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The Terrace of Heaven was a huge perished star suspended in the starry skies!

Legend had it that this huge perished star was born in the Grandmist Era, and it had existed for billions upon billions of years.

After countless reinforcements by arrays masters from the Heavenly Court, even someone who had surpassed the Emperor Realm couldnt shake the star.

From afar, the Terrace of Heaven looked like a supercontinent suspended in space, but there were countless palaces and buildings located on it.

In the central area of the star, there was a massive plaza.

This plaza was the location of the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

The Terrace of Heaven was split into five parts—the northern, southern, eastern, western, and central districts.

The eastern district was the most bustling, and the top one hundred manors were located there.

Many of the disciples of the top one hundred superpowers were gathered in the east district.

Furthermore, many shops and trading centers were concentrated in the area.

The temporary manors of Emperor Palaces ranked from one hundred to one thousand were located in the Southern district, closer to the eastern district.

The manors ranked from one thousand to ten thousand were situated in the northern district.

And the western district was occupied by those ranked past the ten thousand.

Once they arrived at the Terrace of Heaven and verified their identities, two groups of heavenly troops brought Huang Xiaolong, Bei Xiaomei, and the others to the eastern district.

As they flew above the Terrace of Heaven, they could see numerous heavenly troops patrolling the area.

The weakest soldier was a high-level Ancestor God, while some of the stronger ones were even in the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

However, they didnt manage to see a marshal in the Emperor Realm.

Even though there were still two more months to the Battle of the Heavenly Court, almost all of the various participating powers had arrived.

Besides the various Emperor Palaces, Huang Xiaolong also saw the top ten Chambers of commerce and some hidden superpowers.

“True Divinity Sect!”

“Heavenly Soul Gate!”

“Thousand Buddha Gate!”

Fang Xuanxuan kept shouting in surprise.

The True Divinity Sect, Heavenly Soul Gate, and Thousand Buddha Gate were ancient sects that had remained hidden for hundreds of millions of years.

Their strength was even comparable to the Emperor Palaces in the top one hundred rankings, and the True Divinity Sect was even comparable to the top ten Emperor Palaces.

Usually, it would be a rare chance even to see a disciple from these ancient sects.

However, a ton of them had appeared on the Terrace of Heaven.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong turned to a group of disciples and narrowed his eyes, “Bladeless Gate!”

The Bladeless Gate was an ancient superpower that was comparable to the top ten Emperor Palaces.

He had run into them back when he was on the Vientiane World.

Outside the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, it was very likely that Du Tao was the young master of the Bladeless Gate.

Even if he wasnt, he had to be at least the direct disciple of the Bladeless Gates sect master.

Huang Xiaolong felt like their battle had just happened yesterday, but hundreds of years had already passed.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not see Du Tao among the group of disciples from the Bladeless Gate.

He stared at them for a while before eventually looking away and walking past them.

Led by the two groups of heavenly troops, they flew for another hour or so before arriving at a transmission array.

Before long, they were sent to the eastern district through the transmission array.

They walked out from a transmission array an hour later and saw countless manors in the eastern district.

There was a wide street littered with numerous shops on the side.

These shops were owned by the Heavenly Court and would only open for business after the Battle of the Heavenly Court commenced.

Moreover, they would exclusively remain open for two years.

These shops seemed to sell practically every divine pill known to men.

They had countless spirit stones and elixirs as well.

They sold chaos spiritual pills, grandmist spiritual pills, and rare spirit stones and elixirs, as well as various divine armors and artifacts.

Whatever that could be bought from the ten great Chambers of Commerce, could be bought on the street of the eastern district!

“Even though these shops are open for only two years, their profit should at least be around millions of low-grade chaos spirit stones, right” Peng Xiao said, looking at the disciples from the various Emperor Palaces walking in and out of the shops.

Fang Xuanxuan smiled, “Its far more than a million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

The profits earned by the shops in two years would be more than enough to support the expenses of the Heavenly Courts army.”

Huang Xiaolong, Fang Xuanxuan, and the others were stupefied when they heard this.

Even if there weren\'t tens of trillions of soldiers, there were at least a trillion.

Every year, the expenditure of each soldier was tremendous! It was practically an insane amount if the shops profits in two years supported the entire armys expenditure!

Wasnt that simply too terrifying

Since the Battle of the Heavenly Court took place once every hundred thousand years, the spirit stones they earned were enough to fund the army for a hundred thousand years!

Bei Xiaomei smiled as she looked at the expression on Huang Xiaolong and Fang Xuanxuans face.

“Uncle, arent you scared If they dont earn money this way, how could the Heavenly Emperor possibly control all the shops Think about it, every time the Battle of the Heavenly Court starts, the various superpowers from the Divine World will take part in it! Even the richest superpower would be present, and disciples from all the Emperor Palaces would squander their wealth to gain an edge above the rest.

When hundreds of thousands of low-grade chaos spirit stones are spent in each transaction, the combined amount would be terrifying!”

Huang Xiaolong and the others nodded their heads mutely.

Not long after, they arrived in front of a manor.

This manor didnt have a name, but in front of its door, there was a stone tablet engraved with a number, sixty one.

As the Fortune Emperor Palace was ranked sixty-one, they were allocated Manor 61.

And the manor at the front of the street was occupied by the first-ranked Grandmist Emperor Palace.

The higher the ranking, the better their manor! The spiritual veins and spiritual qi around the manor would be of a higher quality as well.

After leading Huang Xiaolong and the others to the manor, the heavenly troops passed a jade plaque to Zhao Lei.

They left after telling him to take note of several things.

Since the manor of the Silver Fox Chamber of Commerce was the number one manor located on another street, Huang Xiaolong and Bei Xiaomei were temporarily separated.

After Bei Xiaomei and the people from the Silver Fox Commerce left, Zhao Lei used the jade plaque to enter the manor.

However, before they could walk into the gates, the door opened and a group of people emerged.

“Nine Dragons Emperor Palace!”

Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes.

He knew that they were planning on causing trouble from the murderous intent coming from their bodies.

In the Brimming Snow City, he had killed the Azure Dragon Emperors disciple, Chen Zhao.

It wasnt a surprise that the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace would come here and look for trouble.

The only thing Huang Xiaolong hadnt expected was that they would run into them on the first day.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze landed on the Azure Dragon Emperor, Chen Jianwei.

Beside Chen Jianwei were four other middle aged men who emitted an aura not inferior to him.

It seemed as though they were four other emperors from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace.

When the disciples from Fortune Emperor Palace saw the people from Nine Dragons Emperor Palace charging over aggressively, their faces changed drastically.

They felt a sense of suppression coming from Chen Jianwei and the four other Emperors.

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