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Chapter 2460: Huang Xiaolongs Going to Lose!

“What! He merely used eighty percent of his strength!” Murmurs of shock washed over the crowd.

“Jin Taiji has not yet used the power of his complete dao saint godhead, right Under that circumstance, he succeeded in forcing Huang Xiaolong back with eighty percent of his strength! Had he added his complete dao saint godheads power in that attack, and attacked at full force, wouldnt Huang Xiaolong have been sent flying!” Dou Rui gasped.

“It seems Jin Taiji is winning this match for sure!”

Everyone inwardly came to this conclusion.

Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment, then laughed.

There was obvious jolliness in his laughter as he looked at Jin Taijis calm expression.

This Jin Taiji really knows how to put on a facade, and this point was similar to himself.

Any disciple with extraordinary talent would have some arrogance and pride, and Huang Xiaolong didnt mind it at all.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong wanted to retort that he hadnt even exerted one-tenth of his strength.

But Huang Xiaolong didnt, and probably no one would believe him even if he did.

“Eighty percent strength” Huang Xiaolong grinned at Jin Taiji andpersuaded him, “Then, you better use a hundred percent of your strength, or you might feel disgruntled after losing.”

Huang Xiaolongs words rendered everyone stupefied, and it simultaneously aroused more than a few experts disgust.

Huang Xiaolong was forced back by Jin Taiji just now and he had fallen downwind! Despite that he had got the cheek to advise Jin Taiji to use his full strength, or end up disgruntled after losing!

Too arrogant!

The present Vajra Race disciples and experts were indignant.

“Huang Xiaolong, dont think youre so great because you have two complete dao saint godheads that can evolve.

Our Highness Jin Taiji can defeat you with one hand!” A Vajra Race disciple fumed with indignation.

“Thats right, our Junior Brother Jin Taiji kindly spared you some face just now, merely using eighty percent of his strength, but you dont appreciate his kindness and mock him instead! Such an egocentric character you are.

Junior Brother Jin Taiji, dont show mercy anymore, and use your full force and send him rolling down the battle stage!” A Vajra Race disciple who was close to Jin Taiji shouted.

Some Devil Palaces disciples and experts joined in the noisy clamors.

Their words and voices were louder and more arrogant than the Vajra Race disciples.

“Huang Xiaolong, I think youre just forcing yourself to put on a brave front, but you are going to lose.

And yet you are so stubborn that your mouth is more skilled than your martial abilities!” Dou Rui was the first to jump out and mock Huang Xiaolong loudly.

“That must be it, youre going to be beaten up till you piss in your pants and cry for mommy!”

With Dou Rui starting the fire, the Devil Palaces disciples clamored even more loudly, and their cackles rang nonstop.

“Who knows, maybe Huang Xiaolong would bring out his four Primal Ancestor masters to beg Jin Taiji to spare him for their sake.” Another Devil Palaces disciple ridiculed.

Wu Ge and the present Holy Heavens hall masters frowned as they were extremely displeased.

The Law Enforcement Hall Master Shi Feng glared at Dou Rui, “Dou Rui, if you continue to stir trouble, dont blame me for throwing you out from the Mirage Pavilion!”

Dou Rui chuckled, “What I cant even speak now Shi Feng, the Mirage Pavilion does not solely belong to the Holy Heavens! The Mirage Pavilion is under the joint management of Holy Heavens, Devil Palace, Clear Snow Palace, and Holy Lands Alliance, and there is no rule in the Mirage Pavilion that forbids people from speaking their minds!”

“You!” Shi Fengs eyes needled.

“Hall Master Shi Feng, its fine.

The mouth is on other peoples heads, let them say whatever they want.” On the battle stage, Huang Xiaolong shook his head at Shi Feng, and ignored the taunts and mockery from Dou Rui and the others.

He looked at Jin Taiji once again and said, “Make your move!”

Jin Taiji nodded and spurred both his saint physique and saint bloodlines powers simultaneously.

A blinding golden light enshrouded him entirely in an instant.

Phantoms of sky dragons and sacred elephants once again appeared by his side.

Although the crowd had already seen this sight of Jin Taijis Vajra Indestructible Saint Physique as well as Sky Dragon Sacred Elephant Saint Bloodline, the awe and shock were no less than the first time after seeing it once again.

While Jin Taiji activated his Vajra Indestructible Saint Physique and Sky Dragon Sacred Elephant Saint Bloodlines powers, suddenly a complete dao saint godhead flew out from his body, and it seemed to affix itself in high air, casting a shadow over the space.

More than half of the Mirage Pavilions space was covered by this complete dao saint godhead.

After looking at this colossal complete dao saint godhead, everyone was jarred to their souls, with their eyeballs protruding out.

Lin Xiaoying, Ji Xinyi, and Tan Juan froze in shock.

“That is the Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead!” Lin Xiaoying was the first to exclaim.

On the surface of the colossal complete dao saint godhead was a big black hole that was gushing out chaos essence energy in waves.

The overwhelming pressure made it hard to breathe.

Wu Ge, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, Zhan Zhiyuan, and others were wide-eyed, beyond shock.

Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead!

The Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead ranked eleventh!

In the Holy World, disciples with complete dao saint godheads in the top ten were rarer than rare.

If and when the Holy Heavens, Clear Snow Palace, Devil Palace, and Holy Lands Alliance recruited a disciple with a complete dao saint godhead in the top ten ranks, they would keep it a secret, and it would be kept hidden as tight as possible.

Therefore, many experts present, even True Saints who had lived a long time, had never seen a disciple with complete dao saint godhead in the top ten ranks.

And now, they actually saw a complete dao saint godhead that was closest to the top ten!

Xie Bufan was taken aback as well, it had never crossed his mind that Jin Taiji would possess the Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead!

This degree of talent with the Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead, Vajra Indestructible Saint Physique, and Sky Dragon Sacred Elephant Saint Bloodlinesurpassed even Dou Rui, one of the six Devil Princes!

Embroiled in shock, Xie Yao excitedly and secretly communicated with Li Chen, “Senior Brother Li Chen, isnt this a pleasant surprise This Jin Taijis complete dao saint godhead is actually the Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead.

This time, Huang Xiaolongs bound to lose!”

Li Chen reacted and nodded with a big smile, “Jin Taiji really exceeded everyones expectations!”

Earlier, without knowing Jin Taijis complete dao saint godhead, Li Chen wasnt sure if he could defeat Huang Xiaolong, but now that he knew, he was sure Huang Xiaolong was going to lose this match!

Li Chen heaved out in relief, and his tension reduced slightly.

At this time, looking at the Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead high in the air, Xie Yaos, Lin Yijias, and the others eyes glimmered with utmost jealousy, since the Vajra Clan had cultivated such a disciple who had surpassed the level of Holy Heavens core Holy Princes, and even they themselves could not compare to him!

Only Senior Brother Li Chen would suppress Jin Taiji slightly.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Jin Taijis Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead but there wasnt much astonishment on his face.

After all, Jin Taijis saint physique and saint bloodline ranked high, so it was not very surprising that he had the Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead.

“Huang Xiaolong, are you afraid after seeing Jin Taijis complete dao saint godhead” Dou Ruis mocking voice rang again.

Huang Xiaolong ignored him and remained indifferent as one complete dao saint godhead flew out from his body.

In an instant, the roars of millions of dragons reverberated, as majestic dragons swam in the skies, and all of them were giant dual-headed dragons!

“That, that is the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead!”

The crowd exclaimed.

“How could it be the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead! Wasnt Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godhead ranked below thirty” Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

The Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead ranked twenty-first!

Then, another complete dao saint godhead flew out from Huang Xiaolongs body, filling the sky with a brilliant luminance of golden light.

Bodhisattvas sat cross-legged, chanting sutras in deep rumbling voices that resonated with heaven and earth.

“Its the All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead! Same as the ancient True Buddha Holy Grounds True Buddha Saints saint godhead!”

Another wave of exclamations sounded from the crowd.

The All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead ranked just below the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead at twenty-second!

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