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Chapter 2095: Worth!

Boundless starlight emerged from the Ancient Heavenly Court, and it fused to form massive pillars that seemed to prop up the heavens itself.

The devil clouds that were rolling around the Twin Devil Mountain Range dissipated in an instant.

The protective boundary formed by the Ancient Heavenly Court shook.

World destroying power emerged and slammed into everyone who was trying to assault the barrier.

In an instant, the billions of devil beasts were sent flying.

Some of them exploded and turned into a mist of blood.

Only several existences at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm managed to survive by running away when they noticed that something was off.

Even though they werent reduced into a burst of blood, they were sent flying into the distance.

When they landed, they were several dozen thousand miles away from the barrier, and none of them moved when they slammed into the ground.

At least they managed to keep an intact body when they died.

Regardless of anyone who witnessed the scene, they jumped in fright.

No one expected for the Ancient Heavenly Court to possess such terrifying might!

With Huang Xiaolongs current strength, the power the Ancient Heavenly Court possessed was no weaker than that when the Ancient Heavenly Emperor used to personally control it in the past.

It also went without saying that the reason the peak late-Tenth Order Emperors could die with an intact corpse was because Huang Xiaolong had to split up his strength to power the entire barrier.

Otherwise, even Sovereigns would die instantly!

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didnt bother using all his strength to power the formation.

When the ancestors of the Devil Beast Gate saw their devil beasts dying by the millions, they couldnt help but feel heartaches.

They had used their heart and souls to raise these devil beasts! They had fed them spirit stones and spiritual herbs every day, communicating with these beasts with a secret art!


The ferocious roars of the ancestors from the Devil Beast Gate could be heard.

“Every disciple, heed my order.

Kill anyone who dares to retreat!”

With a single order from the old ancestor of the Devil Beast Gate, countless disciples had no choice but to charge forward with everything they had.

Even disciples from other sects threw everything they had towards the barrier.

“Humph!” The little cow stomped once, and purple lightning filled the skies.

Under the bombardment, countless cultivators died.

Even Second Order Sovereigns were incinerated, much less any existences weaker than them.

Cang Mutian was unwilling to lose as he sent out a palm strike towards the most densely populated areas on the battlefield.

A massive dragon bear claw descended from the sky, and it shook the earth when it landed.

The Flying Devil Python hissed as it flew towards a bunch of experts from the several superpowers.

Its tail swept outwards as it spat out devil qi from its gigantic mouth.

Every time it flashed across the battlefield, countless experts fell.

The three Skull Ancestors held the fort as they stationed themselves beside the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

However, the number of people surging over was insanely large, and they charged towards the barrier like an endless wave.

In the great war of the Radiance World, both sides troops had numbered in the trillions.

Right now, half of the combined strength of the Devil World and the King of Devil Beasts were present, and no matter how strong Huang Xiaolong was, his party failed to kill one hundredth of them in a single strike!

Looking at how many experts were surging towards the barrier, Zhao Yuan was in no rush to make a move.

He wanted to wait for the most opportune moment to attack.

The Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus transformation had yet to end.

Zhao Yuan planned to make his move after the transformation was complete.

“Emperor, do we…” One of the ancestors behind Zhao Yuan asked.

He shook his head in response.

“There is no need to rush.

We shall let them exhaust Huang Xiaolong and the others.

The origin treasure should complete its transformation in two hours.

By then, they would have exhausted most of their strength.

If we make our move then, well be able to obtain the origin treasure behind him!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Like Zhao Yuan, many hidden Sovereigns were thinking about doing the exact same thing.

Huang Xiaolong stared at the group of experts charging towards him, and killing intent slowly bloomed in his eyes.

You cant blame me if youre adamant about rushing to your death!

Huang Xiaolong was planning to succeed the Heavenless Archdevil Lord after gathering all six devil steles, and he wanted to show some mercy to his future subordinates.

All of them wanted nothing more than to tear him into pieces in order to obtain the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus, and Huang Xiaolongs temper wasnt good enough to spare those who harbored ill intent towards him.

The murderous intent in his heart finally erupted.

No longer holding back, the sixteen wings on Huang Xiaolongs back unfurled, and boundless divine radiance energy filled the surroundings.

The divine radiance energy shrouded the entire Twin Devil Mountain Range in an instant.

With the appearance of the divine radiance energy, all the devil qi in the area was purified and several experts of the Devil Races revealed a look of agony.

Next, the City of Eternity rose into the skies.


As it slammed into the wave of cultivators, no one survived in a hundred-mile radius around the City of Eternity.

Every living being was turned into meat paste, and they were deader than dead.

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong also retrieved the Radiance Divine Scepter as the Heavenly Hall, and Radiance Divine Seal appeared above his head.

The three radiance supreme treasures resonated with each other and summoned the phantom of the Radiance Ancestor.

With a single palm strike from the massive phantom, countless experts were sent flying.

When the little cow and Cang Mutian saw how Huang Xiaolong was no longer holding back, the two of them decided to do the same.

In the blink of an eye, the situation outside the barrier changed.

Corpses piled high into mountains as blood formed a sea.

Swaths of experts were killed every second as the number of deaths skyrocketed.

The Flying Devil Python rose high into the air as it spat out rolling devil clouds that swallowed a huge part of the battlefield.

All the old ancestors and factions leaders who saw the scene before them felt their hearts drop.

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, Cang Mutian, and the Flying Devil Python held up a direction each on their own.

The endless massacre shook the heavens, and no matter how hard the disciples of the various factions tried, they even failed to shake the barrier formed by the Ancient Heavenly Court.

“Father, are we really going to try to snatch the origin treasure” Zhao Rou stared at the scene before them, and a look of worry filled her face.

Zhao Yuans body froze for a second.

However, he suppressed the complicated feeling in his heart, and said, “I know about your concerns.

However, as long as we grab that origin treasure, we can hide ourselves in a secret region.

No matter how hard Huang Xiaolong tries to search for us, he wont be able to find us! When I successfully refine the level four origin treasure and emerge from my seclusion, we wont be afraid of Huang Xiaolong any longer!”

A level four origin treasure! If Zhao Yuan managed to completely refine it, his strength would increase by leaps and bounds!

Even if he couldnt enter the high-level Sovereign Realm like Lord Wan Shi, he wouldnt be far.

“What if we fail to obtain it” Zhao Rou asked.

The moment they would make a move, they would be offending Huang Xiaolong.

If they really failed to obtain the treasure, there would be no need to think about the miserable ending their emperor country would face.

Even the Two-headed Devil Dragon Emperor Country was nothing but an ant in front of an enraged Huang Xiaolong.

Zhao Yuan stared into the distance with a blank expression and only spoke up after a moment of silence, “The winner is king, and the loser is the bandit… If we really fail to snatch the treasure for ourselves, Ill beg Huang Xiaolong to let all of you off!”

“Lord Cang Mutian and I were acquainted in the past, and he wouldnt go so far as to kill everyone related to me.”

Zhao Rous heart trembled as tears filled her eyes.

“Lord Father! Is it worth it to go so far for the sake of a level four origin treasure!”

“It is worth it!” The look in Zhao Yuans eyes hardened as he declared.

He had encountered endless hardships in his life, and he had danced on the line between life and death many times to get to where he was now.

Everything was so that he could grow stronger and enter the high-level Sovereign Realm! Right now, a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity was right in front of him!

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