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Chapter 2106: 1 Dead, 3 Injured

When the King of Grandmist saw the twisted smile on Wan Yues face, he wanted to make a move.

It was too bad his body went stiff as he stared at the man who strode in through the entrance of the hall.

The Reverence Moon Old Man, the King of Darkness, and Du Hai felt a jolt in their minds when they saw the newcomer.

“Wan… Lord Wan Shi!” The Reverence Moon Old Man exclaimed in a strange voice.

Even though he was standing on Huang Xiaolongs side, he was nearly unable to suppress the respect and fear he had for Wan Shi.

Even at the peak of the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm, he failed to do so.

If the Reverence Moon Old Man failed to do so, there was no need to mention the King of Grandmist and the others.

Under their terrified gaze, Wan Shi strode towards them.

He ignored the frightened expression on their faces as he slowly made his way into the hall.

When he entered, he stared at the walls and sighed with admiration, “The construction of your Grandmist Emperor Palaces main hall isnt bad.

I can see that you have invested a lot of effort into it…”

In the past few years, the four of them had laid down countless ancient restrictions in the main hall in order to prepare for Wan Shis arrival.

Every single restriction was terrifying in its own right, and all of them borrowed the power of the entire emperors palace.

Even overlords wouldnt be able to notice the intricacy behind the design, but Wan Shi was no ordinary expert.

He saw through their intentions with a single glance.

Seeing that Wan Shi had already seen through their preparations, their expressions changed.

“I wonder why Lord Wan Shi paid us a visit…” The Reverence Moon Old Man suppressed the shock in his heart as he stepped forward to ask.

Wan Shi stared at them and said slowly, “Im here to kill you!”

Kill you!

His words were enough to strike fear in their hearts.

All four of them felt their bodies trembling as they quickly retreated to form an orderly line opposite Wan Shi.

A grand formation quickly appeared in the hall, and with its assistance, the four of them managed to increase their combat strength by more than two folds.

Seeing their desperate struggle, Wan Shi chuckled, “Dont worry… Im only going to kill two of you! Ill capture the other two and take you back to the City of All-Heavens.

Youll be able to live for a little longer…”

Only going to kill two of them!

The Reverence Moon Old Mans heart sank.

Wan Shi sneered again, “Reverence Moon, who do you think I should kill Why dont you decide As long as two of you sacrifice yourself, the other two will be able to live on for a little while longer…”

The four of them remained silent as they stared at Wan Shi.

Too bad Wan Yue didnt wait for them to react as he sent out a palm strike towards Jiang Hongs head.

Jiang Hongs body trembled once before he exploded into a mist of blood.

“Honger!” The King of Grandmist cried out in misery…

“Wan Yue, go to hell!” The King of Grandmist screamed as he charged towards Wan Yue.

Purple grandmist qi transformed into grandmist dragons as they charged towards Wan Yue.

“Go!” The Reverence Moon Old Man yelled, and all of them moved in unison.

No one knew when, but the Reverence Moon Old Mans staff had already appeared in his hand.

He transformed into a massive giant, and a silver moon appeared on his forehead.

Moonlight emerged from his body without stop.

That was the Reverence Moon Old Mans true form!

When he completed his transformation, his combat strength rose once again, and he arrived at the border of the Seventh Order Sovereign Realm!

The King of Darkness sucked in long breaths as boundless dark energy formed a black hole around the battlefield.

Every single one contained terrifying might, and there was no way ordinary Sovereigns would be able to stand against him.

As for Du Hai, the green light around his body started to swirl as poison mist started to fill the hall.

A world of poison was formed in an instant as poisonous needles shot towards Wan Shi.

In an instant, everyone revealed their strongest attack.

No one dared to hold back when facing Wan Shi!

When Wan Shi saw their desperate struggle, he chuckled softly, “Good enough for me to make a move… Too bad none of you can compare to the Xumi Old Man!” His eyes narrowed as he spat, “Since none of you can compare to the old man, youll just have to die!”

Wan Shi reached out, and green light filled the hall.

In an instant, massive bamboo shoots appeared from nowhere, and every single one was strong enough to send the Reverence Moon Old Man flying.

When the bamboo shoots slammed into them, the world of darkness crumbled as Du Hais body was pierced through instantly.

When the Reverence Moon Old Man saw how Wan Shi defeated all of them with a single attack, his pupils shrank.

“Myriad Worlds Bamboo!” Du Hai screamed.

When his voice fell, the King of Grandmist slammed into Wan Yue.

No one knew when, but two axes appeared in Wan Yues hand.

As he waved them around, he managed to repel the King of Grandmist.

Wan Shi quickly turned around and flicked a ray of green light towards the King of Grandmist.

When the King of Grandmist noticed Wan Shis sudden attack, his expression changed.

The Reverence Moon Old Man and the others quickly moved to block it, but even so, all four of them were sent retreating to the edge of the hall.

“Just stay at the side.” Wan Shi reached out and pushed Wan Yue behind him.

“Yes, Lord Father!” Wan Yue quickly acknowledged the order and left the hall.

The moment Wan Yue left, Wan Shi released his aura completely.

Massive bamboo shoots pierced towards the heavens, and the ceiling of the hall was instantly riddled with holes.

Countless miserable screams filled the emperors palace as an uncountable number of disciples were wiped out.

The four of them finally made their last stand as they tried their hardest to block Wan Shis attack.

The Reverence Moon Old Mans staff was something he had obtained from the depths of the Heavens Path.

It was sturdy beyond compare, and it was stronger than top-grade grandmist artifacts.

Even so, he failed to stop Wan Shis attack.

As for the King of Darkness, his darkness energy was pushed back repeatedly as the bamboo shoots shot towards him.

Du Hai was even worse as he failed to leave a single mark on Wan Shis bamboo…

A day later…

News started to spread across the myriad of worlds.

Jiang Hong, the Grandmist Emperor, was killed by Wan Yue.

Despite the King of Grandmist, the Reverence Moon Old Man, the King of Darkness, and Du Hais joint effort to protect him, Wan Shi broke through their defenses and killed Du Hai.

The Reverence Moon Old Man ran away with grievous injuries, and Wan Shi captured the King of Grandmist and King of Darkness.

As soon as the news started to spread, the myriad of worlds shook.

“Lord Wan Shi is unrivaled! Even when working together, the Reverence Moon Old Man, the King of Darkness, the King of Grandmist, and Du Hai failed to stop him! One of them died, and three others were seriously injured! Moreover, the only person who managed to escape was the Reverence Moon Old Man!”

“Lord Wan Shi has passed down the All-Heavens Decree to hold a World Leaders Conference in City of All-Heavens after twelve months… Ive heard that he would publicly execute the King of Grandmist and King of Darkness there!”

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