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Everyone stared blankly at battle stage six, looking specifically at Huang Xiaolongs two fingers.

His sword got caught!

Various endings had flashed across the spectators minds, moments before Lan Tailong had bellowed and pierced his sword through Huang Xiaolong.

For example, Huang Xiaolong would dodge Lan Tailongs attack like he had done earlier since the Radiance Flames Divine Sword in Lan Tailongs hand was a top-grade grandmist artifact.

No one would have the guts to test its sharpness head on!

But that terrifying sword was now caught between Huang Xiaolongs two fingers!

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Lan Tailong could barely hide the shock on his face, and panic flitted across his eyes.

He raised his full force and attempted to free his sword from Huang Xiaolongs fingers, but he failed!

Huang Xiaolongs fingers were akin to two insurmountable chaos pillars.

“Your speed is still too slow.” Huang Xiaolong looked indifferently at Lan Tailong and went on, “Is this your fastest and strongest attack In that case…”

Huang Xiaolongs words trailed off as he shook his head with disappointment.

Lan Tailongs face turned red from embarrassment and anger as he felt thoroughly humiliated.

He was confused.

‘Why was Huang Xiaolong unaffected by the Brightness Founders Emperor divine soul wills coercion Even if Huang Xiaolong really has a grandmist-grade soul defense artifact, Huang Xiaolong should not be completely unaffected.

Why is it like this!!

“Its my turn now.” Huang Xiaolongs cold and indifferent voice sounded in Lan Tailongs ears, and before he could react, Huang Xiaolong lightly flicked his finger onto the Radiance Flames Divine Sword.

An overwhelming force rushed towards Lan Tailong.

His arm holding the Radiance Flames Divine Sword became numb, and his grip over the sword hilt loosened.

The Radiance Flames Divine Sword hummed as it was hurled into the air.

Next, Huang Xiaolongs fist snaked out.

Space shook from the inertial force, threatening to collapse.

Rules of time and space became chaotic.

The power of his fist seemed to have arrived from the ancient time, passing through time and space.

The entire battle stage quaked violently in protest.

The power of one fist shook the entire plaza.

While Lan Tailong and the crowd were still confused, Huang Xiaolongs fist landed accurately on Lan Tailongs chest.

Cr-cra-cck! Cracking noises rang from the stage, as the divine armor, glimmering in numerous ancient radiant runes on Lan Tailongs body, broke and shattered like the withered bark of a tree.

Huang Xiaolongs fist went through Lan Tailongs protective godforce barrier, into his chest, and came out from his back without any resistance.

Emperor Palaces experts could see Huang Xiaolongs fist protruding from Lan Tailongs back with blood dripping onto the stage.

Lan Tailong let out a blood-curdling scream.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently retrieved his fist from Lan Tailongs chest, and in a split second, his fist struck forward in another punch.

World-shaking radiant flames and lightning energy swirled as his fist punched out, carrying a world-destroying force as it landed on Lan Tailong.

However, this punch was not aimed at Lan Tailongs chest but on Lan Tailongs neck.

Looking at the radiant flames and lightning energy around Huang Xiaolongs fist, unprecedented fear exploded in Lan Tailongs eyes.

He smelled death from Huang Xiaolongs punch.

“Save me!”

Lan Tailong bellowed towards the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestors in desperation.

At the same time, godforce flooded out frenziedly from his two supreme godheads.

Boundless radiant and darkness supreme godforce roiled around his body.

“Young Lord!”

Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin jumped to their feet in boiling anger and leaped on the battle stage with their fists aimed at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, how do you dare to hurt him”

Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin couldnt be bothered with adhering to the Heavenly Courts rules and whatnots if Lan Tailong died on the battle stage.

Their Brightness Emperor would….!

Seeing Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin disregarding the Heavenly Courts rules and interfere in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, Heavenly Emperor Di Jun casually waved his hand to stop the surrounding Heavenly Courts soldiers to remain at their positions.

Zhao Lei, Li Shan, Mo Xiao, Peng Yi, Elder Fu, and the others also leaped into the air simultaneously.

But two figures were faster than any of them.

In a blurry flicker, the two odd beasts were already blocking Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin.

The two odd beasts claws struck out, and an overwhelming force akin to a chaos mountain slammed onto Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin.

They were flustered, but quickly circulated their godforce to the limit to defend themselves.

Even though both odd beasts were not in their actual forms, their claws power was too strong for Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin.

In a split second, Chen Wenqian, Chen Wenxin, and the rest of the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestors were sent flying like withered leaves in the hurricane.

When Chen Wenqian and the others were sent flying, Huang Xiaolongs fist struck Lan Tailongs neck simultaneously, instantly scattering Lan Tailongs radiant and darkness godforces protective barrier.


Noises similar to breaking branches sounded on the stage as Huang Xiaolongs fist slammed into Lan Tailongs neck, breaking it! But that was not the end of it! The destructive force of Huang Xiaolongs punch was rampaging through Lan Tailongs body.

Lan Tailongs head and body exploded into blood fog in the blink of an eye, and his two supreme godheads appeared in front of the crowd.

The two supreme godheads first reaction was to flee.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly as a suction force from his palm captured both godheads.

No matter how much the two supreme godheads struggled, or how brightly godforce erupted from them, neither could successfully break free.

Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin, who were sent flying earlier, struggled up from the ground.

When they saw this sight, their eyes widened in horror.

But Chen Wenqian reacted and pointed at Huang Xiaolong in a fury, “Huang Xiaolong, if you dared to kill our Young Lord, our Brightness Emperor Palace will annihilate the Fortune Emperor Palace from top to bottom, down to the last dog!”

“Quickly release our Young Lord!”

On the battle stage, Huang Xiaolong was indifferent to Chen Wenqians threat.

Suddenly, two groups of purple flames appeared on Huang Xiaolongs palms that flew straight towards the two supreme godheads.

Lan Tailongs anguished screams reverberated across the plaza until the noise was cut off abruptly.

The plazas tranquility returned.

Everyone looked dazedly at the battle stage.

The Brightness Emperors Disciple Lan Tailongs dead!

For real

A chilling coldness wrapped around everyones heart.

That was the Brightness Emperors Disciple they were talking about.

Even if Lan Tailongs identity and status couldnt be compared to the Heavenly Prince Di Jing, he was still someone who could gather thousands of strong warriors with a call and was respected wherever he went.

But he was killed before the crowd.

“Ahhhh!” Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin bawled in anguish, and like madmen, the two lunged towards Huang Xiaolong with scarlet eyes.

But before they could get closer, they were slapped away by one of the odd beasts.

Huang Xiaolongs face was emotionless.

The chance of reconciliation between him and the Brightness Emperor Palace was long gone before today.

On the battle stage, if he wouldnt have killed Lan Tailong, then Lan Tailong would have killed him.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong had never thought of sparing Lan Tailong from the beginning.

Some distance away on another battle stage, the Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan had already defeated his opponent.

He felt a chill around his limbs as he witnessed the purple flames from Huang Xiaolongs palm burn Lan Tailongs two supreme godheads.

His face went deathly pale, and the chill went deep into his soul.

If he would have drawn number six instead of Lan Tailong, then would it have been him who had died…!

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