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Feeling the rush of high purity spiritual energy on her face, the brothel hostess took several steps back in astonishment.

The brothel hostess was not the only person astonished.

The several Female Emperor Pavilions maids waiting not far away scurried back as if frightened and their eyes wide with delight and cautiousness.

None of them looked away from the spatial ring in Huang Xiaolongs hand, reluctant to blink.

“There are one million low-grade chaos spirit stones inside this spatial ring.

Is it enough” Huang Xiaolong asked casually.

“On-one million low-grade chaos spirit stones!” The brothel hostess stuttered slightly.

She could hear herself swallowing.


Young Master is giving these one million low-grade chaos spirit stones to us”

Huang Xiaolong nodded with a sparkle in his eyes, “Thats right.”

The brothel hostesss breathing quickened.

She flashed Huang Xiaolong a charming smile, and her eyes curved like two crescent moons as she spoke coquettishly, “Enough, enough, totally enough! Young Master, youre simply too polite.

You are making me shy ah… Dont worry.

Ill go invite Miss Hu Qianmei over immediately.”

Compared to the fear of facing Huo Liuyuns anger, her heart clearly leaned more towards the one million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

“Young Master, it isnt that I boast Miss Hu Qianmei is beautiful, but she really is a rare beauty.

Many crown princes and Ancestors in the Devil World are infatuated with our Miss Hu Qianmei, but they had never had the chance to meet her.

Young Masters one million low-grade chaos spirit stones are well spent.

Trust me shes worth it.” The brothel hostess diligently sang Hu Qianmeis praises in front of Huang Xiaolong.

“Although there are a lot of talented young men passionately pursuing Miss Hu Qianmei, Miss Hu Qianmeis heart doesnt have an owner.”

“If Young Master can get Miss Hu Qianmeis heart, not to mention the one million low-grade chaos spirit stones, its worth it even if Young Master spends ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones.”

The brothel hostess even leaned in close, attaching her lips to Huang Xiaolongs ears, giggling as she said, “Miss Hu Qianmei is still a virgin.

On top of that, she possesses the Heavenly Fox Physique.

When you do that, she really can send you to heaven and back.”

When the brothel hostess leaned into Huang Xiaolong, a waft of fragrance from her body tickled Huang Xiaolongs nostrils, and her bosom pressed against his arms several times.

Only she knew whether her actions were deliberate or innocent.

The brothel hostess was quite pretty, exuding a fresh fragrance of violets, coupled with her charming voice and her well-endowed bosom that was bigger than two handkerchiefs nudging against Huang Xiaolongs arms.

He couldnt help feeling a little hot.

“Alright, go invite her over.” Huang Xiaolong quickly waved her away.

The brothel hostess giggled coquettishly and quickly agreed, “Sure, sure, please wait a moment Young Master.” Her hips swayed like rippling water as she hurried off to bring Hu Qianmei.

Lu Xiaoqings brows were slightly furrowed, and her icy gaze had stabbed the brothel hostess more than once.

A short while later, Hu Qianmei was brought over by the brothel hostess.

At first glance, Hu Qianmei was breathtaking.

A second glance totally captivated one to the soul, and at the third glance, fourth glance… no matter how many times, Hu Qianmei was flawless.

Not to mention, Hu Qianmei was born with an innate Heavenly Fox Physique.

Each of her movement exuded charm and allure that made others give in to impulses, losing reason.

Even someone that possessed a strong will like Huang Xiaolong sighed in admiration.

This Hu Qianmei was Gods masterpiece.

No wonder she was hailed as the Devil Worlds number one beauty.

Although some fox-like characteristics remained on Hu Qianmei in human form, these did not affect her beauty, but added another layer of charm to her instead.

Hu Qianmei approached Huang Xiaolong in lotus steps, her bright, charming eyes seducing Huang Xiaolong even as she saluted and spoke, “Qianmei greets Young Master.”

Her lilting voice was akin to the melodious sounds of pearls falling onto a jade bowl, like a soft slender hand caressing ones heart.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“Qianmei is ignorant and couldnt tell which empires crown prince is the Young Master Young Master is willing to spend such a large sum on Qianmei makes Qianmei very curious about Young Master.” Hu Qianmei spoke with a faint, alluring smile

Her innate seductive voice penetrated deep into Huang Xiaolongs soul, lost within its rhythm.

Forget the average Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch Real.

Even the average Emperor Realm expert would blabber everything Hu Qianmei wanted to know in a heartbeat.

However, heropponent was Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, his demeanor calm and unaffected, “Im just an unimportant nameless person.

I wont bother Miss to worry about it.

I have heard that Miss is very good at playing ancient songs, so I and several of my subordinates came to listen.”

Hu Qianmei smiled, such an enchanting smile as her cherry lips moved, “As long as Young Master is happy, Qianmei is willing to play for several days and nights.”

She walked towards the small pavilion in front and sat down, taking out a zither.

Her ten slim fingers poised and began plucking the strings.

Captivating, magical melodies rose and fell from the zither.

The undulating melody echoed endlessly in the pavilion, transforming into beautiful ancient birds flying in the air, chirping merrily as if singing along to Hu Qianmeis zither.

The melody continued, luring the listeners deeper, forgetting their troubles, cleansing their souls.

While Huang Xiaolong, Gao Changran, and the others listened to Hu Qianmei play the zither, Huo Liuyun and several Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires experts were walking towards the Female Emperor Pavilion.

Huo Liuyun was clad in a purple brocade dragon robe, looking dashing and the faint violet python rune between his brows enhanced his noble bearing.

Although Huo Liuyun was the crown prince for the sixth-ranked Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire, his reputation was more prominent than Lan Bowei in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, for he was more talented.

He was acknowledged as one of the top four geniuses.

Huo Liuyun had been cultivating for less than one hundred thousand years, but he was already a peak early Second-Order Emperor Realm expert.

This level of talent does not fall behind the Devil Races Chen Weijian.

“Miss Qianmeis skills are absolutely exquisite.

There are not many people that are lucky enough to listen to her play.

Were lucky to be able to come with Young Lord ah.” As they walked, a Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestor Huo Yanxi laughed merrily.

“In my opinion, though there are countless geniuses among the younger generation, only our Young Lord is a match made in heaven with Miss Qianmei.” Ancestor Huo Hantao chimed in.

“I heard a rumor saying Miss Qianmei is the illegitimate daughter of the Silver Fox Great Emperor.

I wonder if thats true” Ancestor Huo Yanxi shared.

The Silver Fox Empire was one of the nine most powerful empires, ranked in seventh place.

Huo Liuyun joined in, “Miss Qianmeis origin is not something we should be guessing.” At this point, the group had arrived at the main entrance of the Female Emperor Pavilion.

Huo Liuyun said, “Were here.

Lets go in.”

A few minutes later, Huo Liuyun was staring gloomily at the brothel hostess opposite him, “What did you say Qianmei is playing for someone else at the moment, and is not free to entertain me”

The Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestors with Huo Liuyun too were glaring at the brothel hostess.

“Guo Mengmeng, youve got quite the guts, ah.

Knowing that our Young Lord comes here every day around this time to listen to Miss Qianmeis zither, you actually sent Miss Qianmei to play for others” Ancestor Huo Yanxi satirized.

The brothel hostess showed a distraught expression as she said, “What can I do That person paid us one million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Moreover, Miss Qianmei herself agreed to it.

The blame is not on me.”

“What, one million low-grade chaos spirit stones!” The present Violet Pythons Ancestors were astounded.

Even Huo Liuyuns eyes widened slightly in astonishment.

But he soon sneered, “So, he thinks hes so rich, is that it Go on, lead us there.

I want to see whos so rich to pay one million low-grade chaos spirit stones!” Killing intent roiled silently in his eyes.

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