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Chapter 2670: The Deepest Part of Sky Opening Island


Finally, Huang Xiaolong reached the place with light. Wind When Huang Xiaolong reached the place, he immediately felt the wind blowing. 

Huang Xiaolong’s despairing mood finally lightened up, and he sighed slightly in relief. Since there’s wind, it means there’s an exit!

It looked like his previous deduction was correct that there was an end to the Xuanhuang Turbid Water river! And the exit was at the end!

Finally, after half a month of flying, he had reached the end of Xuanhuang River.

A brief pause later, Huang Xiaolong accelerated forward like a wild horse who had broken free.

The closer he got, the light seemed to get brighter, and the blowing wind also became stronger.

Roughly a minute later, a bright exit entered Huang Xiaolong’s line of sight.

The moment Huang Xiaolong flew through the bright exit, his body relaxed as if he had shed off a great burden off his shoulders.

An alluring scent flooded into his nose, and even his throat. 

The Xuanhuang Turbid Water’s foul stench had nauseated Huang Xiaolong, whereas now, there was this unexpected fragrance that was hard to describe.

This was akin to returning to heaven from hell.

It was like extremes on different ends.

Huang Xiaolong looked around, and in front of him were evergreen mountains and flowing streams that reflected prismatic glow, bright and clear.

It was as if he had stepped into an immortal land.

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t believe his eyes. 

Comparing this land with the Death Cave was literally heaven and hell. 

Ever since Huang Xiaolong had entered the Sky Opening Island until now, he had not seen such a beautiful place on the island.

This place didn’t seem like a part of the Sky Opening Island which made Huang Xiaolong suspect if he somehow had left the Sky Opening Island.

But Huang Xialong soon rejected the thought. 

Huang Xiaolong flew forward in amazement, and everywhere he looked were high-grade origin herbs! 

Although these high-grade origin herbs couldn’t be compared with holy herbs, still, these origin herbs were scarce in the outside world, and even Huang Xiaolong couldn’t recognize many of the origin herbs.

Another half an hour of flying later, Huang Xiaolong spotted a holy herb! 

There was a holy herb growing on almost every mountain peak, some mountain peaks even had two holy herbs! 

Generally speaking, two tigers can’t live on the same mountain.

It was the same with holy herbs.

Two holy herbs almost never grew next to each other because a certain radius of spiritual energy could only support the growth of one holy herb.

But he was seeing two holy herbs growing on the same mountain peak! What does this mean!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes sparkled the more he saw.

In other words, this place’s spiritual energy was startlingly abundant than any other place to the point of breaking nature’s norm!

But judging from the spiritual energy of this space, everything seemed very normal in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. 

Underground! The reason lies underground!

Huang Xiaolong’s holy souls’ power penetrated deep underground, and it was as he had expected! Under his three holy souls’ probing, he discovered that the holy spiritual qi underground was terrifyingly amazing!

Thick strands of holy spiritual qi had compounded into holy spiritual veins! 



Each holy spiritual vein was several hundred meters wide, resembling majestic rivers.

Huang Xiaolong had never heard that holy spiritual qi could compound into holy spiritual veins, and on top of that, it had reached several hundred meters wide.

The longest amongst these holy spiritual veins surpassed ten thousand miles!

Huang Xiaolong’s breathing grew heavy.

Even he could not remain calm at this moment.

These were holy spiritual veins, the entire Holy World and Alien Lands would be frenzied if one holy spiritual vein appeared.

Forces like the Holy World’s Holy Heavens, Devil Palace, or the Alien Lands’ Otherworldly Mansion, and various royal families would break their heads to grab it.

Heavens, what place is this Huang Xiaolong sighed in awe.

Then, a thought flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind. Could it be that this is the deepest part of Sky Opening Island!! 

That must be it! Only the deepest part of Sky Opening Island could nurture so many holy spiritual veins, breaking nature’s norm, allowing two holy herbs to grow next to each other.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath in, the gurgling excitement in his heart was hard to rein on.

If this place is really the deepest part of Sky Opening Island that no one has ever reached, then… the grand dao source spring…! Grand dao treasure! It’s right here!

There must be a rare grand dao treasure here. 

Immediately, Huang Xiaolong ignored those holy herbs, ignored those holy spiritual veins, and continued speeding forward as fast as possible. 

Huang Xiaolong zoomed past one mountain peak after another. 

In the beginning, there were only a few mountain peaks with two holy herbs growing on them, but the further in Huang Xiaolong reached, the number of such mountain peaks increased greatly.

At one point, he even spotted three holy herbs growing on the same mountain!

Three holy herbs growing on the same mountain shook Huang Xiaolong to the core. How rich a holy spiritual vein needs to be to simultaneously support three holy herbs growth 

Huang Xiaolong took a quick glance under the mountain, and indeed, it was a very, very huge holy spiritual vein!

The holy spiritual veins he had seen earlier averaged several hundred meters wide, whereas this particular holy spiritual vein was several thousand meters wide! 

On top of that, this holy spiritual vein had given birth to a holy spirit.

Holy spirits, like humans, could cultivate by absorbing spiritual qi. 

A day later.

Huang Xiaolong stopped in midair with a flabbergasted expression on his face.

On the flat land in front of him was a forest of holy trees with luscious holy fruits hanging from their branches.

These fruit-laden branches drooped to the ground, and all of them faced one direction.

At the end of this direction was a colossal tree of an unknown name! 

It was a colossal tree that was enshrouded in glowing grand dao light! This grand dao light manifested various natural phenomena, and there were phantoms of dragons and phoenixes, even saints and various auspicious images.

Is this the Tree of Grand Dao!

Huang Xiaolong was agape with astonishment. 

Under the same heaven, there exist two Tree of Grand Dao

One yin and one yang One harmonious pair Huang Xiaolong looked at the Dao Fruits hanging on the tree, each glistening with luster.

One, two, three… ten!

There were as many as ten Dao Fruits! Ten Dao Fruits!

This was what a Tree of Grand Dao should be like! It was much better looking than the one at the Otherworldly Mansion.

In comparison, this Tree of Grand Dao was like a healthy young man, while the Otherworldly Mansion’s tree was like a withering old man. 

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze moved past the Tree of Grand Dao, to a spring pool slightly further up.

The pool surface sparkled like crystal, flowing with the mysterious grand dao energy, and one could hear the sounds of grand dao.

“Grand dao source spring!” 

The number one spring in the universe!

A spring pool so big!

Several dozen square meters!

According to the Otherworldly Mansion Master Mo Zhi, just a few drops from the grand dao source spring were enough to heal the Otherworldly Mansion’s Tree of Grand Dao.

But the spring pool in front of him couldn’t be counted with drops, but bowls might be a better choice!

Huang Xiaolong reached the grand dao source spring in a few quick steps, and then suddenly erupted in hysterical laughter like half a fool and half a madman.

Staring feverishly at the grand dao source spring, he had the devil of an impulse to strip naked and jumped in to take a swim in the grand dao source spring.

The thought of using the grand dao source spring pool to take a bath, gave Huang Xiaolong a feeling that he had reached the pinnacle of life.

It took Huang Xiaolong quite a long time to calm down. 

With these Dao Fruits, and this luxurious grand dao source spring, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to reach just Fifth Heaven True Saint, but he could even advance to Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm! Maybe even Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm was possible!

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply, then took out a jade bottle to store grand dao source spring.


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