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Chapter 2699: Ghost Tuo Race and the Prison Gateway


The Yin Borer King nodded.

“We have to kill evil beings like Huang Xiaolong once and for all.

If we allow him to run free, we will never be able to rest easy!”

He knew that with Huang Xiaolong’s speed of growth and terrifying combat abilities, he would be able to conquer the World River soon! Moreover, the Yin Borer Race would turn into his targets when he set out to do what he said.

As such, he planned to deal with Huang Xiaolong once and for all!

The young man whose aura was stronger than the Yin Borer King spoke up all of a sudden.

“How is Fei Yanzi right now”

“She’s heavily poisoned, and she’s trying her best to resist it.

By the time the ceremony begins, she will be completely corrupted by my poison, and I’ll be able to devour her virgin yin energy!”

“Hahaha! It’s all thanks to Brother Duan Feng that I managed to succeed!” The Yin Borer King thanked the young man sitting beside Elder Ming.

Duan Feng shook his hand casually.

“I never thought that there would be a woman with a Mysterious Yin body in this Holy World.

It’s a pity I’m unable to devour her because of the grand dao law I mastered.

Whatever the case, you should experience a huge increase in strength after you devour her.

Don’t forget what you promised me.”

“Of course! Yin Ming wouldn’t dare!” The Yin Borer King replied hastily.

The outside world knew that the leader of the Yin Borer Race was the Yin Borer King, but not many knew that his real name was Yin Ming.

Duan Feng nodded his head.

However, Elder Ming broke the silence all of a sudden, “I’ve heard that Fei Yanzi has some sort of relationship with Huang Xiaolong.

He should be after the marriage ceremony.”

Yin Ming sneered in response, “Humph.

Huang Xiaolong doesn’t know the true value of Fei Yanzi.

If he knew that she has the Mysterious Yin Body, he would regret not taking her in the past! Too bad it’s too late for him to do anything.

We’ll deal with him before I devour Fei Yanzi’s Mysterious Yin Body.

After that, we’ll go on to conquer the Cangqiong Holy World!

Elder Ming laughed.

“When Brother Yin Ming rules over the lands, I hope you remember this old man.”

Yin Ming roared with laughter.

“Of course! The three of us came from the Divination Creed, and we can be considered brothers! We’ll share our riches and fortune when the time comes!”

After a short stay at the Dragon Fish Race, Huang Xiaolong and the others left for the Yin Borer Race.

Since the Yin Borer Race was located in the extreme north of the World River, it was going to take them some time to arrive.

At top speed, they would need half a month to arrive.

After a short calculation, Huang Xiaolong realized that they would be able to arrive right in time for the ceremony.

Nothing happened along the way, and his group soon arrived in the space above the Yin Borer Domain.

When they had just entered the World River, Huang Xiaolong and the others couldn’t feel anything.

However, the moment they saw the domains controlled by the Yin Borer Race, they felt a horrifying amount of energy gathered around it.

In the skies above the Yin Borer Domain, countless flying ships and divine beasts gathered.

It was as though all the experts of the Alien Lands and World River had gathered, and they entered the Yin Borer Domain with somber expressions on their faces.

It would be rare to see a battle break out in the Yin Borer Domain, and those who chose to ignore the rules of the race were few in number.

One could easily see the influence and prestige the Yin Borer Race had in the World River.

Even though the rules of the Yin Borer Race stated that they were not allowed to fight in the major cities in the domain, not a single person dared to move carelessly the moment they entered the domain.

Even in the wilderness, they wouldn’t dare to attack members of another race.

The fear they had for the Yin Borer Race was pretty extreme.

“Ghost Tuo Race!”

Zi Dongping noticed a flying ship in the air, and he exclaimed.

Countless sinister ghosts and refined beings could be seen carved into the body of the ship.

One side depicted the bloodthirst and sinister side of the race, while the other painted a holy picture.

“Who would have thought that the Ghost Tuo Race would come over for the celebrations…” Long Shengtian was equally baffled.

The Ghost Tuo Race was part of the ancient races in the Alien Lands, and they had been in existence far longer than the Golden Buddha Race, Enchantress Race, or other races.

The Ghost Tuo Ancestor was one of the oldest primal ancestors in the domain, but the entire race had started to fade from existence ever since the creation of the Otherworldly Mansion.

One could say that they had closed the doors to their race and hidden from the world after the Otherworldly Mansion was formed.

However, they had finally appeared during the Yin Borer King’s breakthrough celebration!

Mo Zhi’s expression turned extremely serious.

“Who would have thought that hidden royal families like the Ghost Tuo Race would arrive… It seems like a lot of hidden royal families will show up this time…”

Everyone fell into silence.

If that was the case, then they would face a lot more pressure when going against the Yin Borer King.

With the number of hidden royal families arriving before the appointed time, it wasn’t hard to imagine that they would stand on the Yin Borer Race’s side when the battle broke out.

After all, making a move on ‘troublemakers’ like Huang Xiaolong would be a surefire way to get on the Yin Borer King’s good side.

Everyone continued to make their way towards the venue, but another super massive flying ship appeared in their sights.

Jiang Heng’s expression changed the moment he saw the ship.

“Prison Gateway!”

“Prison Gateway!” Long Shengtian and the others blanched.

The ex-overlord of the Holy World!

Before the Cangqiong Old Man had entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, they were the strongest enemy he faced.

Since his ascension to the strongest person in the Cangqiong Holy World, the Prison Gateway had led their members out of the Holy World and disappeared.

There were those who thought that they were hiding in the Alien Lands, and others thought that they were hiding in the World River.

No matter how much the speculations had gotten, no one knew where they had gone.

To everyone’s surprise, the Prison Gateway had appeared for the Yin Borer King’s celebratory feast!

It seemed as though the Yin Borer King’s reputation was pretty strong.

He had even managed to invite the experts of the Ghost Tuo Race and the Prison Gateway…

However, Huang Xiaolong had already made up his mind that he would eliminate all obstacles in his path! 

They continued to advance in the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

Soon after, they saw several other flying ships belonging to the hidden races and powers.

Even though they couldn’t be compared to the Ghost Tuo Race, they were super existences in the World River and the Alien Lands.

The power they wielded could be compared to the Otherworldly Mansion, and several superpowers in the World River.

Huang Xiaolong pointed towards one of the cities below when he saw that night was falling.

“We’ll take a break there and continue our journey tomorrow.”

Since the celebration was going to be held in two days, it was fine for them to take a break.

Huang Xiaolong led the others into the city without hesitation.

“This is the Ancient Void City of the Yin Borer Domain.

It’s the only city comparable to the Yin Borer City in the domain,” Long Jianfei explained.

As the ancestor of the Dragon Fish Race, he was familiar with the Ancient Void City.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and brought everyone into the city.

Sending Jiang Heng out to look for a place to stay, they continued strolling down the streets.

However, they didn’t get far before a woman bumped into them.

She was planning to escape, but Huang Xiaolong reached out to block her path all of a sudden.


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