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Chapter 2077: This Will Be Your Burial Spot!

As Huang Xiaolongs three saint bloodlines roared to life, three tyrannical energies surged madly out of his body.

Huang Xiaolong met Wan Zhuoyuans palms with his fists.


The entire space shook violently.

Everyones ears were buzzing, and souls shook from the collision.

Waves of destructive power swept out violently in the four directions and peeled several pieces of bark off the Divine Tree of Darknesss branches in the far distance.

Every piece of the tree barks was as big a great continent.

The weaker low-level Sovereigns amongst the City of All-Heavens experts were thrown to the distance due to the shockwaves.

Even Old Ancestor Shi Ming was flustered, and he quickly formed a protective barrier with dense corpse qi to block out the incoming shockwaves.

Following the thunderous collision, Wan Zhuoyuan trembled from head to toe.

In the next second, he was sent flying again, violently coughing up blood.

Although Huang Xiaolong had sent him flying with one punch before, he had not bled.

But now, he was coughing golden-colored blood by the mouthfuls.

Blood was spurting out as if there was an opening on his body.

Wan Zhuoyuan crashed hard onto the Divine Tree of Darknesss trunk for the second time.

“Bang!” Another loud crash thundered.

The towering Divine Tree of Darkness swayed from the impact, enormous leaves spanning tens of thousands li scattered down, and on its thick, hardy trunk was a human-shaped imprint.

The Divine Tree of Darknesss trunk was extremely hardy that the average First Order Sovereigns full force attack would hardly leave a mark on the tree trunk.

However, Wan Zhuoyuan actually left a human-shaped imprint on the hardy tree trunk.

Just from this, one could imagine how great the colliding impact was.

Others sucked in a breath of cold air after seeing this.

This image jarred their souls.

Wan Zhuoyuan had resorted to his saint dao, yet he was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong!

No doubt, the saint dao was many times more powerful than any supreme divine arts available in the myriad worlds.

With Wan Zhuoyuans battle strength that was comparable to a Fourth Order Sovereign, and still, he lost to Huang Xiaolong… The question screaming in everyones mind right now was,how strong exactly was Huang Xiaolong!

When this question crossed their minds, whether it was Shi Ming, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, or the others, all their expressions turned solemn in an instant.

Wan Yue and the many City of All-Heavens experts were beyond shocked.

“Activate the Great Killing Formation!” Wan Yue suddenly bellowed.

Following Wan Yues order, blinding rays of light invaded the entire inception space, and chaos qi burst out in waves, spreading to every corner of the inception space.

Light pillars rose from various locations, intersecting at numerous points in space to the deepest region of the inception space.

Every light pillar was formed by countless intricate chaos runes that contained fierce killing qi and shocking sword qi that combined into an astounding destructive force.


One of the light pillars pierced through a super world surface in the distance and continued towards its next target.

Watching the light pillars effortlessly piercing through one world surface after another, the spectators hidden in the surroundings broke out in a cold sweat.

Out of nowhere, a hair-raising scream jarred everyones eardrums.

An old ancestor hidden in the distance was reduced to blood mist.

E was a step too slow in dodging the advancing light pillar.

It was as if he had never existed.

Right at this time, a light pillar appeared in close proximity to Huang Xiaolong, and it was heading straight for him.

Huang Xiaolong was startled for a split second.

With a bellow, his momentum spiked up in an instant.

His three complete dao saint godheads and three saint bloodlines power coursed through his veins simultaneously.

The Radiance Divine Scepter appeared in his hand, and Huang Xiaolong whacked it at the light pillar without hesitation.

Infused by the power of Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads and saint bloodlines power, the Radiance Divine Scepter emitted its most sacred and dazzling light, and it shot a sacred light beam at the incoming chaos runes light pillar.


Under the strike of Huang Xiaolongs Radiance Divine Scepter, the giant chaos rune light pillar stopped abruptly in its track.

However, the chaos rune light pillar merely stopped for a breaths time and continued speeding towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied, but he managed to dodge the chaos runes light pillar, relying on his quick reflex.

He barely flickered away, and the chaos runes light pillar rushed through the spot he had just stood on earlier.

It left a gaping hole in space, and turbulent currents spilled out like a broken dam.

At this time, several chaos runes light pillars came piercing out from the void, directed at the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and the others quickly spurred the Ancient Heavenly Courts defenses after seeing this.

Vigorous starlight spewed out, knocking against the several chaos-runes light pillars.


The starlight barrier successfully blocked the several chaos runes light pillars.

Then the entire layer of starlight barrier quivered, and starlight intensified, shattering all the chaos runes light pillars.

The Reverence Moon Old Man and King of Grandmist inwardly heaved a sigh of relief seeing this result.

But in the next second, another wave of a dozen chaos runes light pillars pierced out from the void, rushing towards the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, and the rest of the twelve overlords sent out their godforce, condensing into a chain of godforce as each of their godforce linked with one another, forming a twelve-sided Great Killing Formation.

The twelve overlords controlled the numerous chaos runes light pillars, directing them to attack the Ancient Heavenly Court and Huang Xiaolong.

On top of that, the number of these chaos runes light pillars was increasing while spewing out turbulent chaos qi that gradually spread through the inception space.

Before long, the turbulent chaos qi was close to filling up the inception space.

When the turbulent chaos qi filled the inception space, everyone inside felt like the entire inception space had turned into a locked space, and their power was suppressed.

Furthermore, this kind of suppression grew stronger as time passed.

Even Huang Xiaolong, Reverence Moon Old Man, the little cow, and the others distinctively felt the energy within their bodies had weakened.

“Huang Xiaolong, weve spent a lot of effort and time collecting numerous chaos grade materials to build this Great Killing Formation, especially for you.

The moment you entered this inception space, you were destined to die here!” Wan Yues harsh voice sounded.

“With the twelve of us spurring this Great Killing Formation, only high-level Sovereigns can escape.”

“This inception space will be your burial spot!” Another loud scream rang just as Wan Yue finished speaking.

Several other blood-curdling screams ensued as old ancestors hidden far away were killed by the chaos runes light pillars.

The blood essences and energies left behind by these fallen old ancestors were all devoured by the chaos runes light pillars, enhancing their power.

It looks like Wan Yue had already schemed to use those old ancestors who had come to spectate as fuel to enhance the Great Killing Formations chaos runes light pillars power.

When all this was taking place, Wan Zhuoyuan had got back up to his feet again and rose up again.

His face was distorted with fury, killing intent, and bloodthirstiness as he stared ferociously at Huang Xiaolong.

Wan Zhuoyuan still had a hard time believing that he, a Venerable Realms reincarnation, was defeated by a lower realm ant.

“Brother Zhuoyuan, are you alright” Tian Yu asked as he reached Wan Zhuoyuans side.

Wan Zhuoyuans eyes were increasingly venomous and locked on Huang Xiaolong as he answered, “Im fine.

You are just an ant, incapable of killing me.” He believed that with his saint physique and complete dao saint physiques defenses, no one in this lower realm was capable of killing him.

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