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That late-First Order Emperor Realm expert looked at Huang Xiaolong, who was right before him as if he was looking at a terrifying devil.

His complexion turned deathly pale and lips quivering so much that he was unable to speak.

Huang Xiaolongs brows wrinkled.

“You were the one screaming and shouting to chase me right now, correct Werent you excited just now Speak! If you dont speak, then Ill search your soul and turn you into a fool!”

The late-First Order Emperor Realm expert hastened to speak, “Ye-yes, its Lord Lu Zhaoming.

He issued a bounty for your capture and has offered two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly, “Im only worth two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones A Radiance Knight Corps bishop that Lu Zhaoming can only afford so little He is so poor.”

The late-First Order Emperor Realm expert was terrified standing in front of Huang Xiaolong, not daring to utter any unnecessary sound.

Two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones werent little at all.

It was enough to move any low-level Emperor Realm experts.

Hence, Lu Zhaomings bounty of two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones for capturing Huang Xiaolong, who had recently advanced to Emperor Realm, was not a small sum.

Looking at the late-First Order Emperor Realm experts frightened and flustered behavior, Huang Xiaolong said, “Dont worry, since I spared your life, I wont kill you.”

With that said, Huang Xiaolong simply threw the late-First Order Emperor Realm expert on a barren island several hundred thousand li away.

A muffled boom came from that island, raising a thick cloud of sand.

“Go back and tell Lu Zhaoming, no need to offer a bounty on me.

I will go look for him at the Myriad Spirits City in ten years.” Huang Xiaolong left on the ten-winged pegasus, but his voice reverberated in the air.

The late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert watched Huang Xiaolong disappear on the horizon in awe and fear.

His knees nearly buckled, remembering the power of Huang Xiaolongs ax.

A long time later, after he was absolutely sure that Huang Xiaolong had left, he dared to flee the island in a fluster.

The Myriad Spirits City was where the Radiance Knight Corps headquarters was located.

Huang Xiaolong was bound to go to the Myriad Spirits City after he had gotten the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance.

It wasnt a bluff saying that he would go to Myriad Spirits City.

Then again, Lu Zhaoming alone was not important enough for him to make the trip to the Myriad Spirits City.

After getting the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance, he would be the Radiance Worlds true lord.

Hence he would go to the Myriad Spirits City to take over the command of the Radiance Knight Corp.

Based on the Heavenly Halls induction in his body, Huang Xiaolong continued flying southward on the ten-winged pegasus.

Perhaps the news of Huang Xiaolong slaughtering close to fifty thousand experts with a single ax had spread.

Therefore, despite coming across quite a number of experts after that, no one dared to block Huang Xiaolongs way or attack him.

Two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones were very tempting, but life was far more important.

Judging from the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown, they couldnt treat him as the average low-level Emperor Realm expert.

Moreover, mid-level Emperor Realm experts were disdainful of a two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones bounty.

Thus, for a while, no one looked for Huang Xiaolongs trouble.

While Huang Xiaolong was journeying further down south, on an island somewhere on the Sea of Radiance, Lu Zhaomings face was twisted with rage, “Ten years Good, I\'ll wait to see if you have the guts to appear in the Myriad Spirits City in ten years!”

As long as that punk appeared at the Myriads Spirits City, Lu Zhaoming vowed to make that punk experience a living worse than death!


Five days passed.

As they were crossing above over a sea region, Huang Xiaolong had the ten-winged pegasus stop.

Within a several billion li radius of this part of the sea, no island or radiance beasts could be found.

But there was a faint but constant flow of destructive energy.

‘Its likely in this spot. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

A light flashed from his body as the Heavenly Hall flew out.

After the Heavenly Hall flew out, it emitted brilliant golden rays of light.

Sacred golden lights rippled in circles towards the sea below.

In the end, it stopped several hundred li further up.

Huang Xiaolong was following closely behind the Heavenly Hall to another part of the sea.

He looked down.

A soft glow glimmered from his forehead as he opened his blue-specter eyes.

Under the blue-specter eyes blue glow, everything that was concealed in the vicinity appeared clearly in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

Sometime later, Huang Xiaolongs gaze was fixed at a point several li ahead of him.

After some thought, he also summoned the Heavenly Halls fourteen Radiance Angels and the four odd beasts, ordering them to attack the point several li away.

Under the fourteen Radiance Angels and four odd beasts consecutive attacks, the Light and Shadow Array laid out by Dun Ei and others was soon broken, revealing the Array of Origin underneath the sea.

“The Array of Origin!” The ten-winged pegasus exclaimed.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

He grinned, “Little guy, didnt think you would know about the Array of Origin.”

The ten-winged pegasus curled his lips and snorted in disdain, “There is nothing in the Radiance World that I dont know of.”

Then, he looked wide-eyed at the fourteen Radiance Angels and added, “But, fourteen-winged Radiance Angels still exist in the current Radiance World!”

This was the first time he had seen one!

“Little guy, there are still a lot of things you dont know,” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Then, he ignored the ten-winged pegasus and arrived above the Array of Origin in a flicker.

Looking at the one hundred core points of the array, rays of light glimmered from Huang Xiaolongs hand as he took out a hundred Radiance Divine Stones.

Huang Xiaolong already knew that he would require a hundred pieces of Radiance Divine Stones after obtaining the Heavenly Halls inheritance in Hell.

Thus, he had been collecting Radiance Divine Stones from thereon.

Huang Xiaolongs hands were moving swiftly in the air as one hundred pieces of Radiance Divine Stones fell accordingly onto the Array of Origins core points.

He subsequently summoned the one hundred Undead Netherguards and allocated each one to an array core point.

Simultaneously he activated the entire Array of Origin.

Dazzling lights from the Array of Origin soared to the sky.

The sea surface suddenly divided to the sides as a giant object flew out—it was exactly the other half of the Heavenly Hall.

Looking at the emerging Heavenly Hall, Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh in relief.

The joy in his heart was hard to suppress.

The other half of the Heavenly Hall, the other half of the inheritance!

Only after refining the other half of the inheritance would he get the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance and become the right and just Radiance Worlds ruler!

Huang Xiaolong walked forward and stopped in front of the Heavenly Halls main door.

The Radiance Divine Scepter appeared in his hand, and he inserted the other end of the scepter into the groove of the door.

A burst of dazzling lights lit up the door as it slowly creaked open.

The moment Huang Xiaolong stepped into the Heavenly Hall, inside the Radiance Sacred Temple, the Radiance Lord Dun Eis expression sank.

He said to Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi, “The Light and Shadow Array was broken just now!” He had left behind a marking on the Light and Shadow Array.

If the array was broken, he would sense it immediately.

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis face tensed immediately as he shouted, “Its Huang Xiaolong!”

“Its most likely Huang Xiaolong!” Radiance Lord Dun Eis eyes turned frosty, “I hadnt expected him to break the Light and Shadow Array in such a short amount of time!”

“Doesnt that mean the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance would…!” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi was extremely agitated, “No, Huang Xiaolong must not be allowed to get the other half of the inheritance!”

Yet Radiance Lord Dun Ei remained seated calmly.

“Senior Brother, if we dont stop him now, itll be too late!” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi screamed.

“Please issue an order, Senior Brother.

Deploy a hundred billion soldiers to siege and kill Huang Xiaolong.

Powerful as Huang Xiaolong might be, he cannot fight against an army of a hundred billion! We must kill him before he successfully refines the other half of the inheritance!”

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