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Chapter 2085: Hurry Up and Investigate!

When everyone saw Chen Qijie inviting Huang Xiaolong for a drink, they stared at him as though they were looking at a monster.

That was the young master of the Blue Flames Devil Sect they were talking about! If Huang Xiaolong could get the Blue Flames Devil Sect to back him, Zheng Hao would have to think twice if he wanted to cause trouble for Huang Xiaolong.

Just as they stared at Huang Xiaolong with looks of envy, their minds nearly crumbled when they heard how the little cow said that even their old ancestor wouldnt have the qualifications to invite them for a drink.

Moreover, there was also something about how Chen Qijie wasnt qualified to address Huang Xiaolong asfellow brother!

Everyone stared at the group of three in shock.

What in the world was going on

The old ancestor of the Blue Flames Devil Sect wasnt qualified to invite them for a drink!

When Zhu Sijia heard what the little cow said, she nearly tripped over herself.

Chen Qijie stared at the three of them with a stunned expression plastered on his face.

He initially thought that they would jump at the chance to accept his invitation.

One had to know that even ancestor-level figures in the superpowers wouldnt be able to receive an invitation from him.

An awkward expression appeared on his face as a trace of rage slowly boiled in his heart.

No one had ever dared to slight him with his status, especially when he personally invited them for a drink.

Of course, when the little cow spoke about how the Blue Flames Old Ancestor lacked the qualifications to invite them for a drink, she wasnt kidding.

However, Chen Qijie had no idea what they were talking about.

Moreover, the little cow was merely Huang Xiaolongs mount!

“Preposterous! What did you just say!” One of the experts behind Chen Qijie flared up when he heard what she said.

Before they could make a move against the little cow, Chen Qijie held up his hand and stopped them.

“Alright, it seems like Ive been too rude to all of you.” He suppressed the rage in his heart as he continued, “As the young master of the Blue Flames Devil Sect, I am unqualified to invite fellow cultivators for a drink.

Goodbye.” After speaking, he led the experts behind him away.

When they left, every single one of them turned around to glare at the little cow.

When Huang Xiaolong saw Chen Qijie leaving, an indifferent expression once again returned to his face.

The three of them no longer thought about it as they returned to the Skull Devil Sects headquarters.

As soon as he left, the experts from the Blue Flames Devil Sect started to rage.

One of them even raised his voice at Chen Qijie.

“Young master, if not for you, I would have already beaten the both of them up! Ill beat them till their mothers cant recognize them!”

Even though they could see that Huang Xiaolong and the others were strong, he felt that he could beat up the cow Huang Xiaolong was riding on.

After all, he was a Second Order Emperor!

Zhou Tianyu was merely a Heavenly Monarch, and even if the cow could send him flying, it didnt mean that she could do the same to him!

“Thats right!” Another expert harrumphed, “Its his honor for our young master to personally extend him an invitation! How dare he reject our young master! He really doesnt know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

A frosty voice escaped Chen Qijies lips.

“There is no need for us to make a move.

Zheng Hao and the Devil Extermination Gate will do everything for us.

I merely appreciated the confident aura he emitted and wanted to pull him over to our side.

Since he doesnt know how to appreciate my kind intentions, Ill just allow Zheng Hao to kill him.

I cant wait to see his miserable end!”

“Get people to keep their eyes on Zheng Hao and the members of the Devil Extermination Gate.

Inform me when they make their move.

I would like to personally witness that arrogant brats end.”

“Young master, please rest assured.

We shall do as you command.”

When Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and Cang Mutian were entering the headquarters of the Skull Devil Sect, Zheng Hao received the report about how the members of the Devil Extermination Gate were slayed.

Zhou Tianyus death was reported down to the last detail.

“Did anyone find out that brats identity!” Fire spilled out of Zheng Haos eyes as he questioned the disciple who made the report.

“Not right now.

However, according to Wu Qianzhen from the Thousand Despair Devil Sect, the little brat has some connections with Zhi Sijia of the Devil Emperor Sect.

Shes Huang Zhes disciple…”

Since the event had just happened, none of them had managed to gather detailed intelligence on Huang Xiaolong.

Zheng Hao sneered when he heard that Huang Zhe was involved in it.

“He knows Zhu Sijia Huang Zhe, I havent killed your son… How dare you get people to kill my disciple! Youre dead…”

According to him, Huang Xiaolongs slaying of his disciple had something to do with Huang Zhe.

Otherwise, there was no way things would be so coincidental.

“Has anyone found out where that brat went!”

“They are currently walking along Rainbow Avenue…” The disciple hastily made the report when he saw how incensed Zheng Hao was.

A sinister smile appeared on Zheng Haos face.

“How can they still be in the mood to shop Whatever.

I havent made a move in a long time.

Let me show them the might of my Soul Breaking Blade!”

Due to a series of fortunate events, Zheng Hao had managed to obtain the Soul Breaking Blade from one of the ancient sects.

Even though it wasnt a high-grade grandmist artifact, it was close.

In an instant, Zheng Hao gathered dozens of experts from the Devil Extermination Gate and charged towards Rainbow Avenue.

It didnt take long before Zheng Hao, and the others arrived.

“Hehe, Zheng Hao and the others sure move fast…” The little cow snickered the moment she felt their presence.

With their level of strength, Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and Cang Mutian felt them coming the moment they left their base.

Cang Mutian chuckled softly, “You dont have to make a move on these weak juniors…”

The little cow sneered in response, “In the past, the twelve Archdevil Ancestors had relied on the Heavenless Archdevil Lords strength to carry out a wanton massacre in the Demon World.

They killed too many of my descendants!”

Cang Mutian stared at her in shock before shaking his head.

It seemed as though the little cow was adamant about moving against the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor.

As whistling sounds echoed through the air, Zheng Hao and the other members of the Devil Extermination Gate charged through the skies towards Huang Xiaolongs group of three.

When the experts along the street felt the murderous vibe around Zheng Haos group, all of them ran away in fear.

In the blink of an eye, a massive divide formed around Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and Cang Mutian.

Zheng Hao slowly descended as his gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong.

“You brat!” Killing intent burst out from Zheng Haos eyes.

Just as he was about to decide Huang Xiaolongs fate, the little cow raised her leg and stomped into the void.

A massive foot came crashing down on Zheng Hao, and he turned into a bloody paste on the ground.

Those experts, who had come with Zheng Hao, froze as they were planning to surround Huang Xiaolong.

They stared at Ancestor Zheng Hao, whose body had already turned into meat paste.

The experts who were running away just seconds ago stared at the scene before them with their jaws agape.

“That… That looked like Ancestor Zheng Hao from the Devil Extermination Gate…” A stammer eventually broke out from the crowd.

“Theres no way thats true! Ancestor Zheng Hao is a mid-Seventh Order Emperor Realm expert!”

All the experts from the Devil Extermination Gate felt their bodies freezing up as they fell into complete silence.

When the little cow killed Zheng Hao with a single blow, an expert from the Blue Flames Devil Sect was laughing beside Chen Qijie.

“Hahaha, it was right! Zheng Hao went looking for the kid! He even brought the various experts of the Devil Extermination Gate along with him!”

After hearing the report, Chen Qijie turned around to order one of the disciples, “Go and gather the news.

I want to know how miserably that brat died.”

“Yes, young master!”

Not too long after the disciple left, he ran back into the hall, nearly tripping over himself in the process.

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