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Chapter 2724: Small World

Skylet! The Sky Opening Islands spirit!

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong with a weird expression.

“In the future, all of you can call him Skylet.

He doesnt like to be addressed any other way.

Also, he has some weirdly violent tendencies where he likes to hit other peoples faces,” Huang Xiaolong spoke to Long Jianfei and the rest.

The look in their eyes became even worse when they turned to look at Long Shengtians mutilated head.

Whatever the case, the same question remained in everyones mind.

How on earth did Huang Xiaolong subdue the Sky Opening Islands spirit! Of course, no one dared to ask if Huang Xiaolong didnt tell them.

Long Shengtian looked at the pouting ball of rainbow-colored light, and he decided to swallow his questions along with his grievances.

He might have received a light tap from the spirit previously, but he knew that it would take several weeks before he would be able to regain his handsome appearance.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the innate Xuanhuang Stone from the island.

With the assistance of the island spirit, he had managed to obtain it without much difficulty.

Soaring through the skies, Huang Xiaolong gestured towards the island and the massive Sky Opening Island that measured hundreds of millions of miles in diameter started to shake violently.

As Skylet opened its mouth to release a seven-colored light, the entire island started to rise into the skies.

The Sky Opening Island had long since surpassed the expectations of Long Jianfei and the others as it was unreasonably massive.

As the island rose into the skies, it was as though a supercontinent was ascending in the World River.

One wouldnt be able to see the end of the island from the other side.

As golden light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body, grand dao energy started to fluctuate through the air.

If he didnt have the help of the Sky Opening Islands spirit, moving the island would be an extremely difficult matter.

Although he was able to shake the entire island with a single punch, moving the island was a whole different matter.

Along with the slow rise of the Sky Opening Island, rainbow light poured out from the mouth of the Sky Opening Islands spirit.

The divine mountains, rocks, rivers, and even the Death Cave started to shake as they dislodged themselves from the island.

As they fell back down onto the World River, only a massive chunk of land was left.

The Sky Opening Island was originally a giant piece of innate Xuanhuang Stone to begin with.

As countless years had passed, the dust and debris had accumulated on it, turning into giant mountains.

With the dense energy drawn in by the innate Xuanhuang Stone, they had turned into divine mountains.

The holy trees, spiritual creatures, and the sky opening beasts were born on the mountains, and the Xuanhuang Turbid Water was formed soon after.

Eventually, weird regions like the Death Cave had started to appear.

Now, the Sky Opening Island could finally get rid of all the weirdimpurities it had accumulated over the years.

After everything fell off the island, the original shape of the massive innate Xuanhuang Stone appeared before everyone.

The stone might not have been as large as the Sky Opening Island, but it was still a pretty impressive piece with half the size of the original island.

It could even be compared to one of the holy grounds in the World River.

Long Jianfei and the others gulped in surprise when they looked at the original appearance of the stone.

If someone actually planned on refining the giant stone into a dao artifact, god knew how many they would be able to make.

The number would probably range in the hundred thousand, and a horrifying picture was painted in their minds.

“No one is allowed to touch this innate Xuanhuang Stone!” Skylet waved its fistsangrily as it glared at everyone present.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but laugh when he saw the massive chunk.

The innate Xuanhuang Stone had grown along with the Sky Opening Islands spirit, and if anyone were to remove even a piece, they would harm the little spirits foundations.

It was no wonder the little spirit was so protective of it.

That would also mean that Huang Xiaolong would only be able to look at the giant piece of treasure before him without doing anything…

Just as he was about to retrieve the entire piece of rock to store it in the Cangqiong Dao Palace, the little spirit turned to speak to him, “Young Lord, you can store it in the space formed in your dantian!”

“In my dantian” Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

However, a thought flashed through his mind, and he thought of a possibility.

“Thats right! Im referring to the tiny world that formed!” Skylet nodded in excitement.

Tiny world

Huang Xiaolong was puzzled as that was the first time he had heard of it.

“What! Tiny world!” Long Jianfeis reaction was the most exaggerated as he jumped in fright.

Upon seeing Long Jianfeis reaction, Huang Xiaolong felt that the origins of the golden ball of light in his dantian might be of special origins.

“Young Lord, do you not know that the golden ball of light is called a tiny world” Skylet asked with a strange expression on its face after seeing the suspicious look on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Young Lord, you managed to form a tiny world in your body!” Long Jianfeis expression turned animated, and he felt that it was unbelievable.

It was as though he had discovered a miracle.

“Is the tiny world very important” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“I dont even know if the golden ball of light can be considered a tiny world…”

Mo Zhi and the others stared at Long Jianfei as they had no idea what he was going on about.

Staring at Huang Xiaolong with a cute gaze, the little spirit found it extremely weird that Huang Xiaolong had no idea what was going on.

Isnt he the son of the God of Creation How could he not know about the existence of the tiny world

Sucking in a long breath, Long Jianfei explained, “After experts at the peak of Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm break through to the Dao Venerable Realm, a tiny world would form in their bodies.

The world contained inside their dantian will be like the holy world we currently reside in.

The stronger they grow, the stronger the tiny world will become!”

Mo Zhi and the others might not know about the existence of the tiny world, but as someone who came from the Dragon Fish Creed with a Dao Venerable holding the fort, Long Jianfei knew a lot of secrets they didnt.

“Dao Venerable! Tiny world!” Mo Zhi and the others were shocked.

Even though Long Jianfei had only given them a brief introduction, they could connect the dots easily, and they soon discovered a terrifying fact.

A world similar to the holy world they were living in! Wouldnt that mean that someone at the Dao Venerable Realm level was the god of creation of their own tiny world

In the world they created, they would be invincible existences! They could create anything and destroy whatever they wished.

Since Mo Zhi and the others could think of the possibility, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be far behind.

He was shocked as he thought of the possibility of the ball of golden light being the same as the tiny world possessed by all the Dao Venerables.

However, he was still a True Saint!

Of course, it didnt seem surprising for him to develop something only a Dao Venerable should possess when he formed his dao heart in the Half-True Saint Realm.

“After the Dao Venerables create their world, it would grow alongside them and the world core would be born after they become strong enough.

They will be able to produce grand dao energy forever!” Long Jianfei widened his eyes in shock.

“That is also the reason Dao Venerables will never run out of grand dao energy!”

“Wouldnt that mean that they are unrivaled existences” Long Shengtian gasped in shock.

Mo Zhi and the others nodded their heads like wooden dolls.

However, Long Jianfei wasnt done.

“Thats right! Dao Venerables are unrivaled existences in the Divine Tuo Holy World! The only restriction is that they are only able to contain their worlds in their bodies.

The tiny world in their body would only be able to evolve after they enter the God of Creation Realm, and from that point onwards, their world will exist alongside the universe!”

“The Huang Long World we are in right now is a completed world! Its a world that exists alongside the grand universe!”

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