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Chapter 2571: Dont Know Whats Good For You

Jiang Shaohuang nodded his head, “Very good, use that blade I bestowed upon you to cut down his head for me! I want to bring his head back to hang at the Central Headquarters Square for all Suoluo Race disciples to see!” speaking of this, he added, “As for that black guard, you dont need to worry.”

His words indicated that he would take care of Hei Luo if he made a move.

The Suoluo Race expert respectfully complied, then stepped out from the group.

He looked indifferently at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Brat, your eyesight must be as bad as your head, since youve got guts to say youre going to kill our Young Patriarch.

Do you know that our Young Patriarch is a Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm expert Well, I dont blame you, youre merely a late-First Heaven.

How can you understand how excellent our Young Patriarch is”

“That aside, I, a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint, only needs to lift a finger to destroy you in an instant!”

And right at this time, Huang Xiaolong raised a finger, and in an instant, the Suoluo Race expert seemed to be fixed on the spot, his voice choking in his throat.

While Jiang Shaohuang and the others were caught off guard, and were about to exclaim, suddenly, the Suoluo Race experts body shattered inch by inch with rays of light penetrating out from his body.

In the next second, that Suoluo Race experts body crumbled into small particles, disappearing without a trace, just like shadow under the sun!

Just like that, before Jiang Shaohuang and the others eyes, that expert was gone!

A peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm expert had fallen, silently, without a corpse left to be buried.

However, a holy soul emerged, but Huang Xiaolong immediately caught it, and threw it into the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

Jiang Shaohuang and others stared at the spot from where the Suoluo Race expert had vanished with dumbfounded eyes.

A long time later, the Suoluo Races Eminent Elder Jiang Long was the first to react.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with astonishment.

He was astonished by Huang Xiaolongs five big cultivation realm difference leapfrog combat ability, and he was astounded by Huang Xiaolongs attack method.

He couldnt tell how Huang Xiaolong had attacked or what kind of holy martial art he had used.

By merely raising a finger and pointing it in the air, a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm expert died….

Jiang Shaohuang and the rest recovered but none of them spoke.

All of them were looking at Huang Xiaolong with astonished eyes.

All around was silence, except for the blowing yin winds, giving everyone a strange feeling.

In the distance, an undead spirits howls could be heard.

Listening to the howls, that undead spirit seemed to be moving towards them, and it didnt take long for their conjecture to be proven correct.

An undead spirit soon entered their line of sight.

Perhaps it saw that there were more people on Jiang Shaohuangs side, so the Seventh Heaven True Saint undead spirit pounced on Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo.

Seeing this, Jiang Shaohuangs group were inwardly delighted.

However, just as that undead spirit fell onto Hei Luo, who was behind Huang Xiaolong, Hei Luos arm suddenly reached up, and he grabbed the undead spirit without looking at it.

He accurately grabbed the undead spirit by the neck.

Then, Hei Luo opened his mouth and swallowed the undead spirit in one gulp!

He devoured it alive!

Everything ended faster than the eye could blink as if that undead spirit had never appeared from the beginning.

This sight shocked Jiang Shaohuang and his group.

Their terrified gazes were fixed on the giant Hei Luo behind Huang Xiaolong.

Although sunlight was barely present in the ancient battlefield, Hei Luo reflected luster like a black diamond.

Jiang Shaohuangs eyes were as wide as they could be as he stared at Hei Luo, feeling incredulous.

He already knew that Hei Luo was not simple, however, directly swallowing a late-Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirit and killing a late-Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirit were two different matters.

Yet this black guard had treated a high-level True Saint undead spirit as food, that was literally….!

The silence was disturbed by a loud howl, but this howl was slightly different from the previous undead spirit.

It was low and deep—the howl came from a nethersoul!

On top of that, this nethersoul was also heading towards them.

It was an Eighth Heaven True Saint Realm nethersoul!

This nethersoul also locked onto Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo as targets.

When this nethersoul pounced on Huang Xiaolongs side, Hei Luo dealt with it the same way he had done with the undead spirits—he reached out with his palm and grabbed the nethersoul by the neck and devoured it in one gulp!

Hei Luo smacked his lips as if he could not get enough of the delicious aftertaste in his mouth.

As they watched thatHei Luo had easily devoured an Eighth Heaven True Saint nethersoul, this time, Jiang Shaohuang and his group paled visibly.

A chill spread over their bodies, raising goosebumps all over them.

Even Jiang Long could not maintain his calm and indifferent posture anymore.

“Sir is” Jiang Shaohuang finally took a real look at Huang Xiaolong, using honorifics, and there was awe in his voice.

“Huang Xiaolong,” Huang Xiaolong stated.

Huang Xiaolong Jiang Shaohuang and others showed confusion.

Even Jiang Longs brows were scrunched together.

Clearly, none of them had heard of Huang Xiaolongs name.

It had roughly been two hundred years since Huang Xiaolong had joined the Holy Heavens.

He had risen through the ranks too fast.

Although Huang Xiaolong had gained a firm foothold in the Holy World to the point that the characters like Qiao Jinyang were wary of him, his reputation had yet to reach the Alien Lands.

After all, there was a vast ancient battlefield separating the two sides, and there was a barrier enveloping the ancient battlefield throughout the year, limiting interaction.

Thus, the Alien Lands rarely got news related to the happenings in the Holy World, and even if they did, it definitely wouldnt be pertaining to anything from the recent two hundred years.

When their confusion receded, Jiang Shaohuangs attention once again fell on the Black Corpse Holy Symbol.

He hesitated then said, “We were rude.

Then again, lets have no discord… Why dont we let bygones be bygones When brother comes to the Alien Lands in the future, come look for me.

I will definitely do my duty as a host!”

These were already words of concession.

It was especially so when someone of Jiang Shaohuangs identity as the Suoluo Races young patriarch uttered them.

When had he ever had to humble himself in front of others

But Hei Luos performance had deterred him.

Not to mention there was an air of mystery around Huang Xiaolong that shook Jiang Shaohuangs confidence.

Hence he chose to step back in this situation.

Jiang Shaohuang had endured the loss of a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint Suoluo Race expert at Huang Xiaolongs hands.

However, just as Jiang Shaohuang turned around to leave, Huang Xiaolongs voice sounded in his ears, “Who said you can leave”

Jiang Shaohuang turned back, and his expression darkened in displeasure.

“What is the meaning of this” Jiang Shaohuang demanded in a strained voice.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, “You have two choices—either submit to me or die at my hands!”

It was impossible for him to let Jiang Shaohuangs group leave, or it would surely be a lot of trouble when he went to the Alien Lands later.

Though Huang Xiaolong wasnt afraid of trouble, it didnt hurt being a little cautious.

After hearing that Huang Xiaolong intended to detain them, anger erupted in the hearts of these Suoluo Race experts.

Jiang Longs expression turned cold, “Dont cross the line when weve already given you an inch! Yielding does not mean were afraid of you!” A powerful aura surged from his body as he spoke.

In an instant, gusts of yin winds and blood corpse qi turned turbulent, and the sky seemed to have moved a few inches lower from the pressure.

The mountains in the distance were gradually sinking into the ground.

“Peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint,” Huang Xiaolong said unhurriedly.

“Thats right.

Our Eminent Elder Jiang Long entered the peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm a few million years ago, and he is only half a step away from the Primal Ancestor Realm.” There was an unmistakable tone of showing-off in his voice.

“No one can be our Eminent Elder Jiang Longs opponent if you do not have any Primal Ancestor Realm experts on your side!” Jiang Shaohuang supplemented as his gaze swept over Hei Luo.

The underlying meaning was that as long as Hei Luo was not a Primal Ancestor expert, no one could stop their Eminent Elder Jiang Long.

Of course, this was a form of warning to Huang Xiaolong to stop making trouble.

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