I will drop hints to Qiao Bai.”

The three of them broke out into laughter.

It didnt take long for them to arrive, and even though they found it weird that Qiao Bai didnt personally receive them, they didnt think too much about it.

When they entered the hall, they were shocked by the destruction.

“Brother Qiao Bai, this…” Zhou Chuyun looked at the injured Qiao Bai and couldnt help but ask.

“I overheard your conversation.

Were you the one who told Qiao Bai to leave us out of the seating list” a cold voice rang through the air.

Chu Zhouyun, Tang Jin, and Yuan Yue turned to look at the source of the voice.

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