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Chapter 254: Who Allowed You to Leave

“You, you really killed him!” The remaining two Sky Magi Sect Elders stammered, watching that Elder’s blood seep out from the hole in the mid of his forehead.

Despite it happening in front their eyes, the two Sky Magi Sect Elders still found it hard to believe that a Sky Magi Sect Elder was killed by Huang Xiaolong.

Earlier, when the three of them were invited by Du Xin and Deng Guangliang, all of them were talking happily and laughing on the way here, but now one of them was murdered! Even if death was nothing new to them, this was too sudden.

“You still think all this is a farce” Huang Xiaolong rebutted with a sarcastic expression on his face.

Seconds passed and the truth finally sunk in for the two Sky Magi Sect Elders.

Both of them struggled up and remained silent as both stood there.

Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry and did not rush them.

While waiting for their answer, Huang Xiaolong’s spiritual force was locked onto the hidden Geng Ken.

As long as there was any sign that Geng Ken was going to leave, Huang Xiaolong would make a move without hesitation.

“Fine, I’m-I’m willing to submit, willing!” It didn’t take long before both Sky Magi Sect Elder spoke, willing to submit to Huang Xiaolong just like all the other Elders before them.

Thus, their decision didn’t surprise Huang Xiaolong.

However, this time, Huang Xiaolong didn’t start with branding the soul mark on them, instead, he looked over towards the left corner of the hall, “How about it, old man Geng Ken Still not willing to show yourself How much longer are you going to watch”

Everyone present in the main hall was stunned.

From Du Xin, Deng Guangliang, and the two Elders, to the hidden Geng Ken at a corner, for he did not expect that Huang Xiaolong would suddenly say something like that.

Especially Geng Ken, who did not believe anyone had the ability to detect him with all of his aura converged.

Geng Ken hesitated for a moment, then in a flicker of light, he emerged from the dark corner and floated down to the great hall, appearing before everyone.

Du Xin and Deng Guangliang panicked at Geng Ken’s sudden emergence.

Flustered and panicked, both of them hastened to plead guilty in front of Huang Xiaolong, “Young Lord, please punish us!” It was evident to them by this point that Geng Ken trailed them over.

“Stand up, this can’t be blamed on you two.” Huang Xiaolong said.

“We’re grateful for Young Lord’s understanding.” Du Xin and Deng Guangliang rose and retreated to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

“Grand Elder, save us, save us~!” The two Sky Magi Sect Elder that had just ‘willingly’ submitted to Huang Xiaolong shouted with joy and ran towards Geng Ken the instant they saw him materializing in front of them, as if they found the last ray of hope.

Geng Keng directed a cold gaze at the two Elders as he harrumphed coldly, “When the two of you return, go receive punishment according to the Sect rules!”

Hearing that, the two Elders’ expression tightened.

The Sky Magi Sect levied heavy punishment for actions of betrayal!

Watching the changes in their expression, Geng Ken added, “But, looking at your many years of meritorious contributions to the Sky Magi Sect, I will speak to the Sect Sovereign on your behalf to lighten your punishment.”

This ‘promise’ seemed to appease both of them, as they cupped their fists in thanks to Geng Ken, “We thank Grand Elder, many thanks! We will definitely remain loyal to the Sky Magi Sect and Grand Elder in the future!”

Geng Ken nodded his head with satisfaction.

Huang Xiaolong stood on the side, watching the three of them discussed between themselves and gracefully did not interrupt.

Wait for Sky Magi Sect’s punishment when you return This Geng Ken was so sure they could leave here safely Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Judging from Geng Ken’s manner of speech, it seemed he was very confident in his strength.

At this time, Geng Ken finally turned his attention towards Huang Xiaolong with a scrutinizing eye, going over Huang Xiaolong up and down, “Little Brother, what shall I call you”

“Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong calmly replied.Huang Xiaolong did not hide his name, for, in his opinion, it wasn’t something worth concealing.

Geng Ken searched his memories and ‘Huang Xiaolong’ was a name unfamiliar to him.

“Hehe, so it’s Little Brother Huang.

It seems that Little Brother Huang’s strength is not bad.” Geng Ken chuckled as he said, “Even Chen Xiaotian, that old fellow, cannot detect when I display my hidden body technique, which made me very curious, when did Little Brother Huang notice my presence Just now”

Just now was referring to when Huang Xiaolong revealed that the majority of Sky Magi Sect’s Elders were under his control, Geng Ken may have accidentally exposed a faint trace of his aura due to shock.

In Geng Ken’s view, it must’ve been at that time Huang Xiaolong detected him.

“Is it so important” Huang Xiaolong asked instead of answering.

Geng Ken was taken aback and then burst into a chuckle, “Hehe, I’m just asking.

Little Brother Huang’s strength is not bad, how about we discuss a cooperation between us”

“Cooperation” Huang Xiaolong waited for Geng Ken to continued.

“Correct, cooperation.” Geng Ken’s face bloomed, “The two of us will cooperate to kill Chen Xiaotian.

Then, we can swallow up Blood Swallow School, annihilate the Nine Fiend Sect and we’ll control the entire Black Demon City in our hands!”

Sky Magi Sect, Blood Swallow School, and Nine Fiend Sect were the three major forces of Black Demon City.

Amongst the three forces, Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School’s strength were similar, but the Nine Fiend Sect was much stronger than both of them.

Currently, the Black Demon City’s Castellan position was held by the Sect Leader of the Nine Fiend Sect.

In other words, the Nine Fiend Sect was the real master of Black Demon City, while the Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School only controlled an area within Black Demon City.

Of course, Sky Magi Sect’s and Blood Swallow School’s forces weren’t as weak as it seemed, it wouldn’t be easy if the Nine Fiend Sect decided to annihilate these two forces.

Moreover, Nine Fiend Sect would need their assistance when outside forces come to attack.

Hence, all this while, the Nine Fiend Sect did not make any moves against the Sky Magi Sect or Blood Swallow School.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Geng Ken.

Surprisingly, this little old man’s ambitions were bigger than his build.

Not only did he want to rein in the Blood Swallow School, he desired to annihilate the Nine Fiend Sect and rule over Black Demon City.

Geng Ken took Huang Xiaolong’s silence as pondering over his proposal and was secretly delighted.

Smiling amiably, he continued, throwing out a bait, “After we conquer Black Demon City, Little Brother Huang and I shall assume the equal positions of Castellan.”

In the Bedlams, this was a normal practice.

One city with two equal authority ruling Castellans.

“Oh, we both become Black Demon City’s Castellans” Huang Xiaolong’s expression was bland, making it hard for anyone to guess what he was thinking.

Geng Ken smiled and continued, “That’s right, both of us would share the responsibility of Black Demon City’s Castellan.”

Du Xin, Deng Guangliang, and the two Sky Magi Sect Elders stood on the side, no one uttered a sound.

The two Elders originally belonged to Geng Ken’s faction, thus neither showed expression of shock hearing that Geng Ken planned to kill Chen Xiaotian.

Huang Xiaolong looked directly at Geng Ken and shook his head.

This old man Geng Ken was quite good at scheming, wanting to borrow his strength by using the position of Black Demon City’s Castellan to lure him.

This old fogey really thought Huang Xiaolong was a fool.

Huang Xiaolong spoke, “Sky Magi Sect and Black Demon City will be conquered, but not two people, only me.”

Geng Ken burst out laughing at Huang Xiaolong’s words, but just as abruptly, his face turned gloomy.

Sneering coldly, Geng Ken said, “Since Little Brother Huang is so confident, then I shall await for the glorious day when Little Brother Huang succeeds in becoming Black Demon City’s Castellan.” Finished saying that, Geng Ken turned around, planning to leave with the other two Sky Magi Sect Elder.

“Who allowed you to leave” at the same time, Huang Xiaolong icy voice sounded.

Geng Ken stopped and turned around, facing Huang Xiaolong.

A dangerous light flickered gloomily in the depth of his eyes, “Little brat, within Black Demon City, I come and go as I please.

Do you think a little Sixth Order like you can make me stay” As his sentence ended, a fiery-red battle flame burst out from his body and the surrounding space was instantly enveloped by a strong momentum.


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