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Chapter 2698: Yin Borer King Breaking Through!

The members of the Chen Luo Sect realized their Sect Masters intentions immediately, and they greeted Huang Xiaolong while crawling towards him.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong ordered for Chen Muguang to be released.

After ten whole years of punishment, Huang Xiaolong felt that it was enough.

Moreover, Chen Muguangs cultivation had already been crippled, and he was nothing more than a wastrel.

Even if he was released, he would experience a life worse than death.

Of course, the only reason Huang Xiaolong released the other party was because of Chen Luos actions.

He had kneeled for ten years in front of the city gates, and he bawled his eyes out the moment Huang Xiaolong ordered for the release of Chen Muguang.

After releasing Chen Muguang, Huang Xiaolong gave Chen Luo a stern warning that if Chen Muguang returned to his old ways after recuperating, there would be no second chance.

After he was done, he dismissed all of them.

When he returned to the headquarters of the Otherworldly Mansion, Huang Xiaolong didnt immerse himself in cultivation.

Instead, he stood in his courtyard alone while staring into the skies.

Chen Luos actions made him think of his own parents in the lower world, and his parents back on Earth.

“Mansion Master, something big happened!” Long Jianfei appeared while Huang Xiaolong was still deep in his thoughts and he led Mo Zhi, Long Shengtian, and the others into the courtyard.

Something big

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“Our members in the World River sent back news! The Yin Borer King entered the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!” Long Shengtian said.

“Moreover, he plans to hold a celebration in four months! He invited the royal families of the Alien Lands, and we should receive the invitation soon!”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

The Yin Borer King entered the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm

It was no wonder Long Shengtian said that something big had happened.

“Interesting,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Long Shengtian and the others stared at each other in shock.

Their greatest enemy had entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, but Huang Xiaolong brushed it off with a single word!

“Mansion Master, the Yin Borer King definitely has other intentions now that he invited everyone over to celebrate his breakthrough,” Zi Dongping muttered.

Ever since Zi Dongping had refined the dao fruit Huang Xiaolong had given him, he had managed to experience a full recovery.

He had also managed to enter the mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

A chuckle escaped Huang Xiaolongs lips.

“Are you saying that hes planning to take over the Alien Lands and the World River now that he entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm”

Zi Dongping and the others nodded as serious expression hung on their faces.

“Also, they might be setting up a trap for Young Lord.

The entire celebration might be a super elaborate trap!” Long Shengtian explained.

Huang Xiaolong smiled.

If anyone told him that the Yin Borer King wasnt planning anything big by holding a celebration and inviting every single expert from the World River and Alien Lands over, he wouldnt believe it.

However, he was already planning to mess up the Yin Borer Race before the announcement was made.

As such, it didnt matter if it was a trap.

“Mansion Master, I dont think you should attend the celebratory feast hosted by the Yin Borer Race.” Mo Zhi continued, “With Young Lord holding the fort, the Yin Borer King wouldnt be able to take over the Otherworldly Mansion easily.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and chuckled.

“What do you mean Of course, were going! As the top race in all the lands, the Yin Borer Race definitely prepared plenty of delicacies for the feast.

He might even bring out precious treasures to host us! Wouldnt it be a pity if we choose not to go”

Long Shengtian and the others felt beads of cold sweat dripping down their foreheads.

“Wont we turn into a laughing stock if we refuse to go Theyll say that our Otherworldly Mansion is afraid of the Yin Borer Race!”

Long Shengtian and Mo Zhi wanted to persuade him, but they were stopped with a wave of his arm.

“Alright, I have made up my mind.

Well head over tomorrow.”

By the time dawn broke the next day, the invitation from the Yin Borer Race arrived.

However, the faces of everyone contorted when they saw the invitation.

Long Jiangfei hesitated for a moment before handing the invitation over to Huang Xiaolong, and a frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face the moment he saw it.

The Yin Borer King was also planning to hold a marriage ceremony alongside the celebrations, and he was planning to marry Fei Yanzi of the Flying Heaven Race!

“Young Lord” Long Jianfei cautiously called out to Huang Xiaolong.

“Im fine,” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and said, but the invitation was incinerated in his hands.

Even the ashes were vaporized.

A cold voice rang in the ears of all the Primal Ancestors present.

“Everyone, were heading to the Yin Borer Race now!”

There was no hesitation as everyone soared through the skies with Huang Xiaolong leading the way.

After leaving the Otherworldly Mansion, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Cangqiong Dao Palace and ushered everyone into it.

As it turned into a streak of light, they tore through the space as they headed towards a certain meeting point.

Arriving at a certain region, Huang Xiaolong picked up Jiang Heng and the others before moving towards the Yin Borer Race.

Since he planned to declare war on the Yin Borer Race, Huang Xiaolong decided to bring his entire forces over.

Anyway, Jiang Heng and the others had also received the invitation from the Yin Borer King.

“It seems like the Yin Borer King is extremely confident in his abilities.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The other party knew that Jiang Heng and the others had already submitted to him, and he still sent them an invitation.

Several months later…

Huang Xiaolong entered the World River once again.

He remained in the Dragon Fish Race for one day to learn more about the Yin Borer Race from the upper echelons of the Dragon Fish Race.

After all, they were the ones controlling a region in the World River and they were much more familiar with the superpowers there.

“The Yin Borer King entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, and the leaders of various races headed over before the day of the ceremony.

The ancestors of the Azure Wolf Race, Golden Nest Race, the Conch Phoenix Race, the Humpback Cow Race, and the Heavenly Horned Race have all arrived.

Its clear that all of them have already submitted to the Yin Borer Race.” Long Haiqin broke down the situation for them.

Since the Yin Borer King entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, he became the strongest individual in the World River, taking over the World River would be a matter of time, and Huang Xiaolong had already expected the various races to surrender.

“Eight of them…” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Whatever the case, he planned to take over the world river now that he was there.

After exterminating the Yin Borer Race, he would become the overlord of the World River! It didnt matter even if they submitted to the Yin Borer King.

He planned to deal with them anyway, and they were saving him the trouble by gathering in one spot.

When Huang Xiaolong was gathering information on them, the Yin Borer King sat opposite two experts in the main hall of his race.

One of them was the mysterious Elder Ming, and the other person looked extremely similar to the Yin Borer King! The only difference was that he emitted an aura more terrifying than the one belonging to the Yin Borer King!

“Huang Xiaolong and the others have arrived at the Dragon Fish Race.” The Yin Borer King sneered.

“It seems like hes stupid enough to come.”

“He thinks hes invincible! That arrogant brat has never been one to back down.” Elder Ming snorted.

“He knows that you broke into the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, but he doesnt know that theres another high-level Primal Ancestor here!”

Moreover, the other Primal Ancestor was stronger than the Yin Borer King!

After Huang Xiaolongs arrival, he would die when two high-level Primal Ancestors would appear to suppress him!

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