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It was too bad her complaints fell on deaf ears as Huang Xiaolong pulled her closer to him and pouted, “No! Im not letting go!”

Shi Xiaofei felt a burst of sweetness in her heart, and she no longer tried to persuade Huang Xiaolong to release her.

She pressed her face against his chest as she no longer dared to look at her parents.

Several minutes passed.

When Shi Fantian saw that Huang Xiaolong had not released his daughter, he couldnt help but cough dryly.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong loosen his grip.

When he finally let go, Shi Xiaofei lowered her head and hid beside him.

Her face turned as red as a tomato.

What a husband she had!

Huang Xiaolong stared at Huang Shiyi, kneeling on the ground, before sweeping his gaze over the others.

“Are you Huang Shiyi from the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palace and Chi Hao from the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace” Huang Xiaolongs cold voice resounded through the air just as Huang Shiyi was feeling uneasy.

“Yes, yes!”

Both of them crawled forward as they hastily confirmed their identities.

When Huang Xiaolongs gaze landed on the spatial rings that contained the betrothal gifts on the table, a weird expression appeared on his face.

Since the restrictions were already broken, he quickly noticed the treasures contained within.

A snort left his lips.

“It looks like your betrothal gifts are pretty heavy.”

Huang Shiyi and Chihao felt their bodies trembling.

They raised their head anxiously and begged, “Your Majesty, please show mercy! Please!”

Huang Xiaolong was the King of Hell.

With his position, he was comparable to Heavenly Emperor Di Jun! When they thought about what would happen if they tried to propose to Di Juns wife, their hearts turned cold.

Without a doubt, Di Jun would exterminate their entire family and everyone associated with them!

Huang Xiaolong raised his arm and pointed with a single finger—both of them were sent flying.

When they landed, they had already taken their last breath.

Even though Shi Xiaofei hadnt suffered at their hands, the same couldnt be said if Huang Xiaolong had arrived a little later.

What if the members of the Silver Fox Commerce had failed to locate her in time What would happen then!

No man would allow anything to happen to their beloved woman, and Huang Xiaolong was no exception.

After all, both of them had designs on Shi Xiaofei.

Their fates were sealed the moment they proposed.

When Huang Xiaolong killed Huang Shiyi and Chi Hao, the faces of the other young masters who had lusted over Shi Xiaofei revealed endless fear.

Tao Yu and Fu Yangchen stared at the corpses of Huang Shiyi and Chi Hao as they felt their bodies freezing up.


After half an hour…

Huang Xiaolong brought Shi Xiaofei and the members of the Huang Family as they left the main hall of the Changzhi Sect.

When they boarded the Netherking Flying Ship, Tao Yu and the other members of the Changzhi Sect seemed to have lost all the strength in their bodies.

They collapsed on the ground and sucked in large mouthfuls of breath.

It was as though they had crawled back from the gates of hell.

After Shi Xiaofeis relentless pleading, Huang Xiaolong had decided to let Tao Yu and the others off.

Whatever the case, the apprenticeship ceremony had already been completed, and Shi Xiaofei could be considered Tao Yus disciple.

Very quickly, the Netherking Flying Ship left the Datong World.

The instant it left the space above the Datong World, everyone felt their bodies loosening up.

The pressure that contained the power to annihilate the world dissipated.

Before long, the events in the Changzhi Sect started to spread.

“The disciple, Shi Xiaofei, Ancestor Tao Yu of the Changzhi Sect accepted, is Huang Xiaolongs wife!”

“Huang Shiyi of the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palace and Chi Hao of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace tried to propose to her and were killed by Huang Xiaolong on the spot!”

The entire world surface shook.

Despite the commotion they caused, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei had no idea what went on in the Datong World after they left.

In the main hall of the flying ship, laughter could be heard everywhere.

After finding the members of the Huang Family and Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolongs heart finally calmed down.

Ever since he had learned that they had ascended to the Divine World, a sense of unease had filled his heart.

At long last, he was able to put down all his worries.

The fragrance of alcohol filled the ship.

“Uncle, what wine is this! How can it taste so good!” Guo Xiaofan sipped on the Yin Yang Wine, and he exclaimed in shock.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Thats the famous Yin Yang Wine from Hell.

Its the best wine in Hell.”

“Wont it cost quite a bomb”


Its extremely cheap.

A single bottle only costs ten low-grade chaos spirit stones,” Huang Xiaolong replied.

“Ten low-grade chaos spirit stones! How can that be considered cheap!” Guo Xiaofan stuck his tongue out and complained, “Even if you sell me away, you wont be able to buy a single drop of the wine!”

Roaring laughter broke out in the hall.

“Xiaolong, why did Huang Shiyi and the others address you asYour Majesty the King of Hell What is your current identity” Shi Xiaofei asked all of a sudden.

Like Guo Xiaofan and the others, she was extremely curious about Huang Xiaolongs achievements.

Before Huang Xiaolong could speak, Guo Xiaofan interrupted.

“Aunt, you might not know this, but uncle is really too awesome! Look at all the Emperor Realm subordinates behind him, and you will understand! Hes the current King of Hell, and he controls all three worlds in Hell!” Guo Xiaofan continued to brag about Huang Xiaolongs achievements, and the more he spoke, the worse it became.

Shock filled Shi Xiaofeis face.

The King of Hell! Ruler of all three worlds in Hell!

His Majesty the King of Hell!

Theres also something about him being the disciple of the King of Grandmist… He was the direct disciple of the King of Grandmist!

After two hours, Huang Xiaolong used the excuse of cultivation to end the banquet.

The moment the banquet ended, Huang Xiaolong grabbed Shi Xiaofei and entered the number one secret training room on the flying ship.

As the saying went, reunion after an absence is always sweeter than being newlyweds.

The time they had spent separated was numbered in thousands of years.

Now that they had reunited, Huang Xiaolong unleashed his pent up desires.

Of course, since he was afraid that the commotion they would cause would be too big, he had long activated the restrictions around the secret room.

After half a month...

Fang Xuanxuan stared at the door of the number one secret room, and a complicated look appeared on her face.

She turned to Peng Xiao and asked, “It has already been so long.

Why are the two of them still in there”

Peng Xiao chuckled, “Whats wrong Do you want to enter as well Are you planning on asking Huang Xiaolong for pointers on how to cultivate”

Fang Xuanxuan reached out and tickled Peng Xiao.

“What are you talking about! Isnt that what youre thinking of!”

The two of them started messing about, and laughter soon broke out.

A month eventually passed, and the flying ship finally arrived in the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Huang Xiaolong only emerged from the secret room after the four beasts made the report.

When they emerged, both of them felt the stares from everyone landing on them.

Shi Xiaofeis face flushed red in an instant.

A mesmerizing aura lingered around her.

When Huang Xiaolong brought everyone back to the Fortune Emperor Palace, two people sat in the Divine Radiance Hall of the Radiance World.

One of them was Lan Zhi, who had escaped to the Radiance World previously.

The other individual was clad in radiance divine armor, and he held a staff in his hand.

There was a crown on his head, and a monarchs prestige surrounded him.

Even a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor like Lan Zhi wasnt able to match up to this individuals aura.

The person was precisely the ruler of the Radiance World, Dun Ei.

“Senior brother, after all these years, have you found the location of the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance” Lan Zhi asked Dun Ei.

“We have to obtain the other half of the inheritance before Huang Xiaolong! We cant allow him to steal the inheritance from us! Otherwise, your position as the ruler of the Radiance World will fall into the hands of that brat!”

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