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Not far away, Gudu Wuyi was filled with indescribable anguish as he gazed at the fortieth place on the rankings board.

His voice spoke of fury, despair, unwillingness, and denial as he sobbed, “My son Canyang!”

The most intense emotion of all was his hatred and pain towards the heavens and everything in it.

Similarly, the other Solitude Emperor Palaces Ancestors eyes were a little dim with grief, and anguish was etched on their faces.

The pillar of their hope, the Solitude Emperor Palaces most talented genius, the Solitude Emperors Disciple… was dead!

Dead! Gudu Nanyings mind went completely blank.

They had been fantasizing that Gudu Canyang would perform outstandingly in this times Battle of the Heavenly Court, entering the top thirty ranks! He was on the path to bringing glory and honor to their Solitude Emperor Palace, but now, their hopes were shattered.

They hadnt even entered the second day of the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

Like Gudu Wuyi and the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Chen Huoan, the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Chen Wenxin was staring at the forty-sixth place on the rankings board with a dark and sullen expression.

His personal disciple, Sun Feis name, had just disappeared from that spot a second ago.

Sun Fei was his sole personal disciple, and he looked favorably on him.

Although Sun Feis talent couldnt compare to the Brightness Emperors Disciple Lan Tailong, Sun Feis talent and potential definitely ranked in the top three among the Brightness Emperor Palaces younger generation of disciples!

Moreover, Sun Feis strength was in the top five among the Brightness Emperor Palaces participating disciples.

Sun Fei had a high chance of advancing into the top fifty in this Battle of the Heavenly Court, but now, he was dead!

Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Chen Wenqian comforted him, “Rest assured.

We will investigate Feier death.

If Feiers death is unrelated to any Heavenly Demons or devils, I wont let his death be meaningless.”

“Elder Brother, you mean…!” Chen Wenxin trembled, and his eyes widened as if he had thought of something.

Chen Wenqian was his elder brother of the same blood.

Both of them were high-level Emperor Realm experts, which was rare in the Divine World.

Chen Wenqians eyes glimmered as he added, “Sun Fei and the Solitude Emperor Palaces Gudu Canyang, Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Chen Zhuang, and the Thousand Venoms Emperor Palaces disciple Jiang De died around the same time.

I feel this is not a coincidence.”

Chen Wenxin blanked for a moment.

In the next second, a ruthless light flickered across his eyes as he said, “If its someone who dares to provoke our Brightness Emperor Palace by killing our disciples, then this person is courting death.

I will make sure this person regrets living in this world!”

Chen Wenqian agreed, “If it is as per my assumption, very few people have the strength to kill all of them at once.”

Four days passed in the blink of an eye.

A total of five days had passed since the start of the preliminary round.

During this time, as the gap between points widened further, the changes on the rankings board were much less frequent and had become more stable.

This was especially true for the top one hundred names, where there were almost no changes.

The most frequent changes happened between the first and second place.

Huang Xiaolong and the Heavenly Prince Di Jing were still battling for first place.

Even with the support of the Radiance Divine Scepter and his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead, Huang Xiaolong hadnt yet suppressed Di Jing completely.

But this did not disappoint Huang Xiaolong.

Instead, he became more excited and interested.

In the beginning, Huang Xiaolong had merely employed half of his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godheads godforce.

As time passed, he had gradually increased the percentage of godforce to sixty, then seventy, eighty, and now, it had already reached ninety percent!

Merely relying on the Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godheads godforce was insufficient to gain a significant lead over Di Jings points.

Thus Huang Xiaolong began employing a hundred percent of the Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godheads godforce power.

Another two days went by.

Huang Xiaolong and Heavenly Prince Di Jings points were still battling intensely.

The two took turns occupying the first and second place.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

In that case, he was curious to see where Di Jings limit was.

Without delay, Huang Xiaolong circulated his Holy Dragon Supreme Godheads godforce in combination with his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godheads godforce to the max.

Two godheads godforce superimposed drastically, increasing Huang Xiaolongs hunting speed.

The gap between Huang Xiaolong and Heavenly Prince Di Jings points widened visibly at a shocking speed.

In a mere one hour, Huang Xiaolong had pulled ahead by more than 10,000 points.

However, an hour later, the Heavenly Prince Di Jings points exploded upward and narrowed the distance.

However, just as Di Jings points were about to catch up to Huang Xiaolong, they suddenly stopped increasing and hovered within a thousand points from Huang Xiaolongs.

“Has he given up” Huang Xiaolong frowned, seeing this.

But he quickly figured it out.

It seems like Di Jing doesnt plan to show all his trump cards; hence, he hasgiven up for the time being.

Above a mountain range within the Heavenly Court Secret Region, Heavenly Prince Di Jing checked the rankings board.

He had just smashed a peak early Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demon into pieces with a punch.

He sneered, seeing Huang Xiaolong\'s sudden explosive rise in points, “Looks like this is your limit! In the end, this is your level.

Even if I relented the preliminary rounds first place to you, so what But Huang Xiaolong, you did not disappoint me.

This is the only way I will be interested in killing you in the final round of stage battle.”

Huang Xiaolongs performance in the preliminary round had raised a tsunami of shock in his heart.

Huang Xiaolong had cultivated for less than a thousand years, yet he had the strength to compete for the preliminary rounds first place with him!


Up until this point, Di Jing was still finding it hard to accept this truth.

After all, he had the Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heavens Dao Physique.

Logically speaking, his talent should be the highest in the entire universe.

There was no possibility of anyone surpassing his talent.

But now, this Huang Xiaolong with less than a thousand years of cultivation was competing for the top spot with someone like him, who had three thousand cultivation years!

This point made Di Jings usually expressionless face slightly distorted.

He really couldnt figure out why there was someone more talented than him.

After all, he had the number one divine physique and number one king of supreme godhead!

“Huang Xiaolong, go die!”

No matter what, Huang Xiaolong cannot be allowed to grow further! One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, and I, Di Jing, wont let a person with a higher talent and potential than mine survive in this universe! With this logic, Huang Xiaolong needed to die in the final rounds stage battle.

Di Jing was determined to use everything he had to kill Huang Xiaolong.

He also planned to search Huang Xiaolongs memories to get all his secrets.

“Ill kill whoever dares to hinder me at that time! Huang Xiaolong, youre destined to die by my hands!” Di Jings killing intent was so ferocious that it was corporeal, turning into death gods by his side.

At this time, Di Jing was no longer the Heavenly Courts Heavenly Prince, but an overlord of death.


On the plaza, everyone was dumbfounded, watching Huang Xiaolongs points explode upwards.

Yu Shi and the rest of Heavenly Courts marshals sat dazedly on the high stage.

“Even, even His Highness is squeezed down by Huang Xiaolong!” Yu Shis face was extremely gloomy.

At area sixty-one, Zhao Leis mind was completely blank as he looked dazedly at the rankings board.

His lips trembled as he spoke, “This, this kid, is he really my personal disciple Is he really our Huang Xiaolong!”

He even suspected if it was someone with the same name.

But it was written clearly on the rankings board—Huang Xiaolong of the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Fortune Emperor Palace had only one person named Huang Xiaolong.

In other words, that name in the first place was really his personal disciple, Huang Xiaolong!

Suddenly, Li Shans face darkened.

He said to Zhao Lei and Fang Xuanxuan, “Look at Xiaoers name!”

Zhao Lei and Fang Xuanxuan quickly looked at where Peng Xiaos name, which was in 3,532nd place.

At this time, her name was too dim, as if it was about to vanish at any moment.

Both Zhao Lei and Fang Xuanxuan paled visibly.

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