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Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong considerately retrieved his radiant rune mark.

Only then did everyone in the main hall feel better compared to the suffocation they had experienced in the past few minutes.

“I believe everyone has already guessed that I am Huang Xiaolong.”

Huang Xiaolong didnt waste time with nonsense and cut into the subject directly.

“When I was in Hell, I obtained the Lord of Hells inheritance, and became Hells Nether King, the ruler of Hells three worlds.

By some fortuitous adventure, I also managed to obtain the Radiance Lords complete inheritance, which has made me the Lord of Radiance World.

I understand that part of you cant believe and accept I am saying., Or some of you are even unwilling to acknowledge and submit to me, the king of hell.”

“If any of you are unwilling to serve me as the new Radiance World Lord, you can leave now.

I will not force you.” Huang Xiaolongs words reverberated in the main hall.

All the archbishops and bishops in the main hall kept silent.

In all honesty, since the news of Huang Xiaolong obtaining half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance had reached their ears, many of them had engaged in secret discussions.

They had wondered if Huang Xiaolong were to really obtain the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance, would they be willing to serve the king of hell! After all, the Radiance World and Hell had always been at odds like fire and water.

Now, the ruler of hell wants to command them

Many of them were indeed unwilling to accept it.

Huang Xiaolong\'s gaze swept over the faces of those in the hall, taking note of their expressions.

“I will say it one last time—those of you who are unwilling to submit to me, you can leave now.

However, I hope you wont appear at Dun Eis doorsteps after leaving here.” Huang Xiaolongs voice turned a degree colder at this point, “After some days, I will be attacking the Radiance Divine City, and every single person seeking allegiance with Dun Ei after leaving the Radiance Knight Corp will be exterminated!”

Huang Xiaolongs murderous voice pounded like a hammer on everyones heart.

Before this, a few of the archbishops and bishops had contemplated seeking allegiance with Dun Ei after leaving the Radiance Knight Corp.

It was granted that it was easier to take shade under a big tree.

Dun Ei held the Radiance Divine Seal.

Thus, on the surface, he was the Radiance Lord.

As everyone fell into prolonged heavy silence, Hillier suddenly stepped forward and spoke, “Huang Xiaolong, you yourself said that anyone, who is unwilling to serve, you can leave.” He couldnt be bothered with using any honorifics at this point.

Hilliers attitude stupefied everyone.

Elan was the first to react and reprimanded Hillier, “Hillier, youre acting presumptuous! Do you want to betray the Radiance Knight Corp!”

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and stopped Elan.

He said to Hillier, “Thats right, Ive said so.

If youre unwilling to serve me, you can leave now.”

Without another word, Hillier turned around and began walking towards the door.

An Si hesitated briefly, then cupped his fists at Huang Xiaolong and turned around to leave just like Hillier.

Subsequently, four more archbishops turned and left.

Seeing that Hillier, An Si, and four other archbishops had chosen to leave, the bishops under their command also followed them and left without a second thought.

All in all, more than sixty people in the hall left.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the remaining four hundred plus people and nodded as he said, “Very good.

I have never badly treated the people who serve me.”

Huang Xiaolong casually flicked his hand, and shiny pellets of divine pills and low-grade chaos spirit stones fell in front of each person in an orderly manner.

“These Brilliant Sun Divine Pills are your reward.

Each bishop will receive one hundred pellets, and each archbishop will get five hundred pellets.

Additionally, each person will receive one million low-grade chaos spirit stones!” Huang Xiaolong announced.

The archbishops and bishops were flabbergasted.

Ecstasy rushed up to their hearts after hearing this.

All of them quickly knelt in gratitude, “Many thanks for Your Majestys rewards!”

These top-grade grandmist Brilliant Sun Divine Pills couldnt be bought with spirit stones.

At the same time, all of them were astounded as they looked at the high pile of low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Even Elan was agape with surprise.

Huang Xiaolong was giving one million low-grade chaos spirit stones per person.

There were more than four hundred people receiving them—that was well over four hundred million chaos spirit stones in total!

Elan felt like fainting due to this ginormous amount.

Even if she were to count the low-grade chaos spirit stones inside the Radiance Knight Corps treasury down to the last piece, she wouldnt be able to add up to four hundred million.

Huang Xiaolong turned towards Elan and said, “Recall all the archbishops and bishops stationed outside.

The same rule applies—if they are unwilling to serve me, they can leave.

There is no need for them to come back here.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Elan complied respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Elan was completely trustworthy.

It proved the Radiance Ancestors trust in her when he had left the Radiance Knight Corp in her loyal and capable hands.

At this time, Archbishop Hillier, An Si, and the others packed up their things and left the Myriad Spirits City.

“Brother Hillier, what is your plan” An Si asked.

Hillier seriously answered, “Go to the Radiance Divine City!”

“What The Radiance Divine City!”

An Si was truly shocked, “You really plan to…”

Hillier confirmed, “Yes, in truth, I have been in touch with the Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi for a long time now.

He said that Lord Dun Ei is delighted to have me on his side.” He paused for a second, then added, “Moreover, Lord Dun Ei has promised the position of Right Radiance Envoy once the Radiance Knight Corp is defeated and he has unified the Radiance World.

He would put me in charge of a hundred thousand world surfaces!”

An Si and the other four archbishops and bishops exchanged a look of astonishment.

“If Brother An Si is willing to come with me, Lord Dun Ei would be delighted as well.

He surely wont treat you badly!” Hillier tempted.

An Si was hesitant.

“Brother Hillier, are you really certain Lord Dun Ei can unify the Radiance World”

Hillier chuckled in response, “I will tell Brother An Si a secret.

Lord Dun Ei has successfully rallied the support from several of the Reverence Moon Academys Deputy Deans support!”

“For real!” An Si and the others all showed shocked expressions.

As archbishops and bishops of the Radiance Knight Corp, they naturally understood what the Reverence Moon Academy represented.

“Moreover, Lord Dun Ei has reached an agreement with the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming, and Patriarch Shi Wushuang.

Not only that, but he also got support from the Devil Worlds Chiyou Archdevil.”

Hillier chuckled smugly as he went on, “Whats a mere Huang Xiaolong As long as Lord Dun Eis preparations are sufficient, he can deter the Radiance Knight Corp and unify the Radiance World with various forces unified support!”

An Si and the others were hit by several bouts of shock by the information Hillier revealed.

Several of the Reverence Moon Academys Deputy Deans!

Shi Ming and Chiyou!


“What do you think” Hillier tempted again.

“We just need to go to Lord Dun Eis side, and after Lord Dun Ei wrestles the power from the Radiance Knight Corp and unifies the Radiance World, all of us will become meritorious heroes! Our names will resound through future generations minds!”

An Si and other archbishops exchanged a glance.

“Fine, we will head to the Radiance Divine City with Brother Hillier!” An Si gritted his teeth and decided.

Hillier smiled from ear to ear at An Sis agreement.

“Good, lets hurry to the Radiance Divine City now, brothers.

You will know in the future that you made a wise decision today!”

Hillier took out a flying ship and everyone boarded it.

The flying ship headed straight towards the Radiance Divine City.

The next day, Elan came and reported to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Majesty, Hillier, An Si, and the rest flew to the Radiance Divine City after leaving.

It seems like they are planning to seek allegiance with Dun Ei.

Should we cut them off halfway and deal with them once and for all”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head nonchalantly.

“Its alright, let them go.

Its sufficient to leak the word that I have gotten the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance.

Additionally, prepare an identity for me at the Reverence Moon Academy.

I will make a trip to the academy soon.”

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