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Chapter 270: Young Lord!

The crowd stared at Huang Xiaolong in surprise, including Hu Sheng and the two Sky Magi Sect disciples that wanted to stop Huang Xiaolong from sticking his nose into others’ affair.

Of course, the young couple belonging to the Mysterious East Sect stared dumbly at Huang Xiaolong.

Before the surprised expression of the people around him, Huang Xiaolong approached the other Nine Fiend Sect disciple.

Watching Huang Xiaolong walk towards him, that Nine Fiend Sect disciple was jarred back to the present, fear filled his eyes.

By the time he thought of escaping, it was already too late.

Huang Xiaolong’s body swayed, as a pair of black blades appeared in his hands; cold lights flashed and the only thing the people around could see were two fleeting blade lights slashing across the air.

Then, that Nine Fiend Sect disciple’s actions halted abruptly, standing stiffly on the spot, falling down to the street in the next second.

That Nine Fiend Sect disciple’s eyes were still wide with shock and confusion, even as he fell, hitting the street with a soft thud, blood came spurting out as if delayed, painting the dirty street bright crimson.

In the rest of the Nine Fiend Sect disciples’ eyes, the sequence of events was whelming and appalling.

Ignoring the shocked stares directed his way, Huang Xiaolong continued to walk in Hu Sheng’s direction.

Hu Sheng’s eyes narrowed as he watched Huang Xiaolong; snorting with disdain, Hu Sheng demanded, “Punk, who are you What is your relation with Sky Magi Sect Are you even aware that this Black Demon City is controlled by my Nine Fiend Sect”

“Controlled by the Nine Fiend Sect” Huang Xiaolong sneered albeit a little nasty, “Very soon, it won’t be anymore.”’

Very soon, it won’t be anymore Hu Sheng’s expression turned ugly hearing that: “What do you mean”

Huang Xiaolong merely shook his head at Hu Sheng, not bothering to answer, “Too bad you won’t live to see that day.”

Because, at that moment, Hu Sheng had to die!

“Kill, kill that punk for me!” Hu Sheng swiftly moved to the back as he shouted to the Nine Fiend Sect disciples surrounding him, pointing angrily at Huang Xiaolong: “Whoever kills him, this Young Lord will reward him a million gold coins!”

The moment Hu Sheng’s voice fell, battle qi broke out from Nine Fiend Sect disciples’ bodies.

All summoning their martial spirits and attacking Huang Xiaolong.

Amongst these disciples, some had water element martial spirits, glowing in water blue battle qi, some had fire element martial spirits, shrouded in fiery-red battle qi, glaring to the eyes, also earth element martial spirits, a soil yellow-colored battle qi surrounding them.

In a split second, multicolored bright glows soared up, lighting up the whole street.

While the disciples were dealing with Huang Xiaolong, Hu Sheng took out something from his chest that looked like a smoke funnel and pressed.

A prism-colored bright sphere shot high up to the sky from it, reaching a hundred zhang, and exploded.

In the Nine Fiend Sect headquarters’ main hall.

A silver-haired Hu Han was discussing the impending attack on Blood Swallow School when the sound of a loud explosion attracted their attention.

“Sovereign, that sounded like the Young Lord’s distress signal.” One of the Nine Fied Sect Elders commented.

“Who doesn’t know the Young Lord’s identity in Black Demon City, what exactly is going on” Another Nine Fiend Sect Elder argued.

“But, this indeed is the Young Lord’s distress signal.”

In the grand hall, a group of Elders broke discussed noisily.

“Lin Shuang, the four of you go over and take a look.” Hu Han ordered an old man in purple robe below the dais, “If it’s really some reckless rock head wanting to harm the Young Lord, regardless of who it is, kill on the spot!”

The purple-robed old man and another three men stood up: “Ye,s Sovereign!”

“En, go now.” Hu Han ordered.

The four of them saluted before leaving the grand hall, heading Hu Sheng’s direction, following the distress signal to pinpoint the location.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong looked at the group of Nine Fiend Sect disciples rushing towards him; leaping up to the air, his body started spinning at amazing speed before the stunned eyes of Hu Sheng and the Nine Fiend Sect disciples, swinging out the Blades of Asura.

Blade lights flew out, turning into countless lighting streaks and lightning flood dragon, zigzagging out in all four directions.

The Asura Sword Skill fourth move: State of Abundant Lightning!

In less than a breath’s time, the group of twenty over Nine Fiend Sect disciples werr struck by the lightning flood dragons.

Their battle qi dissipated and martial spirits dispersed, one by one the disciples plummeted down from high up.

When these Nine Fiend Sect disciples crashed onto the street, it could be seen that all of them were charred black, like charcoals.

A scent of roasted meat wafted through the crowd.

Among these Nine Fiend Sect disciples, the strongest cultivation was at Xiantian Third Order and the weaker ones were only Houtian Tenth Order.

How could they have defended against one strike of State of Abundant Lightning With his current strength, executing the move was enough to embarrass a peak late-Xiantian Seventh Order.

Huang Xiaolong landed gently on the street, directed a glance at the piles of charred bodies, and continued approaching Hu Sheng.

Hu Sheng was almost paralyzed with fear looking at the charred bodies of Nine Fiend Sect disciples littered on the street, sensing the smell of cooked meat that permeated the air.

Watching Huang Xiaolong coming closer to him, an overwhelming dread and fear filled him like he had never experiencedㅡfear of death.

“You!” Hu Sheng bolstered his courage even while he was retreating, trying to scare Huang Xiaolong, “Who are you exactly This is the Black Demon City, if you kill me, you won’t be able to escape either!”

“Escape” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

With a flicker, Huang Xiaolong already closed in on Hu Sheng with a well-aimed punch.

Alarmed, Hu Sheng raised his hands to block Huang Xiaolong’s fist, but Huang Xiaolong’s punch landed on his chest before he could take any action.

Huang Xiaolong’s punch landed on his chest, but the force came out from his back, shaking the building structure on the other end of the street.

Hu Sheng’s clothes were shredded from the force, scattered in the wind as his body was flung out, rolling on the street for more than twenty meters.

Huang Xiaolong caught up leisurely to Hu Sheng’s side.

At this point, there was nary a thread covering Hu Sheng’s entire body, bare naked for the whole street to see.

Standing in front of the naked Hu Sheng, Huang Xiaolong took a quick glance at his lower part; this Hu Sheng grew to be a sturdy built young lad, but his lower part was best friends with the earthworms below.

Huang Xiaolong harrumphed, raised his foot and stomped down without mercy.

In this Black Demon City, it was unknown how many young men and women were scourged by ‘it’.

This kick could be considered as collecting the debt for them.

Hu Sheng screamed shrilly, clutching his lower part, rounding into a ball of pain.

The disciples of other sects and commoners were secretly clapping in joy watching Hu Sheng suffering in pain, a feeling of satisfaction filled their hearts.

However, the two Sky Magi Sect disciples lost all color from their faces.

If Huang Xiaolong killed Hu Sheng, the Sky Magi Sect would be implicated from top to bottom!

Just as they were about to step forward to stop Huang Xiaolong, a voice thundered from afar, “Who dares to hurt my Young Lord!”

The crowd was aghast.

Everyone turned to look and saw from afar, four silhouettes were rushing over in their direction, led by a man in purple robes, with bushy eyebrows.

“It’s the Nine Fiend Sect’s Elder Lin Shuang!”

“In the Nine Fiend Sect, Elder Lin Shuang’s strength is only below Hu Han and Su Meimei’s, he is a true peak late-Xiantian Seventh Order expert!”

“There’s also Xu Gao, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi, the three big elders are here too!”

The surrounding crowd exclaimed in shock.

Huang Xiaolong stopped what he was doing and turned around, watching as four silhouettes flew over at rapid speed.

Lin Shuang Huang Xiaolong focused on the frontmost person.

This Lin Shuang, Chen Xiaotian mentioned him to Huang Xiaolong previously, the number three person in terms of strength inside the Nine Fiend Sect.

Although both Lin Shuang and Chen Xiaotian were peak late-Xiantian Seventh Order, Lin Shuang was more formidable than Chen Xiaotian.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Shuang’s group of four arrived, landing on the street.

The first thing Lin Shuang did was scan the surroundings, and when he saw the naked Hu Sheng curled up a ball due to pain, the muscles on his face tightened.

“Young Lord!” Lin Shuang hastened over to Hu Sheng’s side.


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