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Chapter 2359: We Hit the Jackpot This Time

Huang Xiaolong was surprised when he spotted the Blue Whale Races Lan Meihui, but soon the corners of his mouth curved into a faint smile.

Huang Xiaolong did not avoid Lan Meihui and directed the Golden Pig Treasure to fly towards his group in an unhurried manner.

Lan Meihui, and his group also spotted Huang Xiaolong a moment later.

“Young Master Meihui, its that punk!” One of the Blue Whale Races experts exclaimed in excitement to Lan Meihui as he pointed in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

Lan Meihui smiled maliciously and said, “I see him.

What a coincidence I hadnt expected that this punk would dare to enter the Profound River.

God is smiling down on me!”

He quickly rushed towards Huang Xiaolong with experts of the Blue Whale Race as if he was afraid that Huang Xiaolong would turn and run if he was a second too slow.

Seconds later, Lan Meihuis group was already blocking Huang Xiaolongs path.

Last time when Huang Xiaolong had encountered Lan Meihuis group in the Profound City, there were merely a dozen people in Lan Meihuis group, but this time, the number of people had increased to twenty-plus people.

Then again, though the number of people on Lan Meihuis side had increased, the strongest of them was merely a late-Ninth Order Venerable.

“Heihei, punk! What a coincidence that we meet again.” Lan Meihui was smiling brightly as he went on, “I thought you would forever cower inside Profound City, and have no guts to come out.

But it seems like you still have a little bit of courage.”

After looking at the bright smile on Lan Huimeis face, Huang Xiaolong shrugged nonchalantly, “I too didnt think I would run into you here.

This is indeed a coincidence, and youre right about one thing that my courage has always been bigger than most.” As Huang Xiaolong said this, a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“The last time we met in the Profound City, you wanted me to hand out my spatial artifacts, and all the treasures on me, am I right”

The smile on Lan Meihuis face grew brighter, “It looks like you have a good memory.

Then I dont have to repeat myself this time.” He paused, then added, “Dont take out that jade token Lin Xiaoying gave you to frighten me, as Lin Xiaoyings jade token is useless against me.

And dont even think of running away, much less dream that Lin Xiaoying would come save you a second time.

I dont believe we would run into Lin Xiaoying again.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head as he smiled helplessly at Lan Meihui and said, “You seem to have misunderstood my words.

I am a person who holds grudges, and I always make my enemies pay back.

The last time you wanted me to hand over all my treasures and spatial artifacts to you, but this time, what I want to say is that please hand over the spatial artifacts and treasures you have to me!”

Lan Meihui and the present Blue Whale Races experts were stupefied on the spot.

“You, what did you say Say it one more time” Lan Meihui looked at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong was nonchalant, “I dont want to repeat my own words.

Hand over all the treasures you have, if any one of you dares to hide even one, I will break all the bones in your body!”

Pufff! Lan Meihui broke into an uncontrollable cackle, and his saliva flew everywhere.

He really could not hold it in.

“Excuse me! I, I, could not stop myself.

I, Im going to die from laughing!” Lan Meihui laughed exaggeratedly, and his body bent forward as if his belly was aching from laughing.

The other Blue Whale Races experts too were laughing hard.

Unsure whether it was intentional or unintentional, all of them were laughing till their spit was flying everywhere.

Huang Xiaolong stood with his hands clasped behind him, watching Blue Whale Races experts laughing.

When these people were done laughing, it would be time to cry.

A while had passed before Lan Meihui managed to hold his laughter with much difficulty, and Huang Xiaolong finally stated tepidly, “You have ten seconds.”

This time, Lan Meihui didnt laugh anymore, his face sank, and his expression turned gloomy, “Ten seconds There is no need for ten seconds!” He turned and ordered one of the Blue Whale Races experts, “Lan Ya, shatter this punk bones for starter!”

“Yes, Young Master Meihui!” The Blue Whale Races expert named Lan Ya approached Huang Xiaolong arrogantly.

“Blue Whales Rising Tide Palm!”

Blue Whale Races expert Lan Ya bellowed as he raised his palm, and struck it towards Huang Xiaolongs chest.

In an instant, boundless giant waves appeared, forming a massive palm that was falling straight at Huang Xiaolongs chest.

In the next second, a burst of colorful flames lit up the surroundings, before anyone reacted, and Lan Yas miserable scream rang in everyones ears as he was smashed to the distance.

When Lan Ya hit the ground, his chest was charred black, emitting a scent of burnt flesh.

Lan Meihui and the rest were agape with shock.

Although the Blue Whale Races Lan Ya was not a Ninth Order Venerable expert, he was still a mid-Eighth Order Venerable expert of outstanding talent and battle prowess.

Yet, he was sent flying powerlessly by a single attack.

Lan Meihui and his group quickly recovered from their shock, and their attention fell onto the Rainbow Phoenix perching on Huang Xiaolongs shoulder.

“Holy beast!” Lan Meihui exclaimed in astonishment.

Upon hearing that, the rest of Blue Whale Races experts eyes lit up, and their gazes turned hot as they stared at the Rainbow Phoenix.

“Young Master Meihui, could this be the holy beast Golden Plumes Myriad Phoenix!” A Blue Whale Races expert by Lan Meihuis side asked excitedly.

From appearance, the Rainbow Phoenix really bore a great deal of resemblance to the Golden Plumes Myriad Phoenix.

Although the Golden Plumes Myriad Phoenix cannot be grouped into the same class as the Nine Colored Fox Phoenix, both holy beasts belonged to the phoenix family.

“It could really be the Golden Plumes Myriad Phoenix.” Another Blue Whale Races expert interjected.

“Young Master Meihui, weve hit the jackpot this time! Even if we couldnt find that Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, just this Golden Plumes Myriad Phoenix is worthwhile enough for us to come here.”

“Thats right, Young Master Meihui, looks like our luck is very good this time.”

The Blue Whale Races experts couldnt stop lauding their good luck.

During this time, the Blue Whale Races Lan Ya, who was sent flying by the Rainbow Phoenix Little Nine, had already been rescued.

His injuries had healed considerably, and he was glaring venomously at Huang Xiaolong.

He said to Lan Meihui, “Young Master Lan Meihui, after capturing that phoenix holy beast, that punk cannot be spared!”

Lan Meihui nodded, “For sure!”

But just as his words sounded, he saw Huang Xiaolong walking towards him.

As he saw Huang Xiaolong taking the initiative, Lan Meihui scoffed, “Punk, what Do you think with a phoenix holy beast, we wont be able to deal with you”

Huang Xiaolong suddenly punched out, and fist force whistled across the space.

“Heh, are you looking to die!” As Huang Xiaolong attacked, Lan Meihui retaliated with a punch of his own, and golden blue rays glimmered around his fist.


The two peoples fists collided but the next scene completely dumbfounded the Blue Whale Race experts.

Lan Meihui screamed and his body was thrown back, crashing onto the distant hill, splitting the hill into two.

After sending Lan Meihui flying, Huang Xiaolong flickered away, and appeared in front of another Blue Whale Races expert.

Soon, Blue Whale Races experts were sent flying one after another.

“You!” The Blue Whale Races experts were shocked and enraged.

“Everyone together, kill him!”

“Watch out!”

The Blue Whale Races experts shouted as they attacked Huang Xiaolong.

But to these Blue Whale Races experts horror, when the divine artifacts in their hands fell on Huang Xiaolongs body, their weapons bounced back.


Soon, the twenty-plus people in the Blue Whale Races group were all smashed into the ground by Huang Xiaolong.

Some were smashed into the distant hills, while others were no longer within sight.

Huang Xiaolong extended his palm to the air, and a suction force from his palm collected the spatial artifacts from these Blue Whale Race experts bodies.

Then, Huang Xiaolong strode towards Lan Meihui.

Lan Meihui was lying among a pile of broken stones, entirely covered in sand and dust.

“You, who, who are you!” Lan Meihui was horrified as well as furious as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs foot directly pushed Lan Meihui under the rocks as he said “Didnt I tell you earlier, hand over all the spatial artifacts you have.

Another thing is that Lin Xiaoyings jade token is as useless for me as it is to you.

I dont need to rely on Lin Xiaoyings jade token to frighten you away.”

Huang Xiaolong then leaped onto the Golden Pig treasure and sped away.

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