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Chapter 2071: Huang Xiaolongs Breakthrough

Noticing Bei Lengyans abrupt change, the little cow asked curiously, “What happened”

“Senior Azure Cow, just now the Silver Fox Commerce headquarters reported that Xiaoji and Xiaomei were taken away by people from the City of All-Heavens!” Bei Lengyan concisely reported.

“What!” The little cows face sank.

The City of All-Heavens!

“Where!” The little cow jumped up to her feet, asking in an urgent voice.

Bei Lengyan hurriedly reported the location to the little cow.

Upon learning the location, the little cow instantly turned into a streak of purple lightning, disappearing from the spot.

The little cow barely had disappeared for a second when several figures flew out from the depths of the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

They were Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, and the others who had received the little cows message.

The little cow accelerated forward while rapidly building space tunnels connecting to the destination.

In a short one hour, she had arrived at the location where the Silver Fox Commerces fleet was attacked.

Since the closest Silver Fox Commerces branch disciples had yet to arrive to clean up the scene when the little cow and Reverence Moon Old Man arrived, limbs and corpses of the Silver Fox Commerces guards and disciples floated around, along with the thick, nauseating scent of blood.

Spotting Elder Fu and the others dismembered bodies, a chilling light exploded in the little cows eyes.

“Those from the City of All-Heavens, in which direction did they leave” The little cow didnt waste time pondering over the details and urged an answer from the sole surviving Silver Fox Commerces disciple.

The Silver Fox Commerces disciple promptly pointed a direction for the little cow.

Immediately, the little cow and Reverence Moon Old Man turned into streaks of purple lightning, chasing after the City of All-Heavens group.

The King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, and the others soon arrived at the scene.

After asking the Silver Fox Commerces disciple, they chased after the little cow and Reverence Moon Old Man.


A day later, back at the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

Inside the main hall, the little cow, Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, King of Darkness, and Du Hai were seated with solemn expressions.

The atmosphere was heavy and even a little suffocating.

They had already questioned the surviving Silver Fox Commerces disciple about what had happened in detail.

The little cow spoke first, “The City of All-Heavens Wan Shi has a Nine Dragon Carriage.

These nine dragons were true dragons that were captured from the Chaos Land and tamed by him.

Rumor has it that these nine true dragons possess similar dragon veins as the Dragon Clan.

When Wan Shi got these nine dragons, each of them had the strength of a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, Im afraid they have already advanced to Sovereign Realm by now.

The people who can ride on the Nine Dragons Carriage are Wan Shi himself, his son Wan Yue, and Wan Shis grandson, Wan Zhuoyuan!”

The Reverence Moon Old Man nodded his head, acknowledging the little cows words.

He added, “Thus, we can surmise that one of the young men on the Nine Dragons Carriage is Wan Zhuoyuan!”

A gloomy light glinted in the King of Darknesss eyes as he stated his opinion, “If any mishap befalls on Bei Xiaomei, I swear I will tear Wan Zhuoyuan into a million pieces!”

Although Bei Xiaomei and Huang Xiaolongs relationship had yet to progress, the King of Darkness was aware that Bei Xiaomei had a very important position in Huang Xiaolongs heart.

Six Winged Green Mosquito Old Ancestor Du Hai ran his tongue over his lips.

His body radiated a bloodthirsty aura as he spoke, “Better yet, lets just slaughter our way to the City of All-Heavens right now and demand them to return our people!”

The King of Grandmist shook his head, “It is not so easy to break into the City of All-Heavens.

Even with Lord Wan Shis absence, it is still an impossible feat to break the citys main defensive formation.

On top of that, doing that would offend the City of All-Heavens, putting our conflict on the surface.

This will prove detrimental to the sisters.

Now, we can only wait until the Darkness Gold Fruit ripens to take action!”

The little cow nodded her head in agreement, “At that time, we should swiftly capture Wan Zhuoyuan, that kid, and then use him to trade with the City of All-Heavens!” As she said that, she turned to look in the Radiance Flame Volcanos direction, muttering, “I wonder how is Xiaolong progressing”

“At my time, it took me over ten thousand years to break through from the pinnacle of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor to Sovereign Realm!” Du Hai paused then added, “Does the King of Hell have a full grasp that he would be able to breakthrough before the Darkness Gold Fruit ripens”

The little cow, King of Darkness, and the others looked at each other in silence.

No one spoke a word.

Even the little cow who was the most confident in Huang Xiaolongs capability didnt dare to guarantee that Huang Xiaolong would successfully breakthrough.

After all, only a year left until the Darkness Gold Fruit ripened.

One year, could Huang Xiaolong succeed in a year

“Lets hope Xiaolong can break through successfully!” The little cow sighed.

If Huang Xiaolong failed to breakthrough to Sovereign Realm, when the Darkness Gold Fruit ripened, they wouldnt have a winning chance against the City of All-Heavens based on their current level of combat power.

If that happened, not only would they fail to rescue the sisters, but they themselves could face the danger of falling.

Thus, they could only wait, wait for Huang Xiaolong to exit.


Inside the Radiance Flame Volcano, Huang Xiaolongs third and last avatar exploded, transforming into pure essence energy and godforce, pouring into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Receiving his last avatars essence energy and godforce supplement, Huang Xiaolongs main body shone even brighter akin to a great sun that lights up the ages.

Boundless rays of light flowed out of Huang Xiaolongs body, piercing the ninth heavens and shaking the entire Radiance Flame Volcano.

The faint Sovereign aura from his body had become domineering and majestic.

Suddenly, massive phantoms of dragons appeared above the Radiance Flame Volcano, followed by radiant gods, and dark phantoms of archdevils.

These manifestations representing Huang Xiaolongs three king of supreme godheads exuded overwhelming might that could flip the heavens.

The moment Huang Xiaolong broke through, the surface of his three king of supreme godheads cracked open.

Something akin to a thin layer of skin fell off the three king of supreme godheads as if they were shedding, revealing three brand new, lustrous godheads.

The three new godheads looked the same yet different.

They had gone through a complete transformation.

There was no doubt that they were stronger, more resilient, and more powerful than ever.

At the precise moment he had broken through, his physique was remolded anew.

Souls of dragons, phantoms of archdevils, and radiant gods constantly emerged from the void, integrating into Huang Xiaolongs Sovereign physique.

These dragon souls, archdevil phantoms, and radiant gods were tempering and forging Huang Xiaolongs Sovereign physique.

At the same time, the entire Radiance Worlds core, the deepest and most sacred space, quaked violently for a second.

This abrupt quaking nearly threw every expert in the Radiance World to the ground.

The abrupt quaking threw the Radiance Worlds experts into confusion and apprehension.

“This, whats going on!” An Emperor Realm pontiff exclaimed in bafflement.

“Is the City of All-Heavens attacking us!”

“Did someone successfully forge a grandmist treasure artifact”

There were various guesses.

The entire Radiance Flame Volcano was still shaking due to Huang Xiaolongs breakthrough, as if the volcano was close to exploding, unable to handle the energy rushing out from Huang Xiaolongs body.

Not long after Huang Xiaolongs Sovereign Realm breakthrough, blinding lights burst out from the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels as they successfully stepped into Sovereign Realm.

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