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Chapter 2368: I am Your Person

“What!” Lan Jinfu turned and stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, and ruthless killing intent spewed from his eyes.

Lan Kaibo and other Blue Whale Race experts too were shocked by the words, and their hostility soared to the peak in an instant.

Although Lan Kaibo had previously tried to trap Huang Xiaolong with the Blue Whale Boundary Array with Lan Meihui, this was the first time Lan Kaibo and several other Blue Whale Race experts had come face to face with Huang Xiaolong, the person who had killed experts of their race.

Saint artifact!

A saint artifact that can conceal ones aura completely!

Lan Kaibo knew very well that Huang Xiaolong was able to escape from his trap relying on the saint artifact that could conceal him completely!

Thinking of this, greed and desire seeped into Lan Kaibos hostile eyes.

“It was you, punk! You killed Junior Brother Lan Meng and the others!” Lan Jinfu went on icily, “Do you know, Junior Brother Lan Meng is the junior brother I liked the most! He was also the closest person to me! In these two years, I have been searching for you, I didnt expect that you were hiding here!”

“The heavens didnt disappoint me!” Lan Jinfu said as he approached Huang Xiaolong.

“Stop right there!” Lin Xiaoying snapped.

She marched to Huang Xiaolongs side, blocking right in front of Lan Jinfu, and pointing at Huang Xiaolong as she declared, “He is my person! Lan Jinfu, I dont care what happened between you, in short, his life belongs to me!” Lin Xiaoying was brimming with bravado.

Huang Xiaolongs expression became a little strange.

What do you mean that Im your person No matter how you dissect the sentence, it seems to imply…

Lan Jinfu frowned deeply, and his expression was as gloomy as it could be as he scrutinized Lin Xiaoying.

“Lin Xiaoying, is he really your person I heard from Junior Brother Lan Meihui that when he was still at the Profound City, both of you were still strangers.

Not only did he kill Junior Brother Lan Meng, but he also killed Junior Brother Lan Jia, and more than twenty of our Blue Whale Race experts!”

“I hope, looking at the sake of the Blue Whale Race and Clear Snow Palaces relationship, let us deal with this person!”

“Of course, our Blue Whale Race will not forget to give you a heavy appreciation!”

Lin Xiaoying was dumbfounded.

She was dumbfounded because Huang Xiaolong had not only killed the Blue Whale Races Lan Meng, but also Lan Jia, and more than twenty of Blue Whale Races experts!

She was aware that Lan Jia was a late-Ninth Order Venerable expert.

“Although we were strangers at the time we met at the Profound City, it is another matter now.

Now, he is my people.” Lin Xiaoying shook her head, refuting Lan Jinfu, “My words stand, I dont care what happened between you and him, his life is mine!”

“Lin Xiaoying, do you really intend to destroy the relationship between Blue Whale Race and Clear Snow Palace for a mere Venerable Realm subordinate” Lan Jinfus eyes glimmered with sparks of fury.

“What Want to fight it out” Lin Xiaoyings tone was icy as she summoned her Snow Sword.

In the next instant, a powerful momentum surged around her body, turning the immediate surroundings currents into billowing snow.

Under Lin Xiaoyings overwhelming coercive momentum, Lan Jinfu, Lan Kaibo, and the others staggered backward in a fluster.

Those Ninth Order Venerables like Lan Meihui almost fainted from suffocation.

Lin Xiaoying was already a peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert, an expert ranked second on the Saint Fate List.

She was ambushed and had suffered heavy injuries earlier, which was the reason she was so miserable being chased after by Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the others.

Targeted by Lin Xiaoyings powerful momentum, Lan Jinfus face clouded with anger.

However, he waved his hand, signalling Lan Kaibo, Lan Meihui, and the rest, “We will leave!”

Before turning away, Lan Jinfus icy gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong as he said, “Punk, Lin Xiaoying can protect you one time, but she wont always be there to protect you every time, if you fall into my hand the next time, your death will only be more tragic!”

Lan Jinfu and his group flew away in a gloomy atmosphere.

Lin Xiaoying shifted her gaze away from the Blue Whale Races group, and flashed Huang Xiaolong a smile, “How about that.

Ive saved you again.

After counting the two times at the Profound City, this is the third time!”

There was a hint of smugness in her smile.

Huang Xiaolong smiled back casually, “In fact, if you hadnt blocked in front of me just now, I would have killed them, and they would have lost their lives by now.”

Lin Xiaoying was taken aback by Huang Xiaolongs response, then broke out laughing.

She was laughing so hard that her shoulders were shaking as she said, “I think youre quite an interesting person! Really, simply too interesting!”

Lin Xiaoying laughed repeatedly, unable to control herself.

After all, Lan Jinfu who had left was a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert, ranked eighteenth on the Saint Fate List!

Though Lan Jinfus strength was incomparable to the Devil Palaces Long Zhengyu, it was not lacking by much.

Although Lan Kaibo was not an expert listed on the Saint Fate List, he was still a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong was someone who had just broken through to Seventh Order Venerable.

A mere Seventh Order Venerable had the audacity to claim he was going to kill experts like Lan Jinfu and Lan Kaibo!

The more Lin Xiaoying thought about what Huang Xiaolong said, the more she found it funny.

When Lin Xiaoying was bent over laughing, her collar fell forward, exposing the glorious view within!

Huang Xiaolong caught a glimpse and quickly looked away.

It was with great effort Lin Xiaoying managed to stop laughing.

“Which sect do you belong to” Lin Xiaoying asked curiously, “I want to know if the elders of your sect have the same humorous style of speaking”

Speaking of speaking style, Huang Xiaolong thought of Tyrant Chu, and nodded his head, “I have a Master that is quite humorous.”

Lin Xiaoying nodded agreeably, “No wonder.”

“But what you said just now, am I your person” Huang Xiaolong suddenly brought up the subject.

Lin Xiaoying was stunned, and she snarled at Huang Xiaolong, “Dont even dream of it!”

Huang Xiaolong smirked unabashedly, “I didnt think about it, but youre the one who said that to the Blue Whale Race experts, that Im your person!”

Lin Xiaoying waved the Snow Sword in her hand at Huang Xiaolong, and a burst of cold qi rushed towards Huang Xiaolong as she said, “Your skin is itchy, isnt it”

Huang Xiaolong jumped back in fright, waving his head and hands, “NO, no part of me is feeling itchy.”

Lin Xiaoying nodded her head in satisfaction at Huang Xiaolongs reaction.

The two bantered as they journeyed on, and the laughter reduced the humdrum of searching.

Half a day later, Lin Xiaoying was looking at Huang Xiaolong in astonishment as he found a small plant enshrouded in a beautiful purple glow.

“Purple Yang Vine!” Another holy herb!

A day later…

The third holy herb!

Unknowingly, four days had passed.

With a wave of his hands, Huang Xiaolong moved away the mountain below them.

After most part of the mountain was moved away, it exposed a fist-sized pool of opal liquid that resembled melted crystals.

“Exquisite Jade Liquid!”


The ninth holy herb!

Lin Xiaoying felt like she was going to go mad looking at the small puddle of Exquisite Jade Liquid below.

She really could not understand why Clearly, the two of them were traveling together.

She didnt sense any holy herb, but Huang Xiaolong did!

It was as if Huang Xiaolong knew in advance where he could find the next holy herb.

“You, you, how did you find this Exquisite Jade Liquid!” Lin Xiaoying demanded.

This was already the seventh time she had asked Huang Xiaolong a similar question.

Huang Xiaolong carefully put away the Exquisite Jade Liquid, with a beaming face, and he responded matter-of-factly, “Im lucky!”

Lin Xiaoying felt a strong impulse to swing her fist at Huang Xiaolong.

Every time she asked him, Huang Xiaolong answered her with the same line.

What Im lucky Of course, she didnt believe him.

He must be hiding a great secret on him, or why else could he find so many holy herbs that even True Saints cant

In truth, Huang Xiaolong was able to locate these holy herbs relying on his three holy souls.

He noticed that after his souls had successfully transformed to holy souls, they seemed to be slightly different compared to True Saints holy souls.

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