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Chapter 2054: Consecutively Killing 3 Sovereigns

The All-Heavens Envoy Yang Gang, Lu Kun, Chu Han, Chiyou, and Qin Fan paled at this sight.

The five of them had seen and also experienced the Ancient Heavenly Courts crushing power.

When Lu Kun, Chu Han, Chiyou, and Qin Fan had jointly withstood the Ancient Heavenly Courts previous attacks, the Ancient Heavenly Court was merely controlled by the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Shaowu and Six-Winged Green Mosquito Races Patriarch Du Chen.

Now, there was Reverence Moon Old Man, the little cow, King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, King of Darkness, and Du Hai.

These were six great Sovereigns, controlling the Ancient Heavenly Court.

They could not begin imagining how terrifying the Ancient Heavenly Courts power was now.

Run! This was Yang Gang, Lu Kun, and the others first thought.

In less than a breaths time, godforce coursed madly through their bodies as they fled desperately.

Moreover, the five of them tacitly scattered off in different directions.

Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly, seeing Yang Gang, Lu Kun, and the others fleeing in different directions, but a sneer soon curved up the corner of his lips as he maneuvered the Ancient Heavenly Court to chase after Lu Kun.

Lu Kun was a traitor to the Netherworld Kings Organization, and there was no chance that Huang Xiaolong would pardon him for his betrayal.

If Lu Kun managed to escape this time, it would be difficult to lure him out the next time.

After all, in the vast myriad worlds, even Huang Xiaolong would have a hard time trying to find Lu Kun when he was bent on running.

With Reverence Moon Old Man and the others vigorous godforce, the Ancient Heavenly Court caught up to Lu Kun in the blink of an eye.

Lu Kuns blood drained from his face, and despair filled his eyes as he looked at the Ancient Heavenly Court right in front of him.

Many thoughts and scenes flashed in his mind.

Most of them were memories of the days he had followed the King of Hell, the glorious days of battling the four directions.

“Huang Xiaolong, my heart resents you!” In his last moments, Lu Kun screamed with indignation as he was unwilling to accept the outcome.

A dark light exploded outwards from his body as the Crimson Scorpion Armor emerged to the surface.

Simultaneously, a ghost bowl rushed out and slammed against the Ancient Heavenly Court.

A half-moon divine artifact appeared above Lu Kuns head.

This half-moon divine artifact emitted blinding rays of silver moonlight, and heart-palpitating power.

“Is that a grandmist treasure artifact, the Brightness of Full Moon”

Some of the present Ancestors exclaimed.

“No, its not the Brightness of Full Moon; its only a deficient Brightness of Full Moon!” The Brightness of Full Moon was a famous grandmist treasure artifact, a powerful deterrence during the Desolate Era, but the half-moon divine artifact above Lu Kuns head was an incomplete, broken artifact.

The Brightness of Full Moon actually belonged to the Ancient Heavenly Emperor in the past.

Later on, there was a rumor that the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had joined hands with the Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen to besiege the Radiance Ancestor.

The Brightness of Full Moon was broken into several pieces by the Radiance Ancestors Radiance Divine Scepter.

Who would have thought that a piece of the broken Brightness of Full Moon had actually fallen into Lu Kuns hands.


The Ancient Heavenly Court collided with the ghost bowl.

The ghost bowl exploded into numerous pieces in an instant, flying out in various directions.

The Ancient Heavenly Court then went straight for Lu Kun.

The broken piece of Brightness of Full Moon issued a whimper as it was knocked back.

This broken price shattered a second time, whereas Lu Kun himself exploded from the impact.

Pieces of the Crimson Scorpion Armor flew out in every direction.

After killing Lu Kun in one strike, Huang Xiaolong swiftly directed the Ancient Heavenly Court in another direction, chasing after Chu Han.

Chu Han, the Massacring Gods Gates Old Ancestor, was frightened when he realized Huang Xiaolongs second target was actually him.

“Huang Xiaolong, please spare me!” Chu Han screamed in fear.

“My Massacring Gods Gate is willing to submit to you!” He barely shouted the sentence when the Ancient Heavenly Court plowed through the ten thousand li radius space with him as the center.

The rest of Chu Hans words were left unsaid.

After Lu Kun, Chu Han was the second fallen Sovereign!

By this time, the All-Heavens Envoy Yang Gang and other experts from the City of All-Heavens were long gone with the help from the All-Heavens Decree in his hand, while Qin Fan had escaped to the horizon.

The Ancient Heavenly Court whistled across space towards Chiyou.

In the Devil World, Chiyou had colluded with Shi Ming to assassinate Huang Xiaolong, causing Huang Xiaolong to nearly lose his life at Shi Mings hand.

Then, Chiyou managed to escape from the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield before Huang Xiaolong could do anything.

Chiyou had long been on Huang Xiaolongs must-kill list.

Before long, the Ancient Heavenly Court had caught up to Chiyou.

There wasnt any suspense.

Chiyou, one of the Heavenless Archdevil Lords infamous twelve Archdevils, was reduced to blood mist by the flying Ancient Heavenly Court.

There was nothing else in that stretch of space.

Chiyous dead!

Three Sovereigns were dead!

The Treasure World, Poison World, Demon World, Fire World, and Radiance Divine Citys experts scrambled to flee from the battlefield.

Huang Xiaolong scanned the four directions.

After confirming Yang Gang and Qin Fan were long gone, he harrumphed coldly.

After throwing the thought of chasing after them to the back of his mind, Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over the many pontiffs who had chosen to ally with the Radiance Divine City.

The Ancient Heavenly Court plowed through these people.

One after another pontiffs and Ancestors of these super churches exploded to their deaths.

How can these Emperor Realm pontiffs and churches Ancestors outrun the Ancient Heavenly Courts terrifying speed

Watching the Ancient Heavenly Court continue to reduce those super churches pontiffs and experts into mists of blood, the Treasure World, Poison World, Demon World, Fire World, and other forces who had come to assist the Radiance Divine City were taken by unprecedented horror.

Some understood that there was no escape.

They stopped running and got down on their knees, pleading for mercy.

A while later, the remaining Radiance Divine Citys pontiffs and archbishops were on their knees, and seeing them, the soldiers all emulated their actions.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze grew cold as it fell on the Divine Worlds army of several hundred million.

The Ancient Heavenly Court arrived above the army in an instant and descended, exuding an overpowering pressure on them.

In a second, the army of several hundred million that the Heavenly Court had sent over to assist the Radiance Divine City were killed on the spot.


Far away in the Heavenly Courts main hall, the Heavenly Emperor Di Jun, Heavenly Courts Grand Marshals and Marshals, who were following the battle through the Mysterious Transmission Mirror, ashened as they watched the army they had sent out completely annihilated.

Not a single soldier had survived.

Di Juns face was extremely sullen.

He clenched his hands into fists, and exuded a violent, murderous aura.

“Huang Xiaolong, this is not the end of this matter!” Di Jun growled, his eyes scarily scarlet.

In truth, he didnt need to say it out loud that the grudge between him and Huang Xiaolong determined the two of them would never stand on the same side.

Heavenly Courts experts shuddered, looking at the murderous Di Jun throwing his temper tantrum.

No one dared to make a sound, and they held their breaths to minimize their existence.

“Your Majesty, why dont we… hide for a while” A while passed when one of the Heavenly Courts Grand Marshal suggested cautiously.

Huang Xiaolong had succeeded in unifying the Radiance World.

Once the major affairs there were settled, Huang Xiaolong would certainly start dealing with outside forces who had sent aid to the Radiance Divine City.

“What did you say Hide! You want me to hide! Say it one more time, you motherf*cker! You f*cking dare to tell me to hide from Huang Xiaolong!” Di Jun yelled.

His fury-rounded eyes were fixed on the Grand Marshal with his overwhelming pressure of a Sovereign directed at him.

The Grand Marshal fell to his knees and pleaded, “Your Majesty, please appease your anger.

This subordinate is only worried about Your Majestys safety.

Please pardon me!”

Other Grand Marshals also knelt on their knees to plead for him.

Heavenly Emperor Di Juns murderous aura gradually receded, but snorted in dissatisfaction.

He then allowed everyone to stand up.

Di Jun looked into the distance in stillness for a long time.

“Your Majesty, we…” Just as one of the Grand Marshal started to speak, Di Jun cut him off, “Pass my order to gather all the generals and soldiers.

Well be setting off to the City of All-Heavens!”

Under the current circumstances, only the City of All-Heavens could protect him.

Everyone was shocked for a moment but quickly acknowledged Di Juns order and set off to carry out the necessary arrangements.


In the meantime, after annihilating the Heavenly Courts army, Huang Xiaolong had the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Shaowu cooperate with Elan to subjugate the remaining forces within the Radiance Divine City.

After that he summoned the Gate of Hell and directed the Ancient Heavenly Court through, arriving in the Spirits World in one step.

He was going to take this chance to uproot the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe once and for all, starting with the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes headquarters!

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