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The wheel slammed into the cows hoof and faltered.

As Lun Zhuan hastily retrieved his wheel, he stared at the newcomer in shock.

“Old Ancestor Azure Cow!”

Old Ancestor Azure Cow!

The ancestor-level figures stared at each other in shock as they racked their brains to search for the azure cows origins.

The Sovereigns, Chiyou, Chu Han, and the others stared at the azure cow in shock.

Even old freaks like Shi Ming and the King of Shadows revealed a look of shock.

The azure cow turned to Huang Xiaolong and chuckled, “Little Xiaolong, are you alright I wasnt too late, right”

The cow who had just arrived was precisely the little cow.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt be bothered to play along, and he snapped, “If you had come a little later, I would be dead…”

The little cow giggled, “Youre still alive and kicking… Youre fine!”

Huang Xiaolong was at a loss for words.

However, the arrival of the little cow puzzled him.

Could it be that she had already recovered her strength He had a faint guess as to how strong she was, but when she stomped at Lun Zhuans wheel, he understood how strong she actually was.

Her strength was definitely comparable to his master, the King of Grandmist.

It was no wonder the little cow could battle against the Ancient Heavenly Emperor for days on end! One had to know that the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had the number one ranked treasure, the Ancient Heavenly Court!

The little cow turned and stared at Lun Zhuan after messing with Huang Xiaolong.

“Old Monster Lun Zhuan, it looks like your treasure is getting old.

How many times have I stepped on it!”

Her voice was a little weird when she spoke about stepping on his wheel.

Lun Zhuan chuckled under his breath, “Old Ancestor Azure Cow, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor might be afraid of you, but I am not! Dont go around claiming that I bullied a girl.”

Some of the experts hiding in the audience gasped in shock.

The cow they were looking at was a female

“Who is Old Ancestor Azure Cow How can the Ancient Heavenly Emperor be afraid of her” One of the pontiffs asked with a trace of suspicion in his voice.

“Demon World!” One of the older pontiffs thought of a terrifying thought, and his voice started to shake.

“What! Demon World! Could it be…” Another person thought of the possibility and jumped in shock.

A look of shock flashed through his face.

He finally thought of the Azure Cows identity.

It was no wonder Lun Zhuan said that the Ancient Heavenly Emperor was afraid of her!

Indeed, the person who had given the Ancient Heavenly Emperor the biggest headache was none other than this cow!

All of a sudden, the little cow raised her head to roar towards the skies.

“F*ck your granny! Old freak, Im going to mess you up!”

When the various experts heard the little cowswarcry, they didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

The only being who would dare to behave so rudely could only be the little cow.

With her awe-inspiring warcry, even someone who had skin thicker than city walls like Huang Xiaolong wanted to hide his face.

Countless bolts of purple lightning appeared in the space above her, and a massive hole appeared.

Purple lightning poured out of it endlessly and charged towards Lun Zhuan.

The purple lightning formed a massive sea, and ominous crackling filled the air.

Lun Zhuans expression became grave when he saw the purple lightning shooting towards him.

He didnt dare to mess around, and the wheel in his hand started to spin.

Light poured out of the wheel and formed an image of a giant one.

It flew out to stop the lightning from hitting his body.

As the little cow engaged in battle with Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention to Dun Ei.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong fly towards him, Dun Eis expression changed.

“Huang Xiaolong, arent you a lucky one.”

Huang Xiaolong didnt feel like entertaining Dun Ei, and he snorted, “I have always been a lucky man.

Since you cant take my life, Ill take yours!” The Radiance Divine Scepter appeared once again and swept towards Dun Ei.

Dun Ei ignored Huang Xiaolongs sudden attack and waved his arms.

The barrier formed by the Ancient Heavenly Formation started to move, and it surrounded him.

“Huang Xiaolong, are you retarded Do you really think that a Second Order Emperor like you and those b*stards around you can break my formation!”

It was too bad he hadnt fully completed his sentence when the Radiance Divine Scepter broke through the barrier.

Huang Xiaolong looked completely unaffected when he crossed the barrier to appear before Dun Ei.


Dun Ei stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

How can this happen!

When Dun Ei was questioning the meaning of life, the Radiance Divine Scepter had already appeared above his head.

With the Heavenly Hall and the Radiance Divine Seals assistance, Huang Xiaolong gathered his energy before summoning the soul strand of the Radiance Ancestor to send a slap flying towards Dun Ei.

A look of panic appeared on Dun Eis face, and he didnt have time to think of a perfect counterattack.

He hastily circulated the energy in his body as he retreated.

Barriers of light appeared one after another to stop the palm strike from the Radiance Ancestors phantom.

It was too bad Dun Ei wasnt Shi Ming.

He stared in horror as the palm smash through his defenses as though they didnt exist.

Nothing managed to stop the attack from the Radiance Ancestors phantom.

Dun Ei roared with fright as he circulated all his energy to welcome the palm strike.

Lu Kun forced his way over, and he quickly blocked off more than half of the strength from the attack.

Even so, the two of them were forced to retreat.

The battle raged on for more than ten days and ten nights.

The Reverence Moon Old Man, Buddhist Ancestor, Lun Zhuan, the little cow, the King of Grandmist, the King of Shadows, Shi Ming, Elan, Jiang Hong, Chiyou, and Chu Han fought a grand battle that caused the stars to dim and the space to shake.

No matter how hard they fought, the victor couldnt be decided.

As for the Radiance Divine Citys army, that was forced to retreat, they received back up from a mysterious source and managed to resist the Radiance Knights advance.

Of course, Huang Xiaolongs party seemed to have the upper hand.

The Reverence Moon Old Man stopped the Buddhist Ancestor from doing anything with his Godly Mt.

Xumi, and the King of Grandmist was suppressing Shi Ming.

Cang Mutian finally gained the upper hand against the King of Shadows, and the little cow fought toe to toe with Lun Zhuan.

Despite that, Huang Xiaolong couldnt do anything to Radiance Divine City!

In the end, the two parties had no choice but to pause the battle, and just like that a deadlock was formed.

In a palace that was constructed on the fly, Huang Xiaolong and the other Sovereign Realm experts discussed their next move.

“F*ck! Why dont I call over all my descendants from the Demon World! Well screw them up big time! Ill beat them up so bad that they will sh*t their pants!”

Cold beads of sweat dripped down Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

The King of Grandmist chuckled.

“Thats actually possible.

We merely fought the first battle against them.

Im sure Shi Ming would call over his Nine Yin Giant Corpse Army, and the experts from the Massacring Gods Gate would probably join in the fight as well.

The Fire World might also send some troops.

Its time for us to go all out!”

The Reverence Moon Old Man nodded his head and laughed.

“Ill send out a message to call for all the graduates of my Reverence Moon Academy to join the battle!”

A smile appeared on Cang Mutians face.

“If all the graduates from the Reverence Moon Academy come back to help, we will definitely win the war!”

He wasnt exaggerating.

Anyone who could study in the Reverence Moon Academy were definitely geniuses from their respective worlds.

All of them were backed by massive superpowers! If the Reverence Moon Old Man could gather their strength, they would be more terrifying than any one of the five Greater Worlds!

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