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Chapter 2263: Makes No Difference Even If Jiang Tian is Your Uncle

As Jiang Heyu nodded his head in approval, Jiang Gaolin, who was waiting to take action, smashed the two enormous hammers in his hands at Huang Xiaolong.

“Power of Core Gravity!”

Jiang Gaolin bellowed.

Peculiar rays of light shone from the two enormous hammers in his hand.

These rays actually caused the space to become distorted due to their heavy weight.

The Power of Core Gravity was another form of gravity.

However, this gravity merged with space, creating a terrifying amplified gravity.

Only a genius with an extraordinary aptitude towards gravity would be able to comprehend this form of core gravity.

“Die, punk!” Jiang Gaolin shouted and the two hammers in his hands were akin to a thousand great mountains as they slammed down.

He was a peak late-Tenth Order Sovereign.

There was just a fine line from entering half-step Venerable for him, taking into account his strength that was amplified by the core gravity power.

Even a half-step Venerable wouldnt dare to take the attack head-on.

Watching two enormous hammers slamming towards him from above, Huang Xiaolong raised a finger upward and lightly tapped in the air.

In an instant, the two mighty hammers exploded into pieces like flimsy papers.

A few shattered pieces of metal pierced into Jiang Gaolins chest and exited from his back.

Jiang Gaolin let out a miserable scream as he crashed into the ground before Jiang Heyu and other Jiang Familys disciples.

“Brother Gaolin—!”

Jiang Familys disciples shouted nervously as several shocked disciples hurried to help Jiang Gaolin.

The shock was clearly written on Jiang Heyus face.

Jiang Gaolins strength was merely a little lower than his, and both of them were Jiang Familys core disciples.

Even though Jiang Gaolins talent was not as good as him, it was only a small gap.

He believed Jiang Gaolin could battle the average half-step Venerables to a draw, yet he was heavily injured by a late-Ninth Order Sovereigns tap of the finger!

And the two enormous hammers that had taken a Venerable Realm Elder a lot of effort to forge were high-grade supreme spiritual artifacts.

Yet those hammers were shattered with a tap of the finger.

What the f*ck was this!

In the distance, the several hundred robbers had an incredulous expression on their faces.

“You, have a saint physique!”

Jiang Heyu took a deep breath, calming himself, while pondering his next move as he observed Huang Xiaolong, “Youre a Holy Gate disciple”

Only someone who possessed a saint physique had such an amazingly tough body!

“Correct.” Huang Xiaolong admitted frankly.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong admitted he had a saint physique, and he was a Holy Gate disciple, the several hundred robbers stiffened.

Dread filled their eyes, with a hint of panic on their faces.

Although the Jiang Family was the most powerful family in the holy ground, it was still lacking by more than a mile compared to the Holy Gate.

Although the status of Jiang Familys disciples was high, there was a large gap in their status when compared with a Holy Gates disciple.

They had actually wanted to kill a Holy Gate disciple!

When Jiang Heyu and Jiang Family disciples heard Huang Xiaolong admit that he was a Holy Gate disciple, their hearts tightened slightly.

Even as Jiang Familys disciples, especially Jiang Heyu, who was one of the important core disciples, they werent so courageous as killing a Holy Gate disciple!

“You are a Holy Gate disciple!” After some quick contemplation, Jiang Heyu spoke a little more politely, “Just now was a misunderstanding.

Since that Nine Dragon Vine was bought by you, we are willing to buy the Nine Dragon Vine from you at the same price.”

“And we will not hold you accountable for injuring our Jiang Family disciple just now.” In Jiang Heyus opinion, he had made great concessions.

By showing his willingness to spend money to buy back Huang Xiaolongs Nine Dragon Vine, Huang Xiaolong was not losing anything.

Moreover, he was excusing Huang Xiaolong for heavily injuring Jiang Gaolin.

Otherwise, with the Jiang Familys influence within the Holy Gate, it would be a piece of cake to suppress an ordinary Holy Gate disciple.

He expected Huang Xiaolong to feel grateful towards him.

Huang Xiaolong listened to the other side\'schange of mind, offering to buy the Nine Dragon Vine from him, and his face split into a wide grin, “You are willing to pay the same price! You want the Nine Dragon Vine! Its not impossible.

I paid five hundred million holy bills for it, so give me five hundred million, and Ill sell it to you.”

Jiang Heyus proud expression crumbled.

Five hundred million

Huang Xiaolongs cold snicker sounded in Jiang Heyus ears, “There is another thing.

You are mistaken about one thing.

It is not whether you want to pursue the matter or not, it is whether I want to pursue it!”

Jiang Heyus face immediately turned sullen.

“Brat, dont think you can be arrogant when we give you face! Do you really think we wont dare to do anything to you because you\'re a Holy Gate disciple!” One of the Jiang Familys disciples snapped in anger, pointing his finger at Huang Xiaolong as he went on, “Youre merely a Holy Gate disciple with saint physique.

Even if youre a disciple with a saint bloodline, we can make you eat **.

Go back and complain to the Holy Gate, but they will only open one eye, and close the other eye about it!”

“Therefore, you should behave yourself and be thankful that we didnt make you eat **.

Your mother, what do you think you are!” The Jiang Familys disciple went on a tirade as if he wouldn\'t stop if he did not vent his anger.

In truth, the Jiang Family disciple was not wrong.

If they really made Huang Xiaolong eat **, when Huang Xiaolong returned to complain, the Holy Gates Enforcement Halls custodians and high custodians would only close one eye about it.

They would not take any action towards the Jiang Family.

The Holy Gate rarely took any serious action if the matter wasnt overly serious, like a murder of a Holy Gate disciple, when a giant like the Jiang Family was involved.

However, the Jiang Family disciple barely finished his words when Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and the suction force from his palm pulled the disciple up to him.

Being pulled up to Huang Xiaolong, the Jiang Familys disciple scolded even more harshly rather than feeling apprehensive, “Brat, kill me if you got the guts.

Kill me and our Jiang Familys elder in the Holy Gate will have no problem making your life a living hell!”

This Jiang Familys disciple was sure as hell that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt dare to kill him.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong flashed a smile, and suddenly, his palm pressed down on the Jiang Family disciple, directly smashing the disciples head into his torso as blood and flesh shot into the air.

Then, right before Jiang Heyu and the others astonished gazes, Huang Xiaolong threw the corpse to the side.

The world was deathly quiet for several seconds.

Never did they expect that Huang Xiaolong would really dare to kill a Jiang Familys core disciple.

“You!” Jiang Heyu\'s eyes turned bloodthirsty, and his words sounded like a beast\'s growl, You dared to kill our Jiang Familys core disciple! Let me tell you that the Holy Gates chief disciple Jiang Tian is my second uncle.

Youre going to pay for this!” Jiang Heyu roared in anger.

Huang Xiaolong moved in a flicker, arriving in front of Jiang Heyu.

Before Jiang Heyu could react, his throat was pinched by Huang Xiaolong, and he lifted in the air.

There was a devilish smile on Huang Xiaolongs face as he asked, “In other words, you are Jiang Tians nephew!”

Everyone was shocked.

Jiang Heyu had already advanced to mid-First Order Venerable, yet he was powerless to resist against Huang Xiaolong

“Thats right, Jiang Tian is my second uncle!” Jiang Heyu growled, “Punk, if you dare harm a hair on me, my second uncle will make sure you die without a complete body!”

Jiang Tian was the entire Jiang Familys glory.

He was an existence even the many Holy Gates Hall Masters, and Continents Branch Master, as well as the Chief Hall Masters had to be wary of.

He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong, a mere Holy Gate disciple, had the guts to hurt him!

“Second Uncle” Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “At this point, even if Jiang Tian is your Third Uncle, Fourth Uncle, or even Eldest Uncle, its useless! Hurt a hair on you Youre wrong!”

“I want your life!”

With that said, before everyones eyes, Huang Xiaolong shattered Jiang Heyus head with a strike, and threw his body to the side without another look.

“This, this, y-you—!”

The rest of Jiang Familys disciples stared stupidly at Jiang Heyus body, quivering in fury and shock.

At this time, a bright shining token appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

“Holy Princes token!”

Seeing the token in Huang Xiaolongs hand, Jiang Familys disciples and the several hundred robbers were struck by a second wave of shock.

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