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“Destroy it!” A frown formed on Dun Eis face.

That was the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance they were talking about! Even though there was only half of it, it was enough to allow him to enter the Sovereign Realm!

If he lost this chance, he would need god-knew how many years before he found an opportunity to break through

He wasnt willing to destroy the inheritance at all!

Dun Ei flew towards the entrance of the Heavenly Hall, and he pressed his hands against it.

He tried ways and means to open the entrance, but it still remained shut after a day.

The expression on Dun Eis face was ugly to the extreme.

“Senior brother, I received news that Huang Xiaolong has already left the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Im afraid hes coming to the Radiance World as we speak.

If we dont destroy the Heavenly Hall, its going to be too late!”

“Fine! Destroy it!” A sinister light flashed through Dun Eis eyes as he gritted his teeth to relay his order.

Since he couldnt obtain it, he wouldnt allow Huang Xiaolong to receive the inheritance.

After being the Radiance Worlds leader for such a long time, he was not a merciful character.

Since he couldnt obtain it, no one would! Destroying the inheritance was better than allowing Huang Xiaolong to obtain it!

If Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance, things wouldnt end well for them.

“Everyone, use your full strength! We shall destroy the Heavenly Hall!” Dun Ei turned to the pontiffs and instructed.

“We hear Your Majestys order!” In an instant, all of them moved as one, and radiance energy filled the heaven and earth.

With them in the center, a circle with a radius of several billion miles lit up with radiance energy.


The heavens and earth shook.

Massive waves rose in the sea below, and it seemed as though the entire area was flipped over.

Islands scattered around the radius of the explosion crumbed and submerged under the gigantic waves.

As for the massive island that they were on, nothing remained other than the Array of Origin.

After a short while, the light disappeared.

“This… How is this possible!” One of the pontiffs cried out in shock.

They saw a completely intact Heavenly Hall hovering in the air in front of them, and it seemed to be completely undamaged! Even after taking on a hundred pontiffs combined might, it emitted a pure and holy radiance.

They couldnt even chip its walls!

Even Dun Ei and Lan Zhi stared at the scene in front of them in shock.

Their eyes widened, and a look of disbelief appeared on their faces.

With the combined strength of a hundred pontiffs at the Tenth Order Emperor Realm, even an ordinary Sovereign Realm expert would suffer some injuries!

So what if the Heavenly Hall was a top-grade grandmist artifact! It shouldnt be able to take on the attacks of a hundred pontiffs without suffering some sort of damage!

That was also the belief Lan Zhi had when he had suggested destroying the Heavenly Hall.

“Use your divine artifacts!” Dun Eis face sank, and he ordered once again.

He refused to believe that they couldnt destroy a mere Heavenly Hall.

In an instant, all one hundred pontiffs called out their weapons as they started to bombard the Heavenly Hall.


When their attacks landed on the Heavenly Hall, a blinding radiance shot out in all directions.

Divine runes started to move about on the body of the structure.

When the attacks landed on the runes, they slid right off.

“This is…!” Everyone stared at the Heavenly Hall in shock.

By this time, Dun Eis expression was darker than the bottom of the well.

There was no need to think about it.

They were definitely facing the defensive restrictions set by the Radiance Ancestor.

There was no other explanation that a hundred pontiffs were unable to scratch a mere grandmist artifact.

It was too bad Dun Eis ambition didnt die there.

He retrieved his Divine Radiance Staff and had a go at it.

The Divine Radiance Staff was crafted using the purest radiance divine metal in the Radiance World.

He had used several hundred million years to craft it, and even though it wasnt a peak-grade grandmist artifact, it was infinitely close to one.

It was a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact.

Raising the staff, he flew towards the top of the Heavenly Hall.

According to his experience, the top of the Heavenly Hall was its weak point.

“Lay down the Ardent Sun Formation! Send me all your radiance energy!” Dun Ei ordered.

In an instant, all the experts he had brought with him, including Lan Zhi, flew over to him.

They formed a circle with him in the center and raised their hands.

As they formed radiance runes, they fused to form a massive river of light.

Radiance energy poured into Dun Eis body.

Dun Ei became like a massive sun that emitted endless radiance energy.

“Divine Radiance Light God! Endless Explosion!” After gathering everyones radiance energy, Dun Ei screamed and slammed his staff towards the peak of the Heavenly Hall.

When he slammed his staff into the peak of the Heavenly Hall, streams of radiance energy burst out from the staff and turned into a massive phantom.

The staff smashed down with earth crushing might.


The Heavenly Hall started to shake as it emitted rays of brilliant light.

It was too bad he only managed to cause the light to falter for a second.

The Heavenly Hall returned to its original state.

Once again, the expressions of everyone present sank.

Even that didnt work!

All of a sudden, the one hundred Radiance Divine Stones dulled, and the formation disappeared.

The Heavenly Hall that was hovering in the air disappeared.

It sank to the bottom of the sea, disappearing from their eyes.

Everyone was stunned.

They realized that the Divine Radiance Stone had exhausted their power, and without the support of the Array of Origin, the Heavenly Hall could only return to the bottom of the sea.

Dun Ei didnt hesitate.

His body flashed as he arrived at the bottom of the Sea of Radiance, but no matter how hard he tried, he failed to locate the Heavenly Hall.

“D*mn it!” Dun Ei raged the instant he returned to the surface.

He knew that the Heavenly Hall was hidden somewhere in the folds of space, and they would only be able to summon it with the might of the Radiance Divine Stones.

He had obtained those one hundred stones after immense efforts.

If he wanted to find another one hundred Radiance Divine Stone, it would take him several years.

Several years!

By that time, even the cows would have gone home.

“Senior brother, since we cant destroy the Heavenly Hall, we can still destroy the Array of Origin!”

Dun Eis eyes lit up.

As long as he destroyed the formation, there would be no way for Huang Xiaolong to obtain the inheritance.

The only problem was that no matter how hard they tried, they failed to scratch the Array of Origin as well!

“Lay down the Formation of Light and Darkness! Seal the Array of Origin!” With no other choice, Dun Ei passed down his order.


After a month, Huang Xiaolong appeared in the space above the Sea of Radiance.

When he saw the boundless sea in front of him, a wave of relief swept past Huang Xiaolongs heart.

In the past month, he had rushed without rest towards the Sea of Radiance.

After stopping for a second, he flew into the skies above the sea.

Under the brilliant sunlight, the seas surface reflected off warm rays of light, and they gave Huang Xiaolong a sense of comfort.

However, he soon realized that there were disciples from different sects everywhere.

After asking around, Huang Xiaolong learned that some sort of light covered the sea, and it looked as though a treasure was about to be born.

Rumors started to spread, and countless experts were rushing towards the Sea of Radiance.

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