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Huang Xiaolong naturally had his reasons for ordering Elan to leak the news that he had obtained the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance.

It was unnecessary to keep this matter under wraps now that he had obtained the complete inheritance and was already acknowledged by the Radiance Worlds origin energy.

He wanted to let everyone in the Radiance World, especially the church forces, know that he was now the rightful Radiance World Lord.

Huang Xiaolong anticipated that once the news spread, quite a few of those super church forces, who had been maintaining a neutral stance, would probably seek allegiance under him.

Even if most of them chose to remain neutral, those that leaned towards Dun Eis side would think twice.

Elan understood Huang Xiaolongs intention for ordering her to leak the word that he had obtained the complete inheritance.

But when she heard that Huang Xiaolong planned to go to the Reverence Moon Academy, she was genuinely shocked.

“Your Majesty, yo-you want to go to the Reverence Moon Academy”

Watching Elans expression, Huang Xiaolong smiled and said, “Dont worry, Im going to the Reverence Moon Academy to look for something.

I will leave once I find it.”

Elan silently heaved a sigh of relief.

“I thought Your Majesty is heading there because of the Son of Lights battle stage challenge.”

The Reverence Moon Academy was naturally located at the Reverence Moon Divine City.

The Son of Light had put up his battle stage at the Reverence Moon Divine City to challenge various forces younger generations geniuses, stirring up a storm through the big worlds.

Elan knew this.

Hence, when she heard Huang Xiaolong was planning to go to the Reverence Moon Academy, she thought his target was the Son of Light.

Recently, this was the most discussed topic in the Radiance World.

People were saying that Huang Xiaolong was a coward, and he had no guts to show up in the Reverence Moon City to accept the challenge.

Moreover, they also said that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt last more than five moves from the Son of Light even if he had the guts to show up.

Huang Xiaolongs lips curved into a smile as he asked, “That Son of Light is a student of the Reverence Moon Academy”

Elan nodded, “Yes, he is a student of the Reverence Moon Academys Imperial Courtyard.

Furthermore, he is the most talented student of the academy since its founding.

Thus, he is extremely valued by the several Deputy Deans of the academy.

People say that even the current Reverence Moon Academys Dean only has good things to say about him.”

She was hesitant before continuing, “Therefore, Your Majesty, when youre at the Reverence Moon Academy, its best if you dont run into a conflict with the Son of Light.”

Huang Xiaolong flashed her a bright grin and said, “Dont worry! I am good-tempered.”

Elan secretly rolled her eyes, hearing that.

Good-temperedThats why you slaughtered several hundred Emperor Realm experts at the Nethersea! So good-tempered that you destroyed the entire Fiend God Emperor Palace And in the Devil Worlds Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield, you even killed the Black Killer Sects Chief Cui Huajie and several hundred experts!

“Itll be fine as long as he doesnt provoke me.

I wont kill him.

At the very least, I wont kill him before I attack the Radiance Divine City.”

Huang Xiaolong paused for a second, then added as his gaze turned cold, “But if he takes the initiative to provoke me, you cant blame me.”

A helpless wry smile rose to Elans face, then she spoke solemnly, “The Son of Light, his talent is not lower than the last Radiance Ancestor.

Some people say that he is even more talented than the Radiance Ancestor was.

The Son of Light setting up this battle stage challenge is likely to be Dun Eis idea.

He wants to borrow the Son of Lights hand to lure Your Majesty out.

If Your Majesty accepts the battle stage challenge, the Son of Light can openly and righteously kill you.”

Huang Xiaolong responded with a soft smile, “Looks like Dun Ei has high confidence in the Son of Light.

Do you also feel the same, that I am no match against the Son of Light”

Elan did not know how to answer that.

She carefully chose her words, “Although the Son of Light is a monstrous genius, hes still incomparable to Your Majesty.

However, he has been cultivating for almost thirty thousand years, whereas Your Majesty hasnt even been cultivating for a thousand years.”

Huang Xiaolong understood what Elan was trying to say, “So, do you think that I am not the Son of Lights opponent, currently”

“A few years back, before the Son of Light broke through to Fourth Order Emperor Realm, he had a record of killing Fifth Order Emperor Realm radiance beasts.

That was only the strength he had exposed on the surface.” Elan stressed.

Seeing Elan was still doubtful, Huang Xiaolong merely smiled and did not continue with the topic any longer.

He changed the subject, “Ive heard it has been many years since the Reverence Moon Old Man has appeared in front of everyone.”

Elan nodded, “Ever since the Radiance Ancestor went missing, Senior Reverence Moon stopped appearing in public.

But, Senior Reverence Moon should still be at the Reverence Moon Academy.” As Elan spoke about Senior Reverence Moon, there was reverence and awe in her eyes.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong learned about the Radiance Knight Corps situation from Elan.

WElan left two hours later.

Huang Xiaolong fell into contemplation as he watched Elan walk out of sight.

His purpose for going to the Reverence Moon Academy was indeed to take something.

After he had obtained the Radiance Ancestors full inheritance, he had also gotten some of the Radiance Ancestors broken memories.

In the past, the Radiance Ancestor had left something at the Reverence Moon Academy.

The thing the Radiance Ancestor had left behind was an amazing treasure.

Otherwise, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt have bothered to make the trip personally.

With the item the Radiance Ancestor left behind, the Radiance Knight Corps overall battle power would double!

This was the main reason why he had decided to collect the item the Radiance Ancestor had left at the Reverence Moon Academy before proceeding to attack the Radiance Divine City.

In fact, before coming to the Radiance World, Huang Xiaolong had learned some things about the Radiance World from his Master, the King of Grandmist.

On the surface, the Radiance World was governed together by Elan of the Radiance Knight Corp and the Radiance Divine Citys Dun Ei.

However, this was not the truth.

Other than the Radiance Knight Corp and Radiance Divine City, there were several tens of super church forces that did not fall under these two parties governance.

Several tens of super church forces formed a powerful force that could fight against the Radiance Knight Corp and Radiance Divine City at the same time.

However, other than the Radiance Knight Corp, Radiance Divine City, and the several tens of super church forces, there was another super special existence—the Reverence Moon Academy!

Before coming to the Radiance World, his Master King of Grandmist had cautioned him many times to be careful of the Reverence Moon Academy!

More precisely, he had cautioned him to be careful of the Reverence Moon Old Man!

There was a myth that the Radiance Knight Corp was created by the Radiance Ancestor and Reverence Moon Old Man.

After the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had joined hands with the Buddha World to rage war against the Radiance World, the Radiance Ancestor had disappeared.

Subsequent suppression from the Divine World and Buddha World on the Radiance World had forced the Radiance World out of six great worlds ranks.

Then again, despite the Divine World and Buddha Worlds latter suppression, they had failed to destroy or conquer the Radiance World.

This was made possible by one person! And this person was none other than the Reverence Moon Old Man!

At the mention of Reverence Moon Old Man, his Master King of Grandmists expression was solemn like Huang Xiaolong had never seen before.

His Master had only one comment, unfathomable!

As far as everyone knew, the Reverence Moon Old Mans strength was no weaker compared to the Radiance Ancestor.

Because of the Reverence Moon Old Man and the Reverence Moon Academys existence, the Radiance World had continued to exist until today.

In the past, when the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe had attacked the Divine World, he had kept away from the Radiance World.

The reason for this was the Reverence Moon Old Man.

Thus, when speaking of the Reverence Moon Old Man, even the Radiance Knight Corps Commander Elan, who had broken through to the Sovereign Realm, was apprehensive and respectful.

“Reverence Moon Old Man…” Huang Xiaolong spoke the name, his fingers lightly tapped on the arm of his seat.


One month went by quickly.

During this month, other than consuming Brilliant Sun Divine Pills as he cultivated inside the Myriad Spirits Divine Manor, Huang Xiaolong researched array formations and alchemy.

In recent years, Huang Xiaolong researched array formations and alchemy whenever he had free time.

Some of the archbishops and bishops stationed in other world surfaces returned to the Myriad Spirits Divine Manor to pay their respects to Huang Xiaolong.

However, some people like Hillier, An Si, and the others opted to leave the Radiance Knight Corp and sought allegiance with Dun Ei at the Radiance Divine City.

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