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The Devil Holy Water was the number one water in the Devil World!

For treasures at the level of the Devil Holy Water, even the twelve Archdevil Ancestors would only be able to dream of obtaining them.

Even though the Tu**a Flying Ship was a scarce treasure and would be of great use when exploring the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, it wasnt something they would kill for.

The Devil Holy Water was different.

With enough Devil Holy Water, they would be able to push their cultivation to the next level.

They would even be able to temper their bodies with the Devil Holy Water.

For people like the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor, the Devil Holy Water might even increase his chances of breaking through to the Sovereign Realm .

No matter how hard the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor tried, he was stuck in the final layer of his cultivation at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

He could never break through to enter the Sovereign Realm .

However, as long as he had enough Devil Holy Water, he could pierce through that screen and shatter that barrier between him and the Sovereign Realm .

As such, no matter how high the price was, no matter how much they had to sacrifice, all the experts in the hall vowed to obtain the Devil Holy Water.

The Heavenless Devil Army had always protected the Devil Worlds holy grounds.

Even if the twelve Archdevil Ancestors wanted to obtain the Devil Holy Water, they could only grit their teeth and buy it when it came out in auctions.

“Everyone present should be clear about the uses of the Devil Holy Water.

There is no need for me to introduce it to all of you…” The auctioneer saw the gleam in the eyes of everyone present, and he quickly started the ball rolling.

“We have one hundred drops of Devil Holy Water here, and this is the accumulation of a hundred million years of work.

We will be auctioning out all one hundred drops at once, and the starting bid will be high.”

Everyone felt their chests tightening when they heard what the auctioneer said.

“Bidding shall start at eighty million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

Even though everyone had already expected the starting price to be astronomical, the hearts of various ancestors nearly stopped when they heard that the starting bid was eighty million.

“Eight… Eighty million!”

One of the old ancestors of his sect felt his tongue going numb when he repeated the price.

A gust of cold wind swept through the hall, and the air seemed to turn solid.

Everyone felt a crushing pressure descending on them the moment the price left the auctioneers lips.

Even the members in the VIP suites sucked in a cold breath.

Of course, the massive price tag of eighty million wasnt enough to cause Huang Xiaolong to panic.

An indifferent expression hung on his face as he stared at the bottle of Devil Holy Water.

There were a total of 183 chaos spirit veins in the treasury of the Fiend God Emperor Palace and the value of them was already estimated to be in the range of four hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

If he added all the random spirit stones lying around in the treasury, he would be able to pull out five hundred million at the very least.

Of course, that wasnt even the total amount of low-grade chaos spirit stones Huang Xiaolong had on him.

As such, he wasnt even curious as to who would be the winner of the auction.

“Every increment has to be at least a million, and I hereby announce the start of the auction!” Without waiting for everyone to recover from their shock, the auctioneer started the battle.

Like what had happened when the Tu**a Flying Ship had appeared, no one started the bid.

Even a superpower like the Hundred Transformation Sect would have to take out everything they had to cough up eighty million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

“Eighty-one million.” The person who made the first move was still the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor.

“Eighty-two million.” A voice that soothed the soul emerged from the sixteenth VIP suite.

Everyone stared at the suite in shock.

“Its Young Master Chen Weijian!”

Someone exclaimed in surprise.

As one of the three supreme geniuses in the Devil World, Chen Weijian had failed to make a move.

However, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere to bid for the Devil Holy Water, causing no small amount of shock among the audience.

“Eighty-three million.” The low voice of the old ancestor of the Absolute Devil Gate sounded out.

“Eighty-four million.” The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor, who had remained silent all this while, made a move and his voice drifted out from suite number eight.

He sounded even more tyrannical and bloodthirsty than the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor…

When they heard his voice, the necks of many of the present experts shrunk.

Even though the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestors position was lower than the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor among the twelve Archdevil Ancestors, his oppressive might was possibly even a notch higher than the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestors.

“Ninety million.” Huang Xiaolongs voice stabbed into the hearts of everyone present.

Everyone felt as though a nuclear bomb had gone off in their hearts as they stared at the black-haired young man sitting among the general audience.

Ninety million!!!

That was a number that could cause the hearts of the experts in the top ten powerhouses of the Devil World to shake.

Xing Yinuo, who was about to make a bid, closed her mouth.

A trace of shock flashed through her eyes.

“How in the world does that brat have so much money!” Wang Zhiqiao of the Heavenly Punishment Sect revealed an expression of disbelief.

He hadnt believed that Huang Xiaolong could pay up for the Tu**a Flying Ship.

Well, Huang Xiaolong had proved him wrong once, but he felt that there was no way for Huang Xiaolong to take out another ninety million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

“I dont believe it either.

Why dont we notify the people from the Eternal Chamber of Commerce to check his spatial artifact” Li Yu didnt believe it either, and he made a bold suggestion.

Even the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor couldnt take out one hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones on a whim.

“Thats something for the Eternal Chamber of Commerce to worry about, not us.” Xing Yinuo shook her head and stopped them from doing what they wanted to do.

However, she yelled out her bid after a short moment of consideration.

“Ninety-one million.”

Chen Weijians gaze pierced through the crystal screen in his booth, and it landed on Huang Xiaolong.

No one knew what he was thinking.

“Elder Long, how many more low-grade chaos spirit stones do you think he will be able to take out”

The various elders and ancestors of the Hundred Transformation Sect were stunned.

“His highest bid will probably be one hundred twenty million…” Elder Long muttered.

“According to what I understand, the young lady from the Heavenly Punishment Sect brought two hundred million.

If we take her as a benchmark, he can probably take out one hundred and twenty million to bid for the Devil Holy Water.”

Chen Weijian nodded his head and said, “What if I call out a bid for one hundred and twenty million before him”

All the ancestors of the Hundred Transformation Sect looked at him in shock.

“This…” Elder Long hesitated for a moment.

“Thats it then.

We will be bidding one hundred twenty million.” Chen Weijian said.

“I want to see if that kid can continue his bids.” He didnt know why, but he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart when he saw Huang Xiaolong hogging the limelight.

“Ninety-two million.” Another bid emerged from the fourth suite.

Everyone turned to stare at the suite in surprise.

“Its the Sect Master of the Black Killer Sect, Cui Huajie!”

The Black Killer Sect was founded by the fourth-ranked Archdevil Ancestor, the Black Killer Archdevil Ancestor.

Even though he had already disappeared for a long time and the sects prestige was no longer comparable to the Devil Ape Cult and the Lightning Beast Valley, their position was unshakable in the Devil World.

“One hundred million.” Huang Xiaolongs voice followed closely behind Cui Huajies bid.

One hundred million!

Everyone felt their world view getting refreshed.

“One hundred and twenty million.” Just when everyone was in a state of shock, Chen Weijians voice boomed like thunder throughout the hall.

The hearts of everyone who had heard his voice shook.

The hall fell into silence, and everyone turned to look at the sixteenth suite.

Even Huang Xiaolong felt his jaws dropping slightly in shock.

“Lord, thats Chen Weijian of the Hundred Transformation Sect.” Gao Changran turned and spoke to Huang Xiaolong.

When he brought Chen Weijians identity up, his expression couldnt help but change.

There had been rumors going around that Chen Weijian had already broken through to the Emperor Realm and his position was about to be unchallenged.

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