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Seeing as Huang Xiaolong was out, Ao Ping couldnt help but ask, “What happened”

“Im fine.” Huang Xiaolong said as he shook his head.

“Alright, lets go! Well head over to look for the prince of the Buddha World!”


The two of them turned into two beams of light as they disappeared from the spot they were standing on.

Huang Xiaolong made up his mind.

As soon as he arrived at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, he would return to the bottom of the Radiance Flame Mountain to swallow the Three Lives Flower! He had already decided on the location he would break into the Sovereign Realm!

Since he had already accepted the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance, he had the full sixteen wings.

With the assistance of the Radiance Flame Mountain, his chances of entering the Sovereign Realm were way higher than the fourteen winged angels!

Not to mention that he had the Three Lives Flower, which could further increase his chances.

Huang Xiaolong breaking into the Sovereign Realm was something no one could stop.

After a few days, Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping finally met the Buddha Worlds prince, Pu Ti.

When they met, Huang Xiaolong widened his eyes in shock as the aura around Pu Ti was no weaker than that of Dun Hao!

Even though Huang Xiaolong had no idea who would be the winner if they were to fight, he was sure that Pu Ti wouldnt suffer from a devastating defeat.

When the prince heard that Huang Xiaolongs goal was the Saint Buddha Water, he thought about it for a second before saying, “Its true that I have a flask of Saint Buddha Water.

I am willing to give half of it to Your Majesty, the King of Hell.”

Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping sucked in a deep breath in shock.

Giving half of it without asking for anything in return!

One had to know that the Saint Buddha Water was a priceless treasure.

Huang Xiaolong was prepared to bleed just for a single drop.

Right now, Pu Ti was willing to give him half a flask for free!

“Brother Pu Ti, this…” Ao Ping asked as a trace of shock flashed through his eyes.

Even though they were friends, they werent close to the point where Pu Ti would take out half a flask of Saint Buddha Water the moment they met.

Pu Ti turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, “In the past, my master worked together with the Ancient Heavenly Emperor to bring down the Radiance Ancestor.

I am willing to take out half a flask of the Saint Buddha Water in order to apologize for the seeds of hatred the ancestors have sowed.”

A frown appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.


Your masters matters have nothing to do with you!”

“Even if you give me half a flask of the Saint Buddha Water for free, the matter of how your master worked together with the Ancient Heavenly Emperor to kill the Radiance Ancestor cannot be wiped away!”

Huang Xiaolong declared with an unwavering voice.

That was something that went against his principles.

Pu Ti sighed, “An eye for an eye… When will vengeance ever end”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“There is no need to bring this up again.”

Staring at the two of them who were stuck in a deadlock, Ao Ping felt the air turning stale.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, Ao Ping broke out into laughter, “Lets not talk about the past! Instead of bringing up old wounds, why dont we talk about the weather and issues with our cultivation”

“Of course, we should also talk about the Saint Buddha Water…”

After half a day, Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping finally left Pu Tis residence.

Pu Ti personally saw them off at the entrance.

Huang Xiaolong didnt waste a trip as he was able to obtain half a flask of Saint Buddha Water.

With the amount he had, he would be able to water the bodhi seed for several dozen years even if he used a drop a day! By then, the bodhi seed would have already germinated! The Divine Bodhi Tree would already be as tall as several humans stacked on top of each other!

As for what Huang Xiaolong planned to do after several dozen years… That was something he could worry about when the time came.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had to take out tons of treasures in order to exchange for half the flask of Saint Buddha Water.

He even traded away ten bottles of Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills!

Even after obtaining half a flask of Saint Buddha Water by trading away so many treasures, Huang Xiaolong felt as though he made a killer deal.

After they had left, Huang Xiaolong turned to Ao Ping and chuckled, “If you werent friends with Pu Ti, I was planning to snatch away the rest of the Saint Buddha Water.”

Ao Ping didnt falter.

Instead, a snicker escaped his lips.

“Well, if thats the case, Ill be your lookout when you rob him.”

Laughter filled the air in an instant.

“Whatever the case, you better be careful of Dun Ei.

You killed the Dun Hao, and Ive heard rumors about Dun Eis temper.

Its nothing to laugh about.

He nearly tore down half of his residence in the Radiance Divine City! Even though you managed to obtain the deputy deans support, Dun Ei probably wont give up.

He might disregard everything and take revenge.” A solemn expression suddenly appeared on Ao Pings face as he cautioned Huang Xiaolong.

After hearing Ao Pingsreminder, Huang Xiaolong stared at him with an indifferent face.

“Theres nothing to worry about.

Hes just a harmless beast.”

Several days passed, and Huang Xiaolong left the Reverence Moon Divine City for the Devil World.

Time flowed as usual…

In the blink of an eye, half a year passed.

In the time that passed, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have disappeared from everyones minds in the Radiance World.

Compared to his silence, Dun Ei from the Radiance Divine City rushed about and gathered an entire army.

With the Radiance Divine City as the origin, his mighty army swept through the entire Radiance World.

He took over world surfaces after world surfaces without a care in the world.

After conquering those more land, he plundered everything and instructed the pontiffs under him to construct Ancient Supreme Formations.

The Ancient Supreme Formations were extremely complicated, and every time a single one was constructed on a world surface, they were linked to the other formations on other world surface.

In the span of half a year, the Radiance Divine City managed to construct over four hundred and thirty thousand Ancient Supreme Formations on the divine planes around the city! The brilliance they emitted illuminated the area trillions of kilometers around the city!

Looking at the horrifying formations, even several peak late-Tenth Order Emperors swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

“This… What formation is this! Even if a Sovereign Realm expert comes, he probably wont be able to break it! If a Sovereign is trapped in the formation… he may very well lose his life!” One of the ancestors from the Royal Wood World exclaimed in shock.

“A formation built by a combination of over four hundred and thirty thousand other formations.

Every single one of the four hundred thousand formations can suppress a Sovereign! This is simply overkill to build so many formations! With the protection of this grand formation, even the Reverence Moon Old Man wouldnt be able to break into Radiance Divine City!” The expression on the Tang World Leaders face was solemn as he made his deduction.

Even though their worlds couldnt be compared to the Radiance World and Dragon World, they were still part of the top one hundred worlds.

Based on what the Tang World Lord said, the might of the formation was clear.

“Half a year has already passed.

Huang Xiaolong has refused to poke his head out, and no one knows where he is hiding.

If he refuses to appear, even if his master, the King of Grandmist, joins hands with the Reverence Moon Old Man, they wouldnt be able to change the outcome of the battle!”

“The Radiance Divine City is growing stronger by the day! They can take down ten thousand divine planes in a day! At the rate they are going, the Radiance World will belong to them in less than half a year! If they manage to connect the formations throughout the entire world, Huang Xiaolong will be dead beyond a doubt!”

Everyone discussed the current state of the Radiance World with great fanfare.

Everyone was waiting for the fated battle between Huang Xiaolong and Dun Ei.

Even Di Jun was part of the spectators! Of course, it wouldnt be like him to remain on the sidelines.

He had sent several experts over in order to assist Dun Ei.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to credit half of Radiance Divine Citys expansion to Di Jun.

As long as it prevented Huang Xiaolong from controlling the Radiance World, Di Jun would gladly do it.

Compared to the Radiance Divine Citys shocking expansion, the Radiance Knight Corp was pushed back again and again.

In the main hall of the Myriad Spirit Manor of the Myriad Spirit City, the Archbishop controlling the Radiance Knight Corp was seated with several tens of pontiffs who threw in their lot with the knight corp.

“Commander Elan, we cant sit back and wait for them to kill their way over! Please pass down the order! Order a counterattack! We will raze Radiance Divine City to the ground!” One of the pontiffs raged.

Elan shook her head.


The World Lord has given the order.

We shall wait for his return.”

“When will the World Lord be back! Where did he go” The pontiff of the Horizon Church frowned.

A look of displeasure appeared on his face as he complained, “Does he know that this is an extremely critical period Where did he go! Is he planning to drag us all down with him!”

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