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“Son of Light” Huang Xiaolong couldnt help chuckling, “Who is the Son of Light other than someone qualified to carry my shoes” He paused for a split second, then added, “I too want to tell you that even Elan cant save you today.”



As Huang Xiaolong actually dared to speak the name of their Radiance Knight Corp Commander Lord Elan without honorifics, all the Radiance Knight Corp members behind Abra were outraged, and they reprimanded Huang Xiaolong.

Abra, Lu Zhaoming, and other Emperor Realm experts faces sank, and all their murderous auras were locked onto Huang Xiaolong.

Abra nudged the Sky Dragon Horse under him forward.

His icy gaze never left Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, on the way here, I was thinking of sparing your life if you showed willingness to turn over a new leaf by begging for pardon on your knees, and vowed to serve me as a warrior.

But now, even if you beg on your knees, youve already missed your chance!”

On the way over, Abra had indeed thought about this.

Since Huang Xiaolong had easily defeated Lu Zhaoming in one move above the Sea of Radiance in the past, Huang Xiaolongs battle strength was simply amazing.

Thus, Abra had thought of subjugating Huang Xiaolong.

If Huang Xiaolong had kneeled to him and vowed to serve him, Abra would have spared his life.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt resist snickering after hearing Abras words, “You want me to serve you I wouldnt even consider you as a candidate for being my slave with your qualifications.”

Abra was merely a mid-Ninth Order Emperor.

“Youre courting death!” Abras eyes widened in fury, and his aura turned violent in an instant.

“Master, your status is too noble to deal with little clowns like him.

Please allow this disciple to make him kneel before you to receive your punishment!” At this time, Bishop Barnett moved out from behind Abra and volunteered.

Though Barnett was of the same bishop rank as Lu Zhaoming, he was significantly stronger than Lu Zhaoming.

He was a late-Fourth Order Emperor Realm expert.

Abras oppressive aura converged slightly as he suppressed the killing intent roiling in his heart.

He nodded at Barnett and agreed, “Alright! Go break and cut off his legs for me first to make him kneel to me!”

“Yes, Master.” Barnett approached Huang Xiaolong on his Sky Dragon Horse mount.

Lu Zhaoming and the rest remained on standby behind Abra.

Experts spectating from afar stirred in excitement.

“Who is that kid He is simply too arrogant, he dared to say our Son of Light is merely qualified to carry his shoes! This kind of reckless and ignorant rascal should not be killed immediately, but slowly tortured to death.

That is the best lesson for him!”

“Thats right.

Better yet, nail him to the spot and let the sun dry him out day in and day out into a dried corpse!”

“Lord Barnett, kill this stupid pig!” Someone in the crowd instigated.

To Radiance Worlds younger generation, the Son of Light was the skys limit, the invincible idol in their hearts.

So how dare Huang Xiaolong blaspheme their idol by comparing him to someone that carries anothers shoes.

In a sentence, Huang Xiaolong had provoked public ire.

Barnett stopped roughly a hundred meters from Huang Xiaolong and scrutinized him in a condescending manner as he spoke, “Kid, did you hear that Say, how do you think I should torture you after cutting off your legs Should I nail you here and let you slowly turn into a dried corpse as they suggested”

But Barnett barely finished his words when a small chaos ax whistled across the air towards him.

The moment the little chaos ax appeared, it sent a ripple through heaven and earth.

The whole Myriad Spirits Citys experts hearts palpitated without knowing why.

Barnett merely saw a gleam of light, and the world came to a standstill in that moment.

When he looked down, there was a cut that went all the way down to his crotch from his head.

His body split into two.

That moment felt like forever, yet it seemed like barely a breaths time had passed as Barnetts two-halves fell to the ground.

Glaring rays of light burst out from the cut across his body, as well as the Sky Dragon Horse under him.

The shouts and yells for Huang Xiaolongs torture from the spectating crowd came to an abrupt stop.

The surrounding churches disciples stared stupidly at the street where the two-halves of Barnetts corpse fell.

“Lord Barnett!” A few breaths later, the Radiance Knight Corps members finally reacted.

Their voices reverberated in the street.

Abra came to his senses, and he glared at Huang Xiaolong with intensified killing intent.

Even so, his killing intent failed to hide the shock in his gaze.

What was that just now In that split second when that small ax struck, it was too fast.

So fast that he could merely catch a blurry shadow of it.

“Kill this animal, avenge Lord Barnett!”

“Lord Abra, please give the order, we must kill this little beast!”

The captains and senior captains under Barnett hollered with raging fury but before they could take any action, the little chaos ax appeared again, drawing a streak of light across the air.

Wherever the streak of light passed, the captains, senior captains, and knights fluttered weightlessly into the air, disintegrating into particles of light as they landed on the ground and disappeared from the world.

The lights disappeared and there were a few more corpses on the street.

These were the senior captains, captains, and knights who had been shouting to kill Huang Xiaolong the loudest.

How could the Majesty, the Nether King be challenged this way How could the majesty of the Radiance Lord be blasphemed

“Little beast, youre courting death!” Abra bellowed as he leaped off his Sky Dragon Horse, and his palm struck down on Huang Xiaolong.

A bright shining palm appeared, casting a shadow over half of the Myriad Spirits City.

It seemed like the entire Myriad Spirits City would sink into the earth if Abras palm really struck down.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze hardened listening to Abra shouting another little beast. A soft light rippled from his body as a fourteen-winged Radiance Angel flew out at a terrifying speed straight at Abra.

The fourteen-winged Radiance Angel shattered Abras palm strike in the blink of an eye.

Then, his palm slit across Abras neck like the sharpest blade.

Abra could only watch the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel slit his throat with fear and despair.


At the center of Myriad Spirits City stood a huge, sacred manor, enshrouded in radiant light.

It exuded supreme majesty and holiness.

Little sparkles of light elves whizzed happily above the manor.

This was the Myriad Spirits Divine Manor, also known as the Radiance Knight Corps headquarters.

At this time, at the main hall of the Myriad Spirits Divine Manor sat a woman of peerless beauty.

Twelve wings were spread out on her back, exuding an inviolable majesty that filled the huge main hall.

This beautiful woman was the Radiance Knight Corps Commander, Elan.

She was also the strongest person of Radiance Knight Corp, hailed as the most powerful person of Radiance World.

Suddenly, Elan opened her eyes, and the twelve wings folded to her back.

In the next moment, Bishop Mo Xifa walked in anxiously and knelt on one knee before Elan, “Corp Commander, bad news, Archbishop Abra was killed moments ago!”

“What!” Elan was shocked, and she demanded, “Youre saying Archbishop Abra!”

“Yes, just now, inside our Myriad Spirits City!” Bishop Mo Xifa answered apprehensively.

Inside the Myriad Spirits City! Elan rose briskly from her seat.

Right at this time, several hundred people entered the main hall.

These were the Radiance Knight Corps archbishops and bishops who had rushed over upon hearing the news.

The Radiance Knight Corp had close to a hundred archbishops, and amongst the several hundred people that entered the main hall, forty-plus of them were archbishops.

All the archbishops within the Myriad Spirits City were present in the main hall.

The rest of the archbishops were stationed at other world surfaces.

Abra was killed.

On top of that, he was killed within the Myriad Spirits City.

When these archbishops heard the news, all of them rushed over to the headquarters main hall.

Something of this magnitude had never happened before.

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