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Chapter 2107: Senior Brother is Dead!

“In the war in the World of Darkness, Huang Xiaolong killed Wang Hong of the City of All-Heavens, Shi Ming of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, and several others.

Right now, Lord Wan Shi made a move to kill Du Hai and capture the King of Grandmist and King of Darkness! Who knows if Huang Xiaolong would head over to the City of All-Heavens a year later to save them…”

“I dont think he will! If he goes, there is no doubt about it… Huang Xiaolong will leave his life behind! Since he knows that he wont be able to beat Wan Shi, he wont be stupid enough to throw his life away!”

“If Huang Xiaolong doesnt try to save his master, he would be worse than a beast! Moreover, his Senior Brother, Jiang Hong, has already been killed by Wan Shi! If Huang Xiaolong remains silent, the world will laugh at him! His reputation would go down in flames! From then on, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to appear in front of anyone!”

Heated discussions broke out everywhere, and Huang Xiaolong became the number one talked-about person once again.

Nearly everyone gloated in his misfortune as they awaited Huang Xiaolongs miserable end.

In the Devil World, the faces of the little cow and Cang Mutian changed when they heard the news.

Du Hai was dead!

As for the three others, the Reverence Moon Old Man had suffered from serious injuries, and he had escaped! The King of Grandmist and King of Darkness were captured by Wan Shi!

The news came crashing down on the two of them, and neither knew how to react.

“Quick! Notify Xiaolong!” The little cow screamed.

In the independent space that Huang Xiaolong had carved out, a lighting bead hovered in the air.

It was the same bead Huang Xiaolong had managed to obtain in the Barbarian Space in the Divine World.

It was also the same lightning bead Huang Xiaolong suspected of being a saint artifact.

Half a year ago, he had already refined the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele.

He had stepped into the mid-Fourth Order Sovereign Realm, and he was a step away from arriving at the peak mid-Fourth Order Sovereign Realm.

Since then, he had been studying the lightning bead he had obtained in the past.

No matter how he tried, he failed to detect anything strange with it.

It didnt react no matter what he did.

Even after activating all three saint bloodlines in his body and the three Complete Dao Saint Godheads, he failed to do anything to the lightning bead.

A deep frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

After entering the Sovereign Realm, Huang Xiaolong could feel that the lightning bead contained a frightening amount of lightning source energy.

If he could devour the lightning source energy contained in the bead, he knew that his strength would definitely take a huge leap forward.

In fact, the energy contained in the lightning bead was more than the origin energy contained in the high-level four Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

It was too bad he had no idea how to use it.

He racked his brains for ways to extract the lightning source energy from the bead but to no avail.

All of a sudden, his transmission symbol shook.

After scanning through the content, Huang Xiaolongs face changed.

Something happened to Master!

In the next instant, he kept the lightning bead as he left the independent space.

“What happened to my Master!” Huang Xiaolong asked the moment he saw the little cow.

“Your Master and little black were taken by Wan Shi!” The little cow hesitated for a moment, but she revealed everything she knew eventually.

“Du Hai was killed, and the only person who managed to escape was the Reverence Moon Old Man.

Moreover, he suffered serious injuries while escaping.

And..” The little cow stared at Huang Xiaolong, and her voice became softer and softer…

“And what!” Huang Xiaolong could feel that something bad was coming.

“And… Your Senior Brother…” Cang Mutian continued, “Jiang Hong was killed by Wan Yue.”

Huang Xiaolong felt a bomb going off in his head when he heard the news.

Senior Brother… Senior Brother is dead!

He died at Wan Yues hands!

The memories of all the time he had spent with Jiang Hong flashed through Huang Xiaolongs mind.

He thought about the time he had located the first half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele and how he had met Jiang Hong for the first time.

“Wan Shi! Wan Yue!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes turned completely red, and rage clouded his mind.

He spat, “Ill personally kill you both! Ill tear you both to shreds!”

Terrifying killing intent emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body, and the never-before-seen murderous intent caused the little cow, Cang Mutian, and the Flying Devil Python to cower.

“Wan Shi took your Master and little black over to the City of All-Heavens.

Hes planning to kill them during the World Leaders Conference!” A complicated light flashed in the little cows eyes.

“Wan Shi is probably planning to lure you over to the City of All-Heavens!”

“Lure me over!” Huang Xiaolong roared with laughter.

Maniacal laughter left his lips, and one could detect the hatred in it just by listening.

When he finally stopped laughing, killing intent erupted from his eyes once again, and he growled, “Since thats what he wants, Ill fulfill his wish!”

Huang Xiaolong decided to wash the City of All-Heavens in blood upon entering it in the future.

There was no mercy, and there was no holding back.

He would kill to his hearts content!

When Cang Mutian heard his intentions, he quickly tried to dissuade Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, you cant do that! Wan Shi knows that he has the ability to suppress you, and he wants to kill you before you get any stronger! If you rush over, youll only be playing into his hands!”

The little cow backed him up, “Thats right! Xiaolong, I know that you plan to unleash terror on them, but now is not the time to do so! The thing you need to do now is to slowly increase your strength.

When youre confident of taking Wan Shi on, well head over together!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“Even if I plan to wait, Wan Shi wont allow it.”

He knew the danger his Master and the King of Darkness were in once he heard about the World Leaders Conference.

There was no way he could leave his Master to die! “I have to go!”

“Of course, you guys are right.

I have to increase my strength as soon as possible!”

The little cow and Cang Mutian stared at each other in shock.

What did Huang Xiaolong mean! There was only a year left! How was he going to increase his strength in the span of a year!

“Have you refined the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele” The little cow asked all of a sudden.

“I completed the refinement process half a year ago.

Im already at the mid-Fourth Order Sovereign Realm, and close to the peak…”

The little cow and Cang Mutian revealed a look of joy.

“Even if youre in the mid-Fourth Order Sovereign Realm, Im afraid you wont be able to fight against Wan Shi.

He has already comprehended his secret art…” Cang Mutians face turned solemn again.

“People saying that his Extreme Purity Secret Art came from a Venerable Realm expert.

If that really is the case, Im afraid that his strength…”

Cang Mutian couldnt continue.

“A secret art from a Venerable Realm expert” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Whats with the Venerable Realm

The little cow continued, “If that is really the case, it should be stronger than Wan Zhuoyuans Saint Art! After all, Wan Zhuoyuans consciousness isnt fully awakened yet.

His secret art isnt complete… Unlike Wan Shi, who cultivated a complete secret art!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

“Right now, your Senior Brother has been killed, and your Master has been captured.

Little black suffered the same fate as your Master, and the Divine World is in a mess.

There are tons of powers causing mayhem, and some of them are even killing disciples of the Grandmist Emperor Palace openly!” The little cow said.

“Right now, you need to take control of the Divine World!”

“We shall return to the Grandmist Emperor Palace before heading for the City of All-Heavens!”

Of course, there was something Huang Xiaolong needed to do before heading back to the Divine World.

He went over to the headquarters of the Heavenless Devil Legion, and he looked for Wang Teng.

He summoned all six devil steles, and the moment they appeared, Wang Teng kneeled on the ground and greeted the new Archdevil Lord!

After the Heavenless Archdevil Legion acknowledged him, Huang Xiaolong didnt plan to stay as he rushed back to the Divine World.

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