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Zhao Rou hesitated for a moment before nodding her head.

The two of them left the hall together.

When they were gone, Qin Shiyu appeared beside Huang Xiaolong, and a sneer formed on his lips.

He punched towards Huang Xiaolong before anyone could react.

His fist whistled through the air, and it was clear that he wanted to cripple Huang Xiaolong with a single punch.

Of course, he wouldnt forget what Huo Liucheng had told him.

He would beat Huang Xiaolong to an inch of his life.

When Huang Xiaolong looked at Qin Shiyus fist flying at him, he raised his arm and welcomed the attack with a punch of his own.

“Youre looking to die!”

When Qin Shiyu saw that Huang Xiaolong was going to take his attack head-on, a chuckle left his lips.

Even though he was at the late-First Order Emperor Realm, his combat strength was comparable to a cultivator at the peak of the late-First Order Emperor Realm.

When their fists collided, Qin Shiyus expression changed.

Like the previous guard, Qin Shiyu was sent flying into the hall.

He smashed into the ground, and his figure became imprinted on the ground.

When Huo Liucheng and Zhao Rou heard Qin Shiyus miserable shriek when he was sent flying, they couldnt help but turn around.

They saw Qin Shiyus sorry figure lying on the ground.

His arm was no longer recognizable and in its place was a mangled mess.

Everyone was stunned.

The person who experienced the most shock was Huo Liucheng, and his eyes widened to the size of the saucers.

No one dared to move.

Even Zhao Rou stood in her place, dumbfounded.

A look of amazement filled her pretty eyes.

Sending a late-First Order Emperor flying was something Huang Xiaolong could do with ease.

He had already expected the result when he had countered Qin Shiyus attack, but his strength was something Huo Liucheng and the other disciples had never seen before.

Shock filled their hearts when they witnessed his strength.

The difference in the strength of a peak early-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch and a late-First Order Emperor was a chasm that was separated by heaven and earth.

It could be said that a First Order Emperor would be able to kill a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch effortlessly.

In the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, no one had ever heard of a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch sending a First Order Emperor flying before.

Even when a supreme genius like Zhao Rou asked herself if she could achieve something like that, she could only admit that she wouldnt be able to do so.

A light gleamed in Huo Liuchengs eyes as he turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

His voice was low as he asked, “Who are you”

Huang Xiaolong stared at him with indifference, and he refused to reply.

A sigh escaped Huo Liuchengs lips.


The roads are long, and the skies are blue.

The hills are green, and the water is clear.

We shall meet again.” After throwing down his final declaration at Huang Xiaolong, he turned to order his guards.

“Bring General Qin with us.

Were leaving.”

“Princess Zhao Rou, lets go.” He turned to Zhao Rou and said respectfully.

“Hold it!” Before they could leave, Lu Xiaoqing moved, and she appeared in front of Huo Liucheng.

A frosty expression appeared on her face.

“My Lord didnt say that you can leave.”

In an instant, Huo Liuchengs expression turned ugly.

He glared at Lu Xiaoqing as killing intent burst out from his body.

As the eldest prince of the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire, his status wasnt something people could match.

Even though his father hadnt named him as his successor, it couldnt be denied that he had an earth-shaking talent.

Among the princes, his position was only second to his younger brother, Huo Liuyun! He was also the second prince to step into the Emperor Realm!

His younger brother, Huo Liuyun, was at the peak of the early-Second Order Emperor Realm.

Even though he wasnt able to surpass that, he was at the mid-First Order Emperor Realm!

With his status and strength as an Emperor Realm expert, he would be respected by the king of every single country he visited.

When had he experienced such disrespect

As a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch, how dare she stand before me!

Even Zhao Rou frowned.

Even though the person Lu Xiaoqing had stopped was Huo Liucheng, she was blocking both of their ways!

As soon as the frown formed on Zhao Rous face, all the experts from the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire locked onto Lu Xiaoqing.

Huang Xiaolong slowly shook his head, indicating for her to retreat.

“Yes, Lord.” Lu Xiaoqing only stepped aside after Huang Xiaolong gave the order.

The most important thing to Huang Xiaolong was the Glaze Devil Stele.

He didnt wish to blow things up in case he attracted Shi Mings attention.

When Huo Liucheng saw that Huang Xiaolong had ordered Lu Xiaoqing to leave, a sneer formed on his face.

“Brat, it seems like youre not stupid.

I hope you can continue to act so arrogantly when we meet again.”

As for Zhao Rou, she remained silent as she led the experts from the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire away.

When everyone in the surroundings saw Huo Liucheng leaving, they stared at each other in shock.

Before everyones eyes, Huang Xiaolong and Lu Xiaoqing entered the hall.

“Who is that kid He actually dares to offend the eldest prince of the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire!”

“He embarrassed Huo Liucheng in front of so many people.

There is no way he will take it lying down.

As soon as the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range opens, Huo Liucheng will definitely bring over all of the experts under him.

That brat is going to die an ugly death!”

“It wont just be an ugly death.

Ive heard that there once was a prince of a country that failed to recognize Huo Liucheng.

After offending him, the prince was captured and tortured for ten days and ten nights.

He begged Huo Liucheng to end his life on the tenth day, and still, Huo Liucheng wanted to continue the torture.

The king personally had stepped out to beg for mercy.

Only then did Huo Liucheng put the prince out of his misery.”

“In the end, Huo Liucheng tore his body to pieces, leaving him with an incomplete corpse.”

Everyone stared at the spot where Huang Xiaolong disappeared, and discussions filled the air.

Many rejoiced in Huang Xiaolongs misfortune, and it seemed as though they had already predicted Huang Xiaolongs ugly demise.

As for the topic of everyones discussion, Huang Xiaolongs face was calm as he handed over one hundred low-grade chaos spirit stones to register for the opening of the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

Huang Xiaolong didnt loiter around as he left immediately.

“Lord, according to what those disciples said, Huo Liucheng will definitely bring a ton of people to cause trouble for you.

Do you need…” Lu Xiaoqing asked as they made their way back.

“Theres no need.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

He already knew what she wanted to say.

“I might have allowed him to leave once, but I wont do it again.

If he really doesnt know whats good for him…” A frosty light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he spat out the last word in his sentence.


No matter how many people Huo Liucheng had brought along with him, they were all going to die!

When they returned to the manor, Huang Xiaolong immediately entered seclusion.

He wasn\'t interested in anything but the opening of the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

While he cultivated, he would occasionally take out some time to practice the art of formations.

He knew the importance of formations, and he tried his best to increase his understanding of it every time he found the chance.

Two days passed in a flash.

Huang Xiaolong left his room, and he saw Gao Changran and the Sect Chief of the Yin Crow Sect.

As soon as he saw them, he asked about the situation in the Thousand Constellation City and the Heaven Devouring Empire.

“Your Majesty, after you came back two days ago, there had been a lot of spies from the Purple Python Empire gathering around our residence.” Gao Changran seemed to have recalled something and reported to Huang Xiaolong.

“Get rid of them.”

There was no doubt about it.

They were all sent by Huo Liucheng to keep an eye on him.

Gao Changran and the others received the order respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong then passed down another order, and it was for them to continue looking out for Tan Zhihui and the Glaze Devil Stele.

As soon as he was done, he brought Lu Xiaoqing and left the manor.

It was the same as two days ago.

He only brought Lu Xiaoqing with him when they left for the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

Of course, the Heavenly Hall and City of Eternity had never left his body.

He also had the seventy-plus icy creatures with him.

As they made their way to the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range, Huo Liucheng received the news of all his thirty-something spies being wiped out.

He had sent them to keep an eye on Huang Xiaolong, but they were all dead! Flames of fury burned in his eyes, and anger washed over his mind.

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