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Chapter 2684: Returning to the Otherworldly Mansion


Lei Yin and Lei Song stared at Long Jianfei for a little longer and whatever Huang Xiaolong had said, finally started to click in their minds.

However, those behind them roared with laughter.

Even the experts of the Rising Clouds Commerce couldn’t hold back their laughter. 

As for Yun Fanger, she was enraged.

She had never thought that the members of her Rising Clouds Commerce could laugh at a time like this!

“Young Master Long, you… You can’t joke around about this!” Soon after, she turned to the members of the Thunder Serpent Race and said, “Young Patriarch Lei Yin, he didn’t do it.”

Lei Yin ignored Yun Fanger and turned to Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Brat, do you really think I’ll believe that your subordinate is the ancestor of the Dragon Fish Race Do you even know the name of the ancestor!”

The members of the Thunder Serpent Race roared with laughter once again.

Indeed, the experts of the World River had no idea what Long Jianfei’s name was! Even the patriarch of the Thunder Serpent Race, Lei Yin, didn’t know of Long Jianfei’s name! Not even Lei Song knew!

By staring at Lei Yin with a cold gaze, Long Jianfei muttered, “When Lei Yi had kneeled before me in the past, he was like an obedient dog.

Unfortunately for him, he gave birth to a mutt like you!”

Lei Yi was indeed the name of the Thunder Serpent Race’s patriarch. 

When Lei Yi had offended the patriarch of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race, he was beaten up to the point where he couldn’t tell front from back.

He had only managed to survive after begging Long Jianfei to make an appearance to mediate the situation.

Moreover, he had to bring out a ton of treasures to appease the patriarch of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race before the matter was over.

Otherwise, the Thunder Serpent Race would have long since been taken over by the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race. 

When Lei Yin heard how Long Jianfei spoke about his father, the killing intent in his heart shot through the skies. 

Lei Song was no better.

A cold light flashed in his eyes as he roared, “You’re tired of living!” As soon as he spoke, he shot towards Long Jianfei.

Seeing as Lei Song had made a move, Yun Fanger’s expression changed.

As a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint, Lei Song had the power to shatter the heavens when he made his move!

Even if they were hit by the shockwave, they would suffer serious injuries!

“Young Lady, be careful!” One of the experts from the Rising Clouds Commerce yelled as he reached out to pull her back.

Chen Junhong and the others, who were laughing at Huang Xiaolong, retreated too.

Just as they thought Huang Xiaolong and his ‘attendant’ were going to be crushed to pieces, Long Jianfei’s aura filled the space around them.

In the presence of an aura that had the power to engulf the heavens, Lei Song’s attack shattered.

Of course, Long Jianfei wouldn’t stop there now that he had made his move.

In an instant, an energy wave akin to a tsunami charged towards Lei Song.

Upon feeling the terrifying power contained behind Long Jianfei’s attack, Lei Song’s expression changed.

He stared at Long Jianfei with a dumbfounded expression. Could it be!

As soon as the thought popped up in his mind, he was swallowed by the horrifying wave of energy.

“Pop!” Before anyone could react, Lei Song popped like a bubble, and he didn’t even manage to scream before he exploded into a mist of blood.

Since the person standing closest to him was Lei Yin, blood rained down on him as he raised his hand to touch the sticky liquid on his face.

Upon feeling the blood rolling down his skin, his mind went blank.

As he turned to look at where Lei Song once stood, he realized that no one was there. 

The members of the Thunder Serpent Race fell into complete silence.

As for the members of the Rising Clouds Commerce, who had scattered like rats the moment Lei Song had made his move, they didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

Very quickly, Lei Yin returned to his senses.

He stared at Long Jianfei and a question eventually left his lips.

“Who… Who are you”

He hadn’t even seen the other party move, but Lei Song was already dead!

Primal Ancestor!

The thought flashed in the minds of everyone present.

Regardless, they got one thing right.

Long Jianfei hadn’t moved when he had killed Lei Song.

With his current realm, he could easily control the energy contained between the heavens and earth.

Smashing a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint was nothing more than a thought away.

Long Jianfei merely stared at Lei Yin without replying.

With perfect timing, a group of experts from the Dragon Fish Race charged towards the scene of battle.

The ripples of energy that had the ability to kill a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint was something the experts of the Dragon Fish Race couldn’t ignore.

When they arrived and caught sight of Long Jianfei, their bodies started to tremble.

Ignoring everything else around them, they rushed over and fell to their knees.

“We greet the ancestor!”

The disciples of the Dragon Fish Race, who had no idea what was going on, felt an explosion going off in their minds when they heard what the experts of the Dragon Fish Race said.

They might not have recognized Long Jianfei, but they knew the experts who had arrived.

After falling to their knees in unison, they greeted Long Jianfei.

“We greet the ancestor!”

After hearing a soft thud, everyone saw Chen Junhong falling from the skies.

His face was deathly pale, and he was probably going into shock.

Several experts from the Rising Clouds Commerce fell towards the ground as well, but there were some who managed to force themselves to remain in the air.

Yun Fanger turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong with an expression of disbelief.

“Get up,” Long Jianfei pardoned those from the Dragon Fish Race, but he didn’t bother explaining Huang Xiaolong’s identity to them.

After all, Huang Xiaolong had explicitly ordered for him to keep his identity a secret.

Lei Yin, who had finally snapped back to reality, slammed his knees into the ground as he crawled towards Long Jianfei.

Tears streamed down his face as he cried, “Ancestor of the Dragon Fish Race, please spare me!”

The members of the Thunder Serpent Race got to their knees behind Lei Yin, and they started begging for mercy.

Chen Junhong could no longer contain the shock in his heart as he crawled towards Huang Xiaolong with tears dripping down his face.

“Young Master Long, I was… No… I...

“ In his state of shock and fear, he didn’t know what to say.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the man and approached Yun Fanger.

“Miss Yun Fanger, shall we”

“!” Yun Fanger couldn’t reply as she was still stuck in a state of shock.

“Didn’t you say that there was somewhere with decent food in the city Weren’t you planning on bringing me there” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Yun Fanger didn’t know what to do, and she was flustered at Huang Xiaolong Xiaolong’s sudden invitation.

Whatever the case, they eventually ended up in the restaurant.

If they had to evaluate the food based on their current feelings, they would say that the meal was extremely unforgettable.

Finally, the day arrived for Huang Xiaolong to return to the Otherworldly Mansion.

Following closely behind him was Long Jiangfei.

After revealing the Cangqiong Dao Palace, Huang Xiaolong and Long Jianfei cultivated inside it.

When Long Jianfei saw the Tree of Grand Dao and the numerous holy fruits on the holy trees growing in the palace, he found it hard to believe his eyes.

Moreover, there was the existence of the holy spiritual vein surrounding the dao palace.

“This…” Long Jianfei didn’t know where to begin.

He felt his mouth water as he looked at the countless holy fruits.

It was the first time he felt like eating anything after he had entered the Primal Ancestor Realm!

“If you feel like eating it, go ahead.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Grab anything you want, other than the dao fruits.”

No matter how generous he wanted to be, he couldn’t give out dao fruits like they were nothing.

As they slowly made their way back to the Otherworldly Mansion, something big happened.


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