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Chapter 2534: Final Battle

Along with the terrifying waves of death qi, buddhist light started to emerge from Xie Bufans body.

Two contrasting qi surrounded Xie Bufan, forming a weird scene.

However, one would discover that the buddhist aura around Xie Bufan was different from the one emitted by Huang Xiaolong.

The buddhist aura around Huang Xiaolong was gentle, and it had the power to purify everything in its path.

On the other hand, the buddhist aura around Xie Bufan felt extremely sinister.

Everything that it touched seemed to get corrupted, and it felt as though it was the source of all evil.

“Evil Buddha Saint Godhead!”

The Evil Buddha Saint Godhead was ranked seventh among the godheads in the Holy World.

With his Undead Heart, Xie Bufans combat abilities slightly surpassed Li Chen who had the Myriad Creations Saint Godhead.

Blinding rays of devilish light emerged from the Fiend Moon Blade in Xie Bufans hands after his Evil Buddha Saint Godhead appeared, and torrential waves formed from devil qi surged towards Huang Xiaolong.


Once again, the two of them lunged at him.

Unlike before, their combat abilities increased by several times.

With the Myriad Creations Saint Godhead, Li Chen was able to create many things.

He could even form ghost devils, holy artifacts, and even True Saint Realm evil beasts.

Everything he summoned unleashed their rage at Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

Xie Bufan didnt remain passive either.

Sinister light filled the skies and evil aura surpassing that of a Fourth Heaven True Saint emerged from his body.

Horrifying waves of energy swept towards Huang Xiaolong.

Instead of running away, Huang Xiaolong charged towards the two of them.

Pushing his three saint godheads and his Holy Mandate Imprint, the three holy souls unleashed the Primal Ancestors grand dao law Huang Xiaolong comprehended.

An uncountable number of dragons filled the skies and holy beings surrounded the man.

As devil gods started to gather, a massive ocean of blood formed.

The skies shook as the three of them clashed with each other.

The sixth floor of the Cangqiong Holy Manor trembled as countless mountain ranges crumbled to dust.

The land started to crack as it separated into several different pieces.

Their battle didnt just affect the sixth floor, but piercing light was emitted from the manor, shocking everyone outside.

“Whos fighting! Did they find the key to the seventh floor already!” A True Saint guessed.

“There are four people in the sixth floor, and Tan Juan should have been the first to have arrived.

Xie Bufan would be a close second, and Li Chen and Li Xinyi might have arrived the third and fourth…”

Since Huang Xiaolong had refined the holy souls of the True Saints he had killed in the Trial of Blood, he had dropped pretty far down the ranks.

The four people who were listed, had ranked in the top four, and they were the most likely candidates to enter the sixth floor.

“Did Tan Juan locate the key with Ji Xinyi before being discovered by Li Chen and Xie Bufan Unless the four of them clash, its impossible for the Cangqiong Holy Manor to shake!”

“Im afraid thats the only possibility…”

Several patriarchs discussed among themselves.

When the discussions went on around him, the patriarch of the Ancient Race felt his heart sinking.

That was the key to the seventh floor they were talking about! The seventh floor contained the Cangqiong Old Mans inheritance!

No matter who obtained the key, they would be able to push their respective organization to the next level!

Cao Nan rejoiced in his heart when he noticed the battle going on.

He thought that with the Fiend Moon Blade to complement his Undead Heart, Xie Bufan should be the strongest person in the manor right now.

The blade also held the grand dao laws comprehended by Qiao Jinyang himself, and no one would be able to fight against Xie Bufan! Even if Tan Juan had a dao artifact from Xue Lingyun, she wouldnt be able to match up to his disciple!

When that happened, the Cangqiong Blade, the Cangqiong Seed, and the Cangqiong Holy Pills would belong to the Devil Palace!

Tyrant Chu chuckled when he saw the look on Cao Nans face, “Cao Nan, you look like a little sh*t with that sneaky smile on your face.

You seem very confident that Xie Bufan will be able to obtain the key…”

“Hahaha! Tyrant Chu, youre such a genius! Confidence is the only thing I have right now! He has the power to sweep through the Cangqiong Holy Manor unhindered, and hes definitely going to obtain the key to the seventh floor! You better pray that Huang Xiaolong doesnt run into my disciple.

Otherwise, things might get ugly!”

“Heh!” Tyrant Chu snorted, “Do I have to remind you of the events that happened in the Trial of Blood Xie Bufan might be like Dou Rui and the others… Hes probably going to die soon.”

Cang Moli didnt say a thing as he watched the two of them quarrel, and a placid expression remained on his face.

After all, his disciple was only at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

There wasnt a slightest trace of expectation in his heart for his disciple to obtain the key to the seventh floor.

Xue Lingyun was also extremely worried as she stared at the changes around the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

As for the Cangqiong Old Man, a smile remained on his face as he stroked his beard slowly.

This wasnt the first time the Cangqiong Holy Manor had accepted visitors.

However, no one had managed to locate the key to the seventh floor as he had hidden it extremely well.

Moreover, the restrictions he had set around it were too strong.

No one had managed to destroy the restrictions even if they located the key.

This time, he had reduced the difficulty of finding the key, and he knew that as long as anyone in the top ten ranks in the Trial of Blood entered the sixth floor, they would be able to obtain the key.

Of course, the old man had his reasons.

Several dozen minutes passed and the light emitted from the manor became even more dazzling.

On the sixth floor, the battle between the three had already reached its climax.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had three holy souls, the Holy Mandate Imprint, and the Heaven Opening Dragon Spear, Li Chen and Xie Bufan werent nobodies.

Li Chen had the Myriad Creations Saint Godhead and the Eight Sided Desolate Beast Ring while Xie Bufan had an Undead Heart and the Fiend Moon Blade.

Even if they failed to hurt him, he couldnt break through the defenses as easily as before.

The expressions on Li Chens and Xie Bufans faces were dark.

Stopping suddenly, Xue Bufan screamed, “Huang Xiaolong, you have to die here today!”

Upon activating the grand dao laws hidden in the blade by Qiao Jinyang, Xie Bufan was ready to make the final strike.

Qiao Jinyangs Primal Ancestor qi filled the sixth floor in an instant.

“Primal Ancestor Inextinguishable Grand Dao Law!” Li Chens expression changed.

As a thread of grand dao law emerged from the blade, it shot towards Huang Xiaolongs holy soul.

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