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Chapter 2342: Let You Bask In the Limelight

Powerful coercion from Chen Chunlais body rushed towards Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyu, and Xue Qi like violent sea waves.

Although Feng Tianyu had already advanced to First Order Venerable, he still was not strong enough to withstand the powerful coercion coming from Chen Chunlai.

Barely a second passed when Feng Tianyu was thrown off his chair and smashed against the wall, and he spat blood from internal injuries.

Before that, Zhang Wenyue and Xue Qi were knocked into the air and smashed to the window while bleeding from their orifices.

The surrounding experts shook their heads as they watched.

“A few Heavenly Monarch Realm slaves are so brazen as to provoke the Beast Tamer Holy Gates Holy Princes Isnt this asking to die faster”

Inside a certain private room were three charming young women clad in luxurious, flowy pure white dresses.

They were the famous Clear Snow Palaces three beauties—Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying!

The three young women were discussing about the Trial of Blood when the commotion outside distracted them.

“Whats going on outside” Tan Juan who had a cold, noble temperament was frowning for being disturbed.

Her slight frown only added a different perspective to her beauty.

“Were at the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse.

Are there people who are courageous enough to stir trouble here” Ji Xinyi voiced her doubt as her eyebrow rose to her forehead.

“Well know when we go out.” Lin Xiaoying smiled mischievously.

The three young women walked out of the private room.

At this time, Yu Fujiang was peering down at Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi condescendingly as he spoke, “Pick up the holy spiritual jade stone and get out of here! If this werent the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse in the Holy Heavens City, you three wouldnt even have gotten the chance to scram.”

As Yu Fujiang had said, had this been any other place, Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi would have lost their lives without knowing the reason.

However, in reality, they were at the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse in the Holy Heavens City.

Therefore, Yu Fujiang and his group still had some qualms in making the matter bigger, especially after what had happened the previous day.

The three beauties of the Clear Snow Palace looked at the source of the commotion.

Although they do not know the details, they could more or less guess what had happened.

The three of them were indignant seeing Yu Fujiangs group actually bullying several Heavenly Monarch Realm cultivators.

“Isnt that Yu Fujiang A great chief disciple of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate actually ran to the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse to show off his might.” Lin Xiaoying was the first to mock, “A peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint actually went looking for Heavenly Monarch Realm experts to show off his power”

The guests below were surprised to hear someone daring to mock Yu Fujiang, so they craned their necks to look.

“Its the Clear Snow Palaces Three Beauties!”

There were guests who recognized the three young women immediately, causing a wave of low murmurs of excitement through the teahouse.

Glimmers of burning desire flashed across the Holy Princes eyes as they looked at the three young women.

Yu Fujiang turned around.

When he saw the Clear Snow Palaces three beauties, the roiling killing intent on his face vanished in an instant, and it was replaced by a friendly, sunny smile as he spoke, “Junior Sister Xiaoying, its you.

Here, I was thinking of visiting you these days.

Who wouldve thought that I would run into you here.”

Lin Xiaoyings expression sank faster than turning the page of a book, “Who is your Junior Sister Yu Fujiang, I have told you many times in the past, do not call me Junior Sister.

I learned today that you have such a domineering side.”

Clearly, she was referring to Yu Fujiang using his peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints coercion on a couple of Heavenly Monarch Realm cultivators.

If someone else were to uttered these words, Yu Fujiang would have flipped the table in anger long ago, but the person who was speaking was Lin Xiaoying.

Due to this, Yu Fujiang seemed like he was the most genteel person in the entire Holy World, as the sunny smile on his face didnt diminish at all.

“Honestly, it wasnt how Junior Sister Xiaoying saw it.”

Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi chose to watch silently from the side.

Lin Xiaoyings gaze turned sharper as she glared at Yu Fujiang, “Yu Fujiang, I heard that you fought inside the Holy Heavens City, breaking the rules.

But in the end, you were slapped into the ground by Huang Xiaolong.

You had got only half a life left when you were pulled up only to be thrown into the citys dungeon.

Do you miss the dungeon already”

Lin Xiaoying knew it was Du Zhenjun who had taught Yu Fujiang a severe lesson the previous day, but she deliberately said it was Huang Xiaolong.

Yu Fujiang looked slightly embarrassed as he heard Lin Xiaoying mention the previous days happenings.

Not to mention that she said that it was Huang Xiaolong who had slapped him half dead.

“Junior Sister Xiaoying, Ill visit you and both Senior Sisters another day.” With that said, Yu Fujiang didnt to stay at the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse a moment longer.

He walked out of the teahouse in a hurry with the other Holy Princes.

If he had stayed there any longer, Lin Xiaoying would have said something even harsher.

After watching Yu Fujiang and his group hasting away as if they were escaping, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying turned their attention to Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi.

“Are you all alright” Ji Xinyi asked gently.

She had a soft and warm voice that calmed the hearts.

“Many thanks to three ladies for helping us.” Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi got to their feet and thanked them after quickly swallowing some healing pellets.

“Dont mention it.” Lin Xiaoying responded.

After seeing that Feng Tianyus group was fine, the three returned to their private room.

Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi did not linger at the teahouse.

After leaving the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse, the three directly went back to the Holy Heavens Manor.

On another side, Yu Fujiangs group, who had hurried away from the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse in embarrassment, heaved in relief once they were out of the building.

But their faces soon turned gloomy.

Damn, Yu Fujiang was having a streak of bad luck lately.

He also came across something like this just going to a teahouse, and worst of all, he lost face in front of Lin Xiaoying.

“Send people to find out who those three slaves belong to!” The look in Yu Fujiangs eyes turned icy as he went on, “I want to know who their master is.”

Chen Chunlai immediately understood his meaning and replied, “Eldest Senior Brother, you want to teach them and their master a lesson altogether”

Yu Fujiang snorted, “Thats right! If it werent for them, I wouldnt have lost face in front of Junior Sister Xiaoying.

Hence, just killing those three slaves is not enough to vent my anger.”


Soon, Feng Tianyu and the others got back to the Holy Heavens Manor.

“Who did it” Huang Xiaolongs face sank, seeing the three peoples state.

“Its the Beast Tamer Holy Gates Yu Fujiang!” None of them hid the truth.

“Yu Fujiang!” Upon hearing it was Yu Fujiang making trouble again, Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed dangerously, and killing intent swelled in his chest.

Feng Tianyu and the others then recounted the incident at the teahouse to Huang Xiaolong.

After hearing thatthe three beauties of Clear Snow Palace helped them, Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised.

“The Clear Snow Palaces three beauties”

Feng Tianyu grinned and confirmed, “Yes ah, that Lin Xiaoying even mentioned your name.” He then repeated what Lin Xiaoying had said to Yu Fujiang.

Huang Xiaolong was a little speechless when he heard Lin Xiaoying had said that he was the one who had slapped Yu Fujiang half dead.

“Young Master, what should we do about the Beast Tamer Holy Gate” Zhang Wenyue asked, feeling wronged about the recent events.

“Dont worry, this is not the end of this matter,” Huang Xiaolong reassured her in a solemn tone.

Huang Xiaolong then helped the three of them heal their injuries.

While Huang Xiaolong was healing Feng Tianyu and the others injuries, Yu Fujiangs people returned with results of their investigation.

“What Those three slaves are Huang Xiaolongs people!” Yu Fujiang yelled with an ugly face.

Chen Chunlai, Xu Dan, and the others tensed in an instant.

“Eldest Senior Brother, do you think Huang Xiaolong would… after what we did to those three slaves!” Chen Chunlai sounded flustered.

“Why are you panicking Yu Fujiang snapped, “Would Huang Xiaolong come catch you guys because of a few slaves Dont forget your identities! Moreover, Huang Xiaolong has yet to become the four Primal Ancestors personal disciple!”

Only then did Chen Chunlai and the others calm down.

“Go, call Junior Brother Liang Qin over!” Yu Fujiang barked.

“Huang Xiaolong, I will let youbask in the limelight in the apprenticeship ceremony the day after tomorrow!”

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