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Chapter 2195: Ive Heard that Huang Xiaolongs Wife is a Beauty!

Giant Kun Ruler didnt doubt the report from Massacring God Ruler at all! After all, he felt that as gutsy as Massacring God Ruler was, he wouldnt lie about something like this!

Unless he was tired of living, no one would dare to lie to Giant Kun Ruler!

Giant Kun Prince chuckled all of a sudden, “I guess good news comes in pairs.

Li Tian reported about matters in the myriad of worlds, and it seems like he has captured the members of the Huang Family.

He should be returning very soon.

Now that Massacring God Ruler has managed to take down the old man Grandmist and the others, everything is falling into place!”

Giant Kun Ruler laughed, “Good things have been happening to us recently!”

“Since we have already captured all of them, shouldnt we notify Yang Tianchen”

Giant Kun Ruler sank into silence for a moment before nodding his head.

“Contact Yang Tianchen now.

After all, telling him about our achievements wont trouble us at all.

We can even get them to owe us a favor!”


Father, I will contact Yang Tianchen right now!” The Giant Kun Prince said.

After the words left his lips, a transmission symbol appeared in his hand as he sent a message to Yang Tianchen.

Very quickly, he received a reply.

“What did Yang Tianchen say” Giant Kun Ruler asked.

“Hes extremely happy, and hes rushing over right now!”

A chuckle left the rulers lips, “Thats good… When Yang Tianchen arrives, we can begin the execution!”

When the Giant Kun Country was reveling in their victory, Massacring God Ruler stared at Huang Xiaolong.

His heart was pounding as he was about to beg for mercy once again.

Before he could speak, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “I already showed you mercy in the space outside the 33 heavens.

I let you off twice!”

When they had fought over the Heavenly Longevity Lightning Spiritual Fruits, Huang Xiaolong hadnt chased him down.

When Giant Kun Ruler, Dong Cheng, and Yang Tianchen had joined forces to take care of him, it was as clear as day that Massacring God Ruler had wanted to join in the battle, but Huang Xiaolong had allowed him to leave after the battle had ended.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt allow him to live now that it was their thirdmeeting.

As the ruler of the Massacring God Heavenly Country stared at Huang Xiaolong fearfully, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger divine fires.

Four-colored flames combined into one and vaporized Massacring God Ruler.

He couldnt even scream before he was turned into a pile of dust.

Staring at their leaders sorry end, the experts of the Massacring God Heavenly Country broke out into chaos as they ran for their lives.

“Kill them!”

Huang Xiaolongs order boomed across the sky as he sent a punch towards one of the fleeing generals.

The experts on Huang Xiaolongs side didnt hesitate as they leaped towards the running enemies.

Miserable wails filled the skies once again.

With Huang Xiaolong and the others going all out, the shrieks stopped very quickly.

Other than those who surrendered, every single cultivator from the Massacring God Heavenly Country was slain.

As for those who wanted to surrender, Huang Xiaolong made them swear an oath before handing them over to the experts of the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country.

“God d*mn! I knew that you wont die!” The little cow was the first to rejoice as they all gathered around Huang Xiaolong.

“There were so many rumors that you died in the lightning barrage outside the 33 heavens!”

Huang Xiaolong patted her head and laughed, “How can I die before an old cow like yourself!”

The King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, and the others quickly gathered around Huang Xiaolong.

Joyous expressions filled their faces as they started to banter around.

In the past five years, they had been living in constant fear that someone would discover their hiding spot.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was back, everyone heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

“God d*mn! If Giant Kun Ruler lands in my hands, Ill smash his nuts!” The little cow no longer bothered thinking about the words she spoke.

“If he ever appears in front of you, youll die from fright before you can do anything to him!” The King of Grandmist laughed.

Laughter filled the air as the mood instantly lightened.

After a bout of laughter, Huang Xiaolong brought everyone with him and left the mountain peak.

“Xiaolong, are we going back to the Heavenly Saint Country” The little cow asked.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

Staring in the direction of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country, Huang Xiaolong growled, “Were going to the Giant Kun Heavenly Country!”

Giant Kun Heavenly Country!

He wasnt messing about.

This time, Huang Xiaolong wasnt going to let the Giant Kun Ruler escape.

He had wanted Massacring God Ruler to tell the Giant Kun Ruler that they were bringing the King of Grandmist over because he wanted to lower their guard.

If the Giant Kun Ruler really decided to run, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to hunt him down in time! After all, the Heavens Path was boundless and looking for a Tenth Order Sovereign was too difficult!

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong wanted to head over to the Giant Kun Heavenly Country, the little cow became extremely excited.

Her legs swung about in mid-air as she chuckled, “Thats great! When you capture the Giant Kun Ruler, dont kill him! Let me stomp on him several times! Well see how many stomps his nuts can take!”

Black lines formed on Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

What a violent cow!

“Little Qingqing, why do you have such weird hobbies!” The King of Grandmist couldnt understand her suspicious behavior, and he couldnt help but ask.

“Whats your problem I like it!” The little cow roared and the expression on her face didnt change.

There was no shame as she continued, “Why dont you let me stomp on yours several times to prepare myself!”

Everyone felt a cold breeze blow past their nether regions, and they quickly clamped their legs together.

Amidst their laughter and banter, they traveled towards the Giant Kun Heavenly Country.

One month passed just like that.

The Giant Kun Heavenly Country appeared in their sights.

A frosty light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes when he stared at the Giant Kun Heavenly Country.

In the divine palace, the prince had long since received the report that the members of the Massacring God Heavenly Country were escorting the King of Grandmist to their gates.

“Father, Ill head out to greet the Massacring God Ruler now!” Giant Kun Prince celebrated.


After all, the Massacring God Ruler was the ruler of a Heavenly Country.

They couldnt slight him easily.

As soon as the prince left, the Giant Kun Ruler turned to Yang Tianchen, and he raised his cup in celebration, “Brother Yang, lets toast!”

Several days ago, Yang Tianchen and several experts of the 33 Heavens Race had arrived in the Giant Kun Heavenly Country.

Raising his cup in response, a smile broke out on Yang Tianchens face.


The two of them downed the contents in their cups with a single gulp.

“Brother Giant Kun, Ive heard that Huang Xiaolongs wife is quite the beauty, and his younger sister isnt bad either!” Yang Tianchen revealed a sinister smile when he thought about the possibilities.

Hearing what Yang Tianchen said, the Giant Kun Ruler understood his intentions.

“Brother Yang, you can rest assured.

When they arrive, I will send them both to your palace!”

Yang Tianchen roared with laughter, and he poured another cup for himself.

“Brother Giant Kun, Ill have to thank you for your generosity! Lets cheers to that!”

When the Giant Kun Ruler and Yang Tianchen were discussing aboutimportant matters, Giant Kun Prince and the various experts of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country opened the protective formation around the city and appeared outside the Heavenly Country.

When they saw the King of Grandmist slowly flying towards them, a brilliant smile appeared on their faces.

The Giant Kun Prince looked at the general from the Massacring God Heavenly Country beside the King of Grandmist, and he asked, “Wheres your ruler Why isnt the Massacring God Ruler here”

Even though he failed to see the Massacring God Ruler, he didnt feel anything off.

As soon as the words left his lips, a blurry figure shot towards him and grabbed him by the neck.

No one managed to react in time and the experts of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country experienced the shock of their lives.

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