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Their fists collided hard in midair as if two great chaos mountains had slammed into one another.

The surrounding space shook violently as destructive force swept out.

There were bursts of bright lights from the surrounding mountain peaks as defensive formations were triggered.

Brennus and others saw what happened when Huang Xiaolong and Caleys fists collided.

Caleys fist cracked then exploded into a mist of blood, whereas the speed of Huang Xiaolongs fist was unaffected, and it smacked straight on Caleys face.

Caleys head twisted to the side, as his entire body spun as he flew out towards one of the mountains in the distance.

He just looked like a strayed rocket.

The mountain peak rumbled and shattered.

Rocks and gravel shot to the sky, raising a cloud of dust as he crashed.

Caley was half-buried into the belly of the mountain.

The impact had nearly split the mountain in half horizontally.



Some of the spectating imperial courtyard students were clearly shocked agape, looking at Caleys sorry state.

Even Brennus and others who had come with Caley were astounded, and their faces paled unnoticeably.

Ao Ping had just left his cultivation palace to watch how Huang Xiaolong was going to handle Caleys groups harassment.

He was greeted by the sight of a half-buried Caley.

For a second, his head went blank, unable to register what had happened.

While everyone was still astounded, Caley, who was half-buried in the mountains belly, jerked slightly.

Bright light enshrouded his body as he managed to struggle out from the rubble.

All eyes were once again on Caley, and gasps sounded in the air.

Caleys face looked like it had been hit by a high-grade grandmist spiritual weapon as one side of his head was sunken while the other side was swollen into a pig-head.

One of his eyeballs had exploded from the force of Huang Xiaolongs punch.

As the light over Caleys body glimmered, his face quickly restored its shape.

Huang Xiaolong watched Caley heal without launching another attack.

“Ao Li, you f*cking animal, shameless.

You actually used an underhanded trick and sneak-attacked me!” Caley raged as his body expanded in size, turning into a thousand zhang giant.

Glimmering radiant runes emerged around him, merging into a protective barrier.

It was an ancient divine armor belonging to the ancient god of light.

“Im going to kill you!” He roared as his eyes turned scarlet as a giant ax appeared in his hand, chopping down at Huang Xiaolong.

Looking at the thousand zhang giant Caley, Ao Ping was shocked and blurted out, “Spiritual Divine Art!”

Spiritual Divine Art was one of the most powerful divine arts of ancient Radiance World.

Ao Ping had heard his father recount his experience after watching a Sovereign Realm expert executing the Spiritual Divine Art.

That person had turned into a ten thousand zhang tall giant, and he had left a gaping hole through a large world surface with one palm strike.

The Spiritual Divine Art exponentially increased ones power and defenses simultaneously when executed.

With Caleys ability to transform into a thousand-zhang tall giant, his explosive and defensive powers were at least doubled.

“Its actually the Spiritual Divine Art! With this, Caleys strength rivals many peak late-Fourth Order Emperor Realm experts!”

Judging from the imperial courtyard students exclamations as they recognized Caleys divine art, it showed how powerful this divine art was.

While everyone gasped in shock, Huang Xiaolong struck at Caleys giant ax with his bare hand.

“What!! That Ao Lis gone mad, has he Does he want to directly collide with Caleys giant ax! That giant is a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact.

Its power is comparable to a mid-grade grandmist spiritual artifact with Caleys godforce infused with it!”

“This Ao Li is getting ahead of himself, he must think that hes really strong! He merely succeeded just now because he sneak-attacked, catching Caley off guard.

That is the only reason he sent Caley flying!”

Many of the spectating students snorted in contempt.

Dun Hao had a great deal of influence in the imperial courtyard, and as a matter of fact, in the Radiance World.

Thus, these imperial courtyard students naturally wanted Caley, Brennus, and those representing Dun Hao to win.

Better yet, they wanted to teach Ao Li an unforgettable, lifelong lesson.

Huang Xiaolong and Dragon Worlds Ao Pings bet on whether Huang Xiaolong could defeat Dun Hao in ten moves had angered many imperial courtyards students.

All of them had felt that Huang Xiaolong was simply too arrogant for his own good.

By this time, Huang Xiaolongs palm had already collided with Caleys giant ax.

In the moment of collision, an obscured opulent light flickered across Huang Xiaolongs palm.

Caley immediately felt an overwhelming surge of energy rushing up from his giant ax, and his flesh actually cracked from the impact, making him lose the strength to hold onto the ax.

His grip loosened, and the giant ax fell to the ground.

Huang Xiaolongs palm continued to strike forth.

Caleys sight darkened, and a thunderclap jolted his mind, threatening to split his head as he was sent flying a second time.

Caley smashed into the slope of the same mountain and fell upside down.

Once again, everyones heads turned towards that particular mountain.

Their gazes were fixed on the giant axs jagged blade and the crack-lines running all over it.

They sucked in a breath of cold air.

That was a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact, yet it could not withstand one strike from Huang Xiaolongs palm!

Even a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact had cracked from the impact, and it looked like it could crumble to pieces at any second.

Does that mean Huang Xiaolongs physical body was harder than a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact!

They had never ever heard of any low-level Emperor Realm experts body achieving this degree of toughness.

Probably, not even a Tenth Order Emperors physique was this terrifying….!

The corners of Ao Pings mouth twitched in speechlessness at the quality of Huang Xiaolongs physique.

Now, he finally understood whyAo Li dared to make such a bet with him.

Ao Li was brazen, but he had the capital to be brazen!

Huang Xiaolong walked in the air until he reached Caley.

More than half of Caleys body was buried in the mountain, and the lower half of his body was dangling in the air.

Huang Xiaolong raised his foot and mercilessly kicked at the intersection between Caleys inner thighs.

A sharp but muffled scream came from the depths of the mountain and reached everyones ears.

Huang Xiaolong added another kick, then another, until the count reached eighteen.

“18-section staff.” Huang Xiaolongs icy voice sounded, then another kick completely sent Caleys entire body into the mountain hole.

19-section staff! Huang Xiaolong turned around, his hands clasped behind him as he walked towards Brennus.

Brennus and the other two, who accompanied Caley, paled slightly.

Although Brennus was a peak late-Third Order Emperor and was a little bit stronger than Caley, the difference in their strengths was not that significant.

“Ao Li, do you know what youre doing” Brennus suppressed his apprehension and shouted, “Both Caley and I are the right-hand and left-hand men of Senior Brother Dun Hao.

Are you aware of the consequences of offending Senior Brother Dun Hao There will never be a place for you in the entire Radiance World! Handover the ten-winged pegasus and that treasure on you to Senior Brother Dun Hai.

I can plead for you in front of him!”

However, Brennus had just finished speaking when Huang Xiaolong sent him flying with a smack on the face.

The force made his neck turn several times like a spiral.

“Noisy!” Huang Xiaolong sent Brennus staggering back with another kick.

Lastly, he sent another kick at the remaining two imperial courtyard students and drove them into the ground.

Huang Xiaolongs cold gaze swept over the spectating imperial courtyard students in the surroundings, “Who was making a bet just now that Caley is going to cripple my arms and legs”

These students faces paled as they swiftly shook their heads and scattered in various directions as fast as they could.

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