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Chapter 2076: Three Saint Bloodlines Vigor

After seeing Huang Xiaolong send Wan Zhuoyuan flying and crashing into the Divine Tree of Darknesss giant trunk with one punch, everyones astonishment was replaced by dumbfounded shock and speechlessness.

The City of All-Heavens experts were clearly stupefied and their eyes widened in disbelief.

While everyone was still bewildered by what just took place, a small chaos ax appeared out of nowhere.

Just the aura from this small chaos ax had torn opened several space fissures.

The overwhelming destruction power its blade rays exuded sent a chill through the heart of existences like the King of Darkness.

The chaos ax chopped down at the City of All-Heavens experts who were guarding Bei Xiaomei and her sister.

Two of the City of All-Heavens experts, one late-Second Order Sovereign and one mid-Second Order Sovereign, panicked looking at the small chaos ax coming at them.

Before they could react, the chaos ax split them into two halves.

Huang Xiaolong blurred into a flicker and appeared beside the Bei sisters in the next moment.

He grabbed them by the shoulder and rescued them away.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to leave with the sisters, a dangerous feeling made his heart constricted for a second.

A massive palm suddenly appeared from the deep void.

In truth, it was hard to describe how big this palm was.

The massive palm gave off the feeling it could smash the entire World of Darkness into smithereens in one strike.

Vast and vigorous origin energy surged from the massive palm, eclipsing the entire horizon as it slammed down on Huang Xiaolong like a colossal mountain.

Seeing that the massive palm was only a split second from reducing Huang Xiaolong into meat paste, the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and the others roared, “Wan Yue, dont dream of ambushing us!”


With the combined origin energy from the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and the others, the Ancient Heavenly Court bursts out waves of starlight; one wave stronger than the other.

In an instant, a sea of enchanting starlight lit up the dark space.


The Ancient Heavenly Courts starlight tore through the darkness and met head-on with the massive palm.


The world fell into darkness once again.

The whole inception space shook as turbulent energy swirled, destroying everything in their path.

Some of the weaker old ancestors hiding to spectate in the void vomited blood from the impact and were flustered by the overwhelming destructive force.

The moment the Ancient Heavenly Court successfully blocked the massive palms attack, Huang Xiaolong promptly took the sisters away in a flicker.

A second later, he released his palms as he sent the sisters into the Complete Heaven Palace.

Right at this time, the space in front of the Divine Tree of Darkness rippled as a group of people emerged from the void.

This group consisted of Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, the King of Shadows, Scorpio Clans Old Ancestor Chen Fushan, and the Divine Worlds three old monsters, as well as the City of All-Heavens two other overlords, Wang Hong and Lu Dezhi.

Twelve great overlords! When Wan Yues group appeared, those old monsters hidden in the void held their breaths subconsciously, each having their own thoughts.

Anyone would be at a loss for words seeing twelve overlords appearing at the same time, mostly from fright.

Even the Reverence Moon, King of Grandmist, and the others looked tensed and extremely solemn.

After Wan Yue stepped out from the void, his attention went straight towards Huang Xiaolong.

A fire burned in his eyes, intermingled with astonishment.

Obviously, he had not expected Huang Xiaolong to have already broken through to Sovereign Realm.

On top of that, it was...

“Mid-First Order Sovereign!” The words slowly came out of Wan Yues mouth.

Whether it was Wan Yue, or Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, or Shi Zhen, the shock on their faces was for all to see as they stared at Huang Xiaolong.

Although they had already revised their estimation of Huang Xiaolongs talent and cultivation speed time and again, they had still underestimated how terrifying Huang Xiaolong was.

The mid-First Order Sovereign Realm!

Had they not seen this with their own eyes, they wouldnt have believed that Huang Xiaolong, who was just a mid-Second Order Emperor a hundred years ago, had actually broken through to mid-First Order Sovereign in a hundred years!

Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, any one of them were hailed as monstrous geniuses.

Their ability to cultivate until the mid-level Sovereign Realm was proof of their amazing talent.

However, when their amazing talent was compared to Huang Xiaolong…!

In all truthfulness, Old Monster Lun Zhuans group was truly shocked when Wan Zhuoyuan had exposed his saint physique and told them that he was a Venerable Realm experts reincarnation.

But who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong would send Wan Zhuoyuan flying with one punch in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, a piercing, angry roar shook the air.

Wan Zhuoyuan who was sent flying earlier, rose up again.

His hair was disheveled, and a flustered expression flickered across his face as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, “You, you, you, also have the saint physique No, no, impossible!”

“Saint physique!” A wave of shock hit Wan Yue and Old Monster Lun Zhuan.

Even the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and the rest were astounded.

Huang Xiaolong also has a saint physique

This, this saint physique, didnt the legend say that only reincarnated Venerable Realm experts can have it

Could it be!

A moment later, everyone shook their heads, refuting the thought in their heads.

It was common knowledge that Huang Xiaolong possessed the True Dragon Physique.

If Huang Xiaolong was also a reincarnation of Venerable Realm expert, it did not make sense that his physique became the saint physique at this point.

Hearing Wan Zhuoyuans words, Huang Xiaolong froze for a second.

His physique had actually evolved into a saint physique when he had advanced to Sovereign Realm!

Then the sounds of Wan Zhuoyuans sonorous laughter baffled everyone.

His face was slightly distorted as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Good, very good.

Generally speaking, its hard to find a persons body that can evolve into a saint physique in a hundred million dimensions.

Im really lucky to run into one.

Huang Xiaolong, very good, your talent is truly heaven-defying.

However, your saint physique has not evolved for long.

If I swallow your saint physique and obtain your saint bloodline to integrate it into my body, then my achievements will surely surpass my past life!”

“Huang Xiaolong, youre mine!” Wan Zhuoyuan bellowed with undisguised excitement.

Blinding lights burst out from his body as the power of the saint bloodline surged with frenzy.

Wan Zhuoyuans complete dao saint godhead was spinning to the extreme.

At this moment, he no longer held back his strength.

His momentum rose to another degree, and it was stronger and more powerful than before.

“Saint Light Resurgence!” Rays of saint light rained down from the void.

Wan Zhuoyuan stood tall in dark space as if he was the saint standing on the pinnacle of the thirty-three heavens and peering down.

Everything was insignificant in his eyes.

“Saint Dao, the Eight Directions Saint Halo Palm!” Wan Zhuoyuans palm struck out towards Huang Xiaolong.

Violent saint light exploded and destructive power swept out in eight directions with overpowering momentum, galloping towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, your newly evolved saint physique still cant fully control the power within your saint bloodline.

Therefore youre bound to die here today!” Wan Zhuoyuan laughed wantonly.

Watching Wan Zhuoyuans Eight Directions Saint Halo Palm attack, even the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming showed fear on his face.

He honestly admitted to himself that at his current strength, he wouldn\'t be able to take this attack and remain unscathed without the assistance of a grandmist treasure artifact.

“Is that so” Looking at Wan Zhuoyuans ecstatic expression as he attacked, Huang Xiaolong was coldly indifferent.

The air around him changed as he spurred the power of his three saint bloodlines to the limit.

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